After not seeing him for about half a year, I finally met him.

I’m touched by the fact that when I met him he still used the hair clip that I gave him, and I sat in front of him.

He’s reading a novel seriously to the point he doesn’t notice me.

I also found it difficult for me to speak to him because of his serious look and my excitement at being able to see him again.

In the crowd that was covering the library, I asked about his condition in silence.

But if i don’t speak to him, there’s no point in coming here.

“Um…Excuse me.”

I summoned up my courage and called out to him, perhaps because he was surprised by me, he then dropped the book that he was reading and said [Y-yes !?] 

I was overjoyed when I saw him, and I couldn’t help but smile when he made a panicked face. Then I picked up the book he had dropped and handed it to him.

“T-thank you.”

For some reason, he had a nervous look on his face and averted his gaze when he received the book from me. 

…..I wonder why he’s so nervous.

While questioning his state, I decided to call his name.

“Um…. are you perhaps Kawabe kun?”

“Yes ! !”

I called him by his old name, but he was so confused that he almost collapsed with his eyes spinning.

After looking at the situation for a while, I boldly