It was the day of the special class.

We were in the auditorium where we were instructed to go.

Most of the people around me were girls, and although there were two guys there, they seemed to be having a good time talking with the girls.

The seats were divided by class, and Sawaguchi san was sitting a little far away from me, waving to me frequently.

Some of the other students were looking at her and me as I was being waved at, but I tried to avoid eye contact with the other students as much as possible, perhaps due to embarrassment.

The first chime of the school day rang, and the instructor walked in.

One was a woman who teaches at a home economics college and the other was an instructor at a culinary school.

The two teachers introduced themselves and began with a classroom lecture explaining what we would be able to learn at each class and what kind of jobs we would be able to get.

I had never thought of these jobs before, and I was interested in the class, so I listened intently…..

“Gyahaha, seriously.”

“Wha, that can’t be right !”

“Hey, you’re being too loud.”

The lecture was stopped due to the loud voices of some students.

The only two students making noise are two male students, and a female classmate.

These three seem to be chatting away, not at all interested in what the lecturer is saying.

[You three there, take the lecture seriously.]

A teacher from the school, who was watching behind them, warned them.

“Sorry, I was bored.”

“We’re not aiming to be astronauts, and we’re not going to Mars.”

“Housekeeping is stupid ! You are really stupid. Sorry.”

The lecturer fell silent, and a sensitive atmosphere filled the auditorium.

The three became quiet, but they were still whispering to each other and occasionally laughing at the lecturer.

In the end, their attitude did not change, and I found it difficult to concentrate on the lecture afterwards.

“Whew, I’m tired.”

Sawaguchi san approaches me at break time.

The other students had moved on to the next classroom, so it was just me, Sawaguchi san and a few others in the auditorium.

“After lunch, let’s continue to work hard this afternoon.”

Sawaguchi san and I left the auditorium together. Today was an odd day for the first-year students, as we were all taking different classes, and the time did not match up with Aizawa’s.

So, since we were in the same class, we decided to have lunch together.

Sawaguchi san and I sat down on a bench in the courtyard and began to eat lunch together.

Sawaguchi san had a salad and vegetable juice.

I had a pork cutlet sandwich and tea.

As I watched her eat, our eyes met.

“What’s wrong? Aikawacchi.

“No, nothing…….”

We had eaten together a few times, but didn’t she eat more?

That’s what I was thinking, but she may be on a diet.

If that is the case, it would be better not to say anything unnecessary. I thought that way and tried to blur it out…..

“Could you be thinking [How could that be enough? Diet?] something like that?”

“How did you know?”

I was surprised at her unexpected words.

“Well, you had that look on your face, and I’ve known Aikawacchi for a long time now. I should be able to read a little.”

Sawaguchi san, perhaps happy that she had guessed my innermost thoughts, laughed happily and drank some vegetable juice.

“But I’m not on a diet or anything.”

“Is that so?”

“I’m jogging, you know. Look at my toned legs !”

I looked at it and saw her beautiful legs. It’s true that there’s something to be proud of, but it’s a spotless white foot.

“If that’s the case, then why are you eating a bit less?”

“That’s because……we have a cooking class later in the day.”

In the afternoon, there would be a nutrition class taught by an instructor from the Culinary Arts and Confectionery School, followed by a cooking class.

Apparently, Sawaguchi- an decided not to eat much now in order to eat there.

“Hey, let me eat what you make, Aikawacchi. How about we trade for my home-cooked food?”

As if this was the main subject, Sawaguchi san looked into my face from the side and turned to me with sparkling eyes.

“No…you don’t have to worry about the food I make, right?”

Excessive rumors could arise if we were exchanging the dishes we made during the cooking training.

“Eh, I like Aikawacchi’s cooking.”

Sawaguchi san’s feet were shuffling and she sounded disappointed. I don’t feel bad about the compliment because I know she means what she says.

“One of these days….I’ll make another one.”

“Really !? That’s a promise !”

When I replied, she turned around and said happily, [I’ve got your word.]

Then, after a pause for breath and a pause for conversation, I remembered the lecture I had just given.

“Speaking of which, the people who were making a fuss in the lecture earlier…”

“Ah, them.”

Sawaguchi san holds a straw in her mouth and blows air into the pack to make it sway.

“The students can’t be warned about that kind of thing, can they?”

Even though the instructor had come all the way here to teach us, it was too rude. I asked Sawaguchi about it, and…..

“Well, it’s a little….difficult…..maybe?”

Sawaguchi san is one of the most popular female students in this school. I thought they might stop if she told them, but she gave me a difficult look.

“What is it?”

I ask Sawaguchi san a probing question.

“Actually,….. both of the boys have been…..hitting on me……and now I don’t want to talk to them.”


As expected of Sawaguchi san. I had heard that she was popular, but I didn’t know that was the case…….

“So… know. To be honest, I don’t really want to get involved.”

She doesn’t seem to have the courage to talk to the person who she rejected.

Sawaguchi san’s usual quiet demeanor made me think of a different topic.

“Speaking of which…..”

“Eh? Yeah, what is it?”

“Sawaguchi san is popular, but you don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”

I try to be as upbeat as possible, making it a bit fun,


I was glared at with terrifyingly scary eyes.

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