Episode 5 – At School Part 2



“Why are you hugging that girl?”

Yumi’s cold, painful gaze pierced through me. She blamed me without reflecting on herself. That’s right, Yumi herself had never apologized at any point. Is that why I could easily hate her?

“It’s because I’m……”

Kotone, who pulled away, stood in front of me. This girl is always like this. It’s not that long since we’ve known each other. But when I think about it, she always took responsibility for her own actions and covered for me.

“It’s okay, Shiraishi san.”

I slightly hold Kotone’s shoulders and slowly stand in front of her. The reason I don’t call her by name is to show that we don’t have a close relationship. Yumi doesn’t know much about Kotone, even less about her cheating partner’s girlfriend. So, I made up my mind. I won’t blame her.

“She consulted me about her boyfriend and how things haven’t been going well lately, and she started crying a little bit, and I felt bad, but she just looked so cute, I ended up hugging her. It was totally my fault.”

I take full responsibility. If she doesn’t know about the relationship between the two of us, then Kotone is just a victim. The reason why she suddenly jumped into my chest was probably because she just wanted someone to support her. I don’t want to put the blame on her.

“That’s cheating, no wait….., molestation, …..or rather, rape !”

She was furious and full of emotion, accusing me. Rape, huh. The overdramatic expression is typical of Yumi. She won’t compromise. I knew that from the beginning.

“If you want to look at it that way, I guess it can’t be helped. But I don’t know about the rape thing.”

Yumi wouldn’t have gone to the police. At the very least, it would jeopardize Yumi’s position as his girlfriend. Of course, she also felt guilty.

“Keigo kun, what are you talking about?”

As if she doesn’t understand the situation, Kotone stood behind me and asked me anxiously. I’m sure Kotone couldn’t forgive my lies. Kotone is straight and never does anything crooked. She’s the type of person who doesn’t lie.

“Keigo kun? …..Huh?”

Yumi, who’s standing in front of me, clenches her own hands. Rather than Kotone’s words, she seemed to be more concerned about her calling me by my first name. That’s no wonder I know it depends on the individual, but I wouldn’t call someone by their first name if we weren’t that close. I have to make up excuses.

“Ah, Shiraishi san is just upset, she usually calls me Yamamoto kun. Maybe she called my first name by mistake.”

I wondered who would accidentally call someone by their first name. Though I often say that I’m not close to her and I don’t even know her name. But I couldn’t afford to cause her any trouble.

“Fine, either way. I’ll call my dad. Cheating, rape, whatever it is.”

Yumi must have seen through my lies. We’ve been dating for four years. She wasn’t the kind of person that could be easily fooled with petty lies.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Shiraishi san. She had nothing to do with it.”

“I just forced her to hug me.”

“I’m asking you !”

She seemed to be aware of what I was really doing, and looked at me with a distrustful eyes.. She must suspect me of cheating on her. Should I have told her the truth? However, would that mean I would have to tell her about the affair? There is too little evidence now to expose the affair.

“Why ! why Keigo kun won’t tell the truth?”

“I told you to keep quiet Shiraishi san.”

“It’s okay.”

I turned around and looked at Kotone. This girl is really a crybaby. Maybe she’s the type of person that needs someone to protect her. She won’t be fooled if you called my first name twice. Well, looking at Kotone’s straight gaze, I thought to myself. She hates lies. If that’s the case, I can’t blame Kotone even more.

“What do you mean okay?”

“Which is it? Cheating or rape?”

She stared at me with an even colder gaze. Yumi already knows what she’s doing. There’s only cheating. Suddenly release her after hugging her while she’s crying. I don’t think this counts as cheating. But there’s no standard for that, and it depends on who’s judging. Yumi wouldn’t allow even such a trivial relationship.

“It’s not cheating, I’m serious.”


“I love Keigo kun.”

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

“Shut up, Keigo kun !”

“I hugged him.”

I was obviously feeling shaken up. For a moment, I didn’t understand what Kotone was saying. Kotone was just crying and I was supposed to be looking after her.

But the way Kotone was talking now, it could have been taken as a declaration of rivalry with Yumi.

Yumi was also shaken, as she probably didn’t expect her to say it so clearly.

“It’s true that I cried over my boyfriend, but I’m not interested in him anymore.”

“When I got close to Keigo kun, I just hugged him.”

“Keigo kun has no ulterior motives.”

I could see Kotone’s strong emotions in her expression that she had never shown before. As I had expected, Kotone was exactly the girl I had hoped she would be. She hates lies and tries to protect everything at all costs. There was no selfishness at all..

“I felt bad for you, Yumi san.”

“This is my own sudden impulse.”

“That’s not true, Yumi, it was my fault.”

I can’t leave her alone after being told this. I hugged Kotone from behind as she was in tears.

“No, you will be misunderstood.”

“It’s not a misunderstanding, I love you, Kotone.”

I don’t want to blame Kotone and then live an ordinary life. Went to a major construction company that every college student envies. Number one listed company. I have something more important than that right now.

“Hmm, [Kotone] huh?'”

“I knew you were cheating.”

After listening to our conversation, Yumi pressed the call button on her phone.

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