Yesterday, I received a challenge from someone.

The content of the letter was [Guess who I am] simple but difficult.

But I cannot let this chance pass me by.

Find the sender of this challenge and I will be free.

“……No, it’s not a good idea to take them at their word.”

As far as I know, there is no one among the Shinryuuji sisters who would toy with others by giving them hope.

I’m sure whoever wrote this challenge letter really intends to let me escape from the mansion if I’m right, but…….

It’s hard to say for sure.

Besides, it will take a considerable amount of time to find out who sent it.

Instead of finding out who it is, it might be better to dig a hole that will allow me to escape without fail.

“All right, digging holes is the priority here. In the free time, I should think about the sender of the letter….I should call her X.”

The policy was decided.

I tried to go down to the basement as soon as possible to dig a hole today…….

“Asumi Nii ! ! Let’s play ! !”

“Oh !? A-Aina chan !?”

Aina chan, whose breasts had somehow swelled up, came to my room.

Ah, did she take a breast enlargement drug?

She’s making gestures that emphasize her breasts a lot, and I’m sure she’s trying to appeal to me, but……

I know the truth, and it’s a little empty to me.

“Hmm? H-hm? Something about Asumi Nii’s eyes seem to be gentle….. W-what’s wrong?”

I tried my best to speak in a gentle voice to Aina chan, who made surprised face at the fact that my reaction is different from what she thought it would be.

“…Nothing. More importantly, Aina chan was on duty today, right? Is it a game match today?”

“Asumi Nii’s reaction is somewhat disappointing, but that’s right♪ Let’s play games with me again today♪”

The chances of winning are slim, but to tell you the truth, borrowed the entire game console from Aina chan and has been practicing every chance I get.

Next time, I will surely win ! ! No, I will definitely win ! !

I thought.

“Aina. Today is study day. You can play later.”

“Ugh, Aoi Nee !? Wait, but, I’m on duty today……”

“…..Then, study in your brother’s room.”

[ [Eh !?] ]

Aina chan and I react at the same time.

……No, wait?

That piece of paper had handwriting on it. If I look at the handwriting, I can identify X, can’t I?

“Ah, fine by me.”

“Wait, Asumi Nii !?”

That’s how the study session began.

“……Do elementary school students these days do factorization?”

“Actually, no. Aoi Nee taught me.”

I see.

That means Aoi chan’s educational policy.


But Aina chan seems to be dissatisfied with it.

“I’m going to be a professional gamer in the future, or rather, I’m already a professional gamer, so I think I’ll be fine even if I don’t get good marks in the tests.”

“That’s not true, Aina chan.”


I said to Aina chan who was complaining in a very serious manner.

“A good academic background will be useful when you want to do something other than professional gamers in the future. And to get a good academic background, you have to get into a good school. So you should study even if you don’t want to.”

“As expected of you, Onii san. I think you understood what I was thinking.”

“Ugh, even you, Asumi Nii…..”

What is she talking about?

“Then, let’s study, too, Onii san.”


“Pfft. Look, you should study too, Asumi Nii♪ It will be useful in the future, so you should study too♪”

“N-no, I’m a high school student, okay?”

“Don’t worry. I can teach you everything from elementary school to college.”


I was not expecting that even I would participate in the study group……

Even though I was reluctant, I decided to learn from Aoi chan.

Even if I could go out, I would definitely be left behind by those around me because I had not been to school.

It was embarrassing to be taught by someone so much younger than me, but I should not be ashamed to do so.

Thinking so, I held a mechanical pencil in my hand.

“Kuh, it’s so easy to understand ! !”

Aoi chan was very good at teaching.

I’m not good at studying, but when it’s this easy to understand, it’s fun.

“What do you mean she is better at teaching than the school teacher?”

“I think Aoi Nee should be a teacher or something rather than making weird medicines.

“You two should not chat with each other.”

While chatting like that between studies, I take a chance and carefully observe the writing of the two.

……It’s different.

The letters on the piece of paper were a little more rounded and girlish.

The letters on the piece of paper were more rounded and girly.

Aoi chan’s handwriting is more formal.

Aina chan’s was a…childish character.

Ah, it’s not that the handwriting is dirty.

I can read it, but there is a noticeable imbalance, or something like that.


I guess I can eliminate the two of them as suspects.

Murasaki chan, who was taking a bath with me, can be removed as a suspect as well.

Then, the mysterious X must be either Akane san, Touka san , Kirin senpai, and Midori.

It’s great that I narrowed it down to four.

Next time those four come to my room as my caretaker, I’ll ask them to write a letter with an appropriate reason.



Suddenly, a breath is blown into my ear.

I unintentionally let out a strange voice, and when I turned around behind me, Aoi chan was staring at me with quizzical eyes.

W-what is it?

“What are you thinking, Onii san?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah. Something……”

“I see. But for now, please concentrate on your studies.”

“Ah, y-yeah. Sorry, sorry.”

“……If you lose your concentration again–“

Aoi chan brings her glossy lips closer to my ear again and whispers.


“Whoa, wai, what !?”

“……As a punishment, I’ll tease your ears like this.”

No, that’s not a punishment, but a reward.

“Ah ! ! Aoi Nee ! ! I’m the one on duty today, don’t flirt with Asumi Nii ! ! Asumi Nii, what are you doing ! !”

“It’s not like I’m flirting with you, right Onii san?”

“Aww, p-please stop whispering in my ear…”

Why? I don’t understand unless you tell me why. Come on, tell me.”

“Ah, wait.”

Aoi chan’s voice makes my brain go numb.

After all, this is not a punishment, but a reward.

“Geez ! ! I want to flirt with Asumi Nii too ! !”

Thus, the day passed in a study session today.

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