Three years ago, I lost a match to her and gave up on playing  guitar, but now I am thrilled to be able to play with her. Who in the world could have imagined it?

And also in women’s dress……,absolutely no one could’ve imagined it !

“One, six, two, five in C, is that okay?”

“Oh, yes, that’s fine.”

C 1, 6, 2, 5 is a commonly used circular chord progression. If you’re going to have an impromptu session, you should have some knowledge of this area so that you can strike at each other.

“Okay, let’s begin.”


It was a tense moment. I wondered what kind of performance Ann would show me.

–When the applause stopped and the audience quieted down, Ann began her improvisation.

It’s a simple chord progression of 1, 6, 2, 5, but it striked with tense phrases. . As expected of Ann, she knows how to charm people. Very informative..

Even in a session mode, the leading role is played by Ann. My role is to complement her. However, if I played a dull performance, even Ann’s good qualities would be tarnished.

In particular, her lead playing, in which she aggressively uses even the avoid notes, notes outside the structure of this chord progression, can turn into bland playing if I’m distracted even for a moment.

(TL/N:  An avoid note is any note in the scale that is a half-step away from a note in the chord being played.)

It’s too bold.

I wonder what she would have done if I had chosen a voicing that was not in harmony with the chord progression. Or is she making the decision in the spur of the moment?

It was a very sensational play. There’s a  tension in Ann’s playing that’s different from Iori and Gaku san’s playing. ……Is this a battle or something? It could be taken as Ann is trying to set me up.

But if this was a provocation, I wouldn’t take it.

I want to bring out the best in Ann. I wanted to hear the best melody that Ann could produce. I concentrated on Ann’s playing more than ever and searched for the sound she wanted.

……This is it…..I felt like I saw something.

The sound Ann’s looking for……

I changed the chord voicing pattern.

Then, as if in response, Ann’s melody changed.

It was a supreme melody.

A melody so beautiful that it made me jealous as a musician.

I experienced firsthand the true ability of the “The world’s most beautiful guitarist who plays the world’s most beautiful melodies.”

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