Episode 20 – Growing Anxiety



My once-in-a-lifetime determination had been shrugged off, but my feelings remained the same. I was bracing myself for my next chance, lunch break.

—However, when lunch break came, Iori san didn’t show up. There was just a message on my phone saying [Sorry, the teacher asked me to run an errand].

Could it be that she came to dislike me?

I don’t think that’s the case for Iori san who isn’t a two-faced person, but I am filled with anxiety.

I’m used to not being able to eat, but today is different than usual.

[Sigh] I couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“It’s been a long time since you were in the classroom during lunch break.”

That voice came from Aika.


“Hey, Naru, are you eating properly?”

What do you care……I thought about saying that, but i swallowed my words.

“little by little.”

“It’s not good if you don’t eat properly.”

What do you care……I thought about saying that, but i swallowed my words.

“yeah, i’ll do that as soon as i can.”

“Hey, Naru. Do you want to go out with Kubota-senpai?”

This is one of the top questions I don’t want my ex-girlfriend to ask me. But Aika is not only my ex-girlfriend, but also my childhood friend. Even though we’re no longer lovers, our relationship remains the same.

“Yeah, I do want to go out with her.”

“I see…….”

Perhaps it was just my imagination, but Aika showed a sad expression for a moment.

“How about you? Are things going well?”

“Ye…..ah—I wonder how it’s going,…….”

What an indecisive answer. I wonder if things aren’t going well.

“I’ll be fine. So,do your best, Naru.”

It’s a complicated feeling to be cheered on in a relationship by my ex-girlfriend.

“Yeah, thank you. do your best too, Aika.”

“Fufu, thank you.”

I have enough courage to support Aika’s love life. This is all thanks to Iori san.

Speaking of which, I wonder who Aika’s going out with. I haven’t had time to worry about that until now, but I wonder if it’s someone I know.

—After club activities were over, today’s last chance to confess my feelings to Iori san had arrived.

“Iori, my precious flower [I’m sorry Naru, I have an appointment with my sister today, I’m going home first]”

Without any further ado, Iori san left. I wondered if she was avoiding me.

I’m getting more and more anxious.

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