Episode 28 – Finding Runa chan



The next day, the school was all about Runa. A mysterious beautiful girl suddenly appeared. Other than her name, her entire profile was a mystery. A video of her live performance was circulated among the students, but neither her class nor grade could be identified.

There were sharp speculations that Runa was actually a stage name and that she was someone in disguise.

This topic spread to the whole school the next morning, so the information spreads at a frightening speed.

“Good morning, Yukki.”

“Hey there, Naru.”

[[I’ve been waiting for you, Otonashi !]]

As soon as I entered the classroom, I was surrounded by the boys. I’ll tell you in advance that I’m not particularly close with them.

“Hey, Otonashi, you’re in the light music club, right ! Runa chan, you know her, don’t you?”

Know it or not, it’s me.


“Tell me more about Runa chan ! Please !”

I can’t say it’s me.

“How do you guys know about Runa?”

At least they weren’t at the live concert

“That is, she was playing a duet with Kubota senpai yesterday.”

It was the video of yesterday’s live performance. My black history was recorded as a video.

“Hm, you weren’t shot in the video Otonashi, you didn’t show up yesterday?”

“That’s…..right, I was practicing in the club room.”

“Well, never mind …… tell me anyway !”

“Yu……Yui san brought her……so I don’t know that much about her.”

I lied as quickly as I could.

“By Yui san, you mean Kawase senpai?”


“As expected of Kawase senpai, cute people hanging out with cute people.”

It’s true that Yui san is cute.

“You’re lucky Otonashi, your girlfriend is Kubota senpai, and in the club there are Kawase senpai and Runa chan…..aren’t there too many beautiful women !”

But Runa is me.

“Why don’t you all join the light music club?”

“I can’t. I don’t play an instrument.”

That’s right, the light music club has that barrier.

When the boys found out that I didn’t know Runa, they quietly left.

“Good work…….”


I appreciate Yukki’s follow-up.

“I’m going to go to the restroom for a bit.”

“Yeah, don’t be late for class.”

When Yukki left his seat, Aika came over to me without a pause.

“Hey, isn’t this you, Naru?”

It was Runa’s video.

“You can fool everyone’s eyes, but you can’t fool mine.”

As expected of my ex-girlfriend…..she’s sharp.

“Please, don’t tell anyone.”

“I don’t mind if you keep it a secret, but I have a favor to ask, Naru.”


“Will you listen to me?”

“W…..what kind of favor?”

“I’ll tell you when the time comes.”

As her ex-boyfriend, what does she want with me. And what does she mean by when the time comes.

I was confused by Aika’s mysterious behavior.

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1 year ago

Breaks his heart by dumping him for another guy, supposedly, now wants to blackmail him. If I was him, any good feelings I had left for that bitch would have disappeared. Mind you, this blackmailing is weak. It’s the intent behind it that matters.

9 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

I absolutely agree with you….