“Excuse me, can I order?”

“Yes, please wait a moment !”

I replied and headed for the table with the tablet in my hand.

“Thank you for waiting. Please place your order.”

I enter the first number on the side of the table and look up.

There was a man and a woman, about the age of college students, dressed in swimsuits.

“I’ll have yakisoba, ramen, and a Coke.”

The man ordered boldly. His body is well-trained, his abdominal muscles are cracked, and his skin is a healthy golden brown.

“I think I’ll have shaved ice.”

The woman, on the other hand, is a light eater. Her skin is white and she is wearing a hoodie with an umbrella under her arm to protect her from the sun.

The two seem to be lovers, their gazes soft toward each other.

“Let me repeat your orders. One yakisoba, one ramen, one coke, and a shaved ice, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I confirmed and the man replied.

Finally, I pressed the “confirm” button, and the order would go through to the kitchen.

This is convenient because I don’t have to go through the same process again.

I let out a sigh of relief after completing my task, and the two people in front of me began discussing what they were going to do after eating.

“Aikawa, please clear the table over there.”

I heard Aizawa’s voice.

“Got it.”

Aizawa is making yakisoba noodles at a stall set up outside the restaurant, dressed in a shirt and shorts.

He is sweating, probably due to the scorching sun, but grilling outside the store is an easy way to attract customers, and you can see quite a few young people eating food inside the store that they bought outside.

“Aikawa kun, the order is ready, please carry them.”

“Okay !”

After clearing the table, I go to the counter where the owner is putting down the dishes.

I put the dishes in the return slot and took them to the couple who had just come in.

“Phew, it’s hot…….”

The restaurant is crowded, probably because it’s lunchtime, and the other part-timers are moving around impatiently.

The reason why I’m in this situation is because the part-time job Aizawa introduced was to serve customers at a cafe on the beach.

I had asked about the job when I boarded the train, but Aizawa did not give me any information until I arrived at the location.

Thanks to him, I suddenly found myself in the customer service business.

“Aikawa kun, don’t neglect to hydrate yourself just because you’re busy !”

The owner of the restaurant seems to be a kind person, and is always on the lookout for other part-timers. The owner was a relative of Aizawa’s, and he was going to let me stay at the inn during my part-time job.

“This is peak hour, so good luck everyone !”

He is a tanned, healthy-looking old man with a well-defined face, which makes me think he must be indeed from Aizawa’s family. I wondered if he had his own fans, and several times I witnessed him talking to customers who were going there in female-only groups.

I replenished my water as the owner told me to do, and continued to work hard to process the orders until I got over the peak hour.

“Phew, things have finally calmed down.”

After lunchtime, the restaurant was now only sparsely populated with bathers eating and drinking.

Half of the part-timers took a break, but Aizawa and I, who were on shift until the evening, stayed in the restaurant.

“I’m so tired from the heat.”

We were serving customers in the heat. I was sweating many times more than usual and my stamina was drained.

The owner told us that we could sit and rest as long as no additional customers came in, so Aizawa and I took a break while sipping juice from the drink server.

“I knew I was right when I spotted you at the ball game. If you were not used to it, you’d be too exhausted to talk to me by now……”

Aizawa seems to be doing this part-time job every year, probably because it’s a relative’s connection (last year it was just a household help).

“It’s unfortunate that I got found out.”

Before I could make up my mind, I was caught up in Aizawa’s part-time job. I felt that Aizawa had played me, including the fact that it took me five hours by train to get to the place where he worked.

But the part-time job paid a lot of money, so it was my own fault for being lured in by the conditions…….

“In general, what happened to letting me make the best summer memories?”

So far, I have only suffered from the part-time job. It’s not that I had high hopes for Aizawa’s words, but this is no advertisement scam either.

“As for that one, well, come on–“

As I protested to Aizawa, his gaze moved and he stopped mid-sentence.

“Yoo-hoo, Aizawa.”

A girl’s voice comes from behind me.

“Oh, you’re here. Riho.”

“Ehehe, I’m here.”

“You look good in that swimsuit, Maho.”

