I’m quietly watching the sunset on the horizon.

Even though the sun sets late in the summer, it is just after 6:30pm.

The number of visitors that were there is now sparse, and people are walking along the beach to watch the sunset.

This beach is said to be one of the most beautiful spots in Japan, and the sunrise reflected on the cape with the lighthouse in the distance is beautiful.

I was currently fishing at such a famous tourist spot.

“As expected, this is what summer seas are all about.”

I felt the evening sea breeze as the temperature dropped. The surface of the sea is gently shimmering, and the sound of the waves crashing against the embankment soothes my heart.

After that, Ishikawa san and Sawaguchi san left, and Aizawa and I finished our part-time job.

Aizawa quickly disappeared to run an errand, and when I was wondering what to do, the owner suggested, [Why don’t you go fishing?]

I heard that Aizawa had told him about my information in advance, and that the owner himself fishes from time to time.

So I took the owner at his word, borrowed a set of fishing gear, and came to a nearby embankment.

No matter how noisy it was during the day, the embankment was always crowded with anglers. There were couples who had probably enjoyed swimming during the daytime, and locals were also fishing while watching the sunset.

“But it seems like a lie to say that he fishes only once in a while.”

The owner lent me a high-brand rod and reel, each costing close to 100,000 yen.

I was led to a special rod storage area to make my selections, but they were all from manufacturers I had wanted to try at least once, so much so that I couldn’t help but notice them all.

“I was told that I could use the rods as I liked during my part-time job, and for this reason alone, I was probably glad I took the job.”

I was going to buy a new rod and reel when I got the money for the part-time job, and if I could test pitch it, it would be better.

I could hear the sound of the line coming out of the reel.

This is the sound made when a fish is hooked.

To prevent the line from being cut when a big fish is hooked, the reel is loosened in advance to allow the fish to move freely, and gradually put it under our control.

“This is a pretty big fish !”

At this time of the evening, I targeted the area near the bottom of the sea. This is where the big fish are most likely to be lurking.

I felt a pull I had never felt before, which naturally brought a smile to my face.

“Mister, is that a seaweed?”

“No, it’s really strong !”

My pull caught the attention of the people fishing around me.

Anglers are sensitive to fish caught by others, and when they sense the presence of a big fish, they naturally gather around.

“I’ll get the Tame out !”

“Please !”

Even as they responded, the battle with the prey continued. The other side resisted, determined not to be caught, while I, determined not to let it escape, guided its direction and gradually reeled it in. 

“Damn ! My leg !”

Here, I could no longer hide the fatigue in my legs. It’s no wonder. I’ve been working part-time during the day, walking around the floor, and his strength has been sapped.

Even just being in bad shape was not enough, but with such a big fish on the hook, it was no wonder that I was at my limit.

There was a reaction from the tip of the line. Perhaps sensing the weakness, the resistance became even more fierce. It seemed that the fish was going to give it all it had and flee the scene in one fell swoop.

“Don’t you dare !”

Fishing requires a technique to determine where the fish are, to drop the hook, and to lure the fish. The last thing is….guts !

Gradually rebound, I turned the reel and reeled in the line. The fish were bouncing on the surface of the sea.

“Almost there !”

“Hang on !”

With the other anglers cheering behind my back, I give it my last ounce of strength.

“All right, it’s on the net !”

The old man who called out to me first caught the fish.

“This one’s heavy…….”

I pulled up the Tame and looked inside and…….

“This is another fine sea bream.”

“The size is…..45 centimeters.”

There it was, a magnificent sea bream.

“Haa, I’m tired.”

When I got back to the inn, I went to the kitchen and took down the cooler box. Inside, the sea bream that I just caught is still alive.

“Anyway, let’s take a short break and then deal with it.”

I’m thinking about what kind of dish I’m going to make,

“Oh, you’re back?”

Aizawa appeared.

“I’m back. I had a good catch.”

“Wow, that’s something, isn’t it? A sea bream?”

“A black sea bream. Freshly caught black sea bream is delicious.”

I have never caught a black sea bream myself, but I heard from other anglers that it is indescribably delicious when freshly cured and then made into sashimi.

I opened my mouth to ask Aizawa for his opinion on how he would like me to cook it.

“Wow ! The fish is alive ! Did you catch it, Aikawacchi !?”

“Hee, it’s bigger than I thought.”

“Eh? Why?”

After Aizawa, Sawaguchi san and Ishikawa san appeared.

“I thought I told you? Maho and the others are staying here too.”

“I didn’t hear that !”

I couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Aizawa’s expression.

How many surprises are you going to bring to me today?

“Are there any other secrets?”

“Uh, yeah. Maybe?”

This expression on his face must mean that he is still hiding something. If I’m thinking of thoroughly shutting Aizawa down…….

“Anyway, Aikawa’s back too, and we’re going out for dinner, right?'”

Ishikawa san uttered those words.

Apparently, she was waiting for me with the intention of going out for dinner later.

It’s Aizawa’s fault for staying silent, but it was also true that the girls were waiting for me. I put my hand on my chin and thought…….

“If you like, why don’t we all eat this sea bream together?”

I found myself suggesting that.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh ! It’s really a live sea bream !”

Sawaguchi san exclaimed in an exaggerated manner as she looked at the sea bream sashimi sitting in the center of the table.

Since then, while I was cooking rice and processing the sea bream, Aizawa went to a convenience store to buy the missing side dishes, while Sawaguchi san and Ishikawa san took a bath.

The two in front of me were dressed in the peach and blue yukata that had been prepared for them. It was a rare sight to see them at the school, and I wondered if I would be beaten to a bloody pulp by my classmates and seniors if they found out about this.

“Hurry up ! Let’s eat quickly !”

Sawaguchi san bounced on the tatami.

“Maho, calm down.”

Aizawa scolded her.

“Are you sure we can eat too?”

Ishikawa san asked hesitantly.

“It’s fine, I couldn’t eat it all by myself anyway. Besides, the three of you are paying for the side dishes.”

The drinks and side dishes were paid for by the three of them, so it was like bartering.

“Let’s eat up, then !”

Aizawa led the way, and we all put our chopsticks down on the sashimi at the same time.

I put wasabi on a thick slice of sashimi, rolled it up, dipped it in soy sauce, and put it in my mouth.

The fish is wonderfully firm and has a light sweetness, which is followed by the wasabi and soy sauce.

The taste was just as fresh as the sea itself.

“Mmmmmm, delicious !”

Sawaguchi san put her hand on her cheek and expressed the deliciousness with her whole body.

“I’ve never eaten a fish like this right after it was caught and processed. It’s delicious.”

Ishikawa san also put her hand over her mouth and said that.

“I told you, Aikawa is a great guy.”

Aizawa spoke to them in a good mood.

“Ah, Aizawa, you’re done with that one slice, okay?

“Why !?”

Aizawa’s expression turned to one of despair as he heard my words.

“You hid about the part-time job, and you didn’t tell me that Ishikawa san and Sawaguchi san were coming and staying with us.”

In retaliation, I told him what he had done.

“Sorry, forgive me !”

Perhaps because he had tasted the sashimi, Aizawa abandoned his pride and worshiped me.

“It can’t be helped, just eat it.”

I wasn’t that angry to begin with. I was being swayed all the time, so I just tried to get a little revenge.

“Well, Aikawacchi is really amazing. I want one of those in the family that can even cook !”

“Am I some kind of appliance or something?”

Here I was getting used to talking with Sawaguchi san, and she just started to ramble on.

“That’s it ! The robot that’s in the family restaurant now or something ! Say [Eat the fish meow] Aikawacchi !”

“Why should I !?”

Perhaps because I realized that her easy-going attitude would not make things awkward, I start to butt in to Sawaguchi san’s blabbering.

I find that I can get into my usual groove while the four of us are together, and in no time at all we have finished the sashimi and the meal is over.

“Ugh, I’m already tired from all the swimming and getting hit on today.”

Sawaguchi san was lying down on the tatami mats.

“Maho, you are in front of the boys.”

I try not to look at her, sensing that her yukata is about to come off.

Ishikawa san was firm and took good care of Sawaguchi san.

“Well, that was a fun meal.”

Aizawa muttered with satisfaction as he threw out his leg.

Indeed, I haven’t had such a pleasant meal in a long time. I guess this is what Aizawa meant when he said happy summer memories.

“I’m going to go clean this up.”

The three of them, perhaps full, did not move for a while.

I wanted to take a bath as soon as possible, so I grabbed the dishes and headed for the kitchen.

“I wished Watanabe san could have had some of this delicious sashimi.”

As I was thinking of her, regretting the fact that she couldn’t be here due to family business, I heard the front door open.

Since this is a separate building, only me, Aizawa, and two girls are scheduled to stay here at the moment. I wondered if the owner had come here to do something, and when I looked…..

“Ah, Aikawa kun.”

She smiles at me as she drags her white carry case.


There she is.

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