When I turned around, I saw Ishikawa san wearing a white bikini and Sawaguchi san wearing a yellow bikini standing there.

Ishikawa san was not her usual cheerful self, but was blushing strangely, looking embarrassed, and giving Aizawa a look.

“Thanks, Aizawa.”

“It looks good on you too, Riho.”


Aizawa complimented them both on their swimsuits,

“Would you two like something to drink?”

“Orange juice, then.”

“I’ll have an iced coffee.”

Ishikawa san ordered orange juice and Sawaguchi san wanted iced coffee.

Aizawa got up and went to the drink server.

“Fine, I’ll go make it for you.”

It was awkward to be left there with a classmate (and in a swimsuit) who had suddenly appeared. I decided to make the drinks instead of Aizawa.

“I see, that’s a big help.

“Thank you, Aikawa kun.”

“Please be sure to put plenty of love into my drinks.”

“What in the world……we don’t have such a menu.”

After I responded to Sawaguchi san’s jokes with a dutiful smile, I went to make the drinks.

All I have to do is line up the cups, add ice, and push the button.

While I’m at it, I also check to make sure there’s still enough stock for the drinks.

After a few minutes of work, I prepare their drinks and return to their seats.

“Oh, thanks a lot.”

“Haa, I’ve been so thirsty, it’s great !”

“Yeah, it’s very tasty.”

Each of them quenched their thirst with such comments.

I looked at Aizawa.

“Riho and Maho are also here for swimming.”

Aizawa explained with a mischievous smile as to why they were there.

“Well, I heard that Aizawa and Aikawa chan are going to have a part-time job here. So I decided to plan a trip while I was chilling.”

Sawaguchi san added to the situation. She had heard in advance that Aizawa and I would be working part-time at a cafe on the beach during the summer vacation.

“Did you come all this way for such a purpose?”

There must have been some nearby beaches. There was no point in choosing a place that took five hours to reach by train.

“That is……well, the purpose isn’t–“

Sawaguchi san looked at Ishikawa san with meaningful eyes.

Ishikawa san looked a little embarrassed and turned her head down.

“What is the purpose?”

I asked Sawaguchi san to elaborate on the purpose of the meeting,

“It’s Aikawacchi !”

“Eh? Me?”

Sawaguchi san pointed at me. I widened my eyes as I pointed at myself, an answer that was so unexpected.

“Aikawacchi never sets his hair. So I can observe the rare Aikawacchi here.”

It’s true, today I’m waxing my hair for customer service. It was all Aizawa’s doing, but it was convenient because I didn’t get hair out of my eyes.

“Fufuf, I set his hair just for this very moment.”

Here Aizawa cleared up the story. Apparently, he had set up my hair in the name of teaching me how to use wax in order to attract Sawaguchi san.

“So, that must have been hard on both of you, huh?”

As I froze, Aizawa posed a series of questions to both of them.

“True, I was really having a hard time getting picked on every time I took a few steps.”

Ishikawa san sounded disgusted.

“Well, we had a big catch. We underestimated the summer sea.”

It was not surprising for these two well-dressed women. After all, they’re a member of the top caste who shines alongside Watanabe san at school.

“What would happen if Misa was with us…..”

“Watanabe san isn’t here?”

I asked as her name came up here. I thought that since Watanabe san often goes with these two at the school, she would be with them since it was a trip, but I was curious since I couldn’t see her.

“Misa said she had some things to do at home…….”

Ishikawa san told me so. Apparently, they invited her but she couldn’t make it.

“What the heck, Aikawa. Are you perhaps disappointed?”

Aizawa looks at me with a teasing expression.

“I’m just curious since the three of them were always together.”

It is true that it is a pity that Watanabe san is not here. But since I was supposed to have no contact with her, I couldn’t openly divulge it.

“Well, I’ll be the one to deal with Aikawacchi instead.”

Sawaguchi san verbalized her joke and gave a teasing smile.

“There you go again with that kind of thing. Do you want a refill?”

“Yes, please !”

I was getting used to her jokes and was able to let them slide.

I went back to the drink server and poured drinks for the four of us.

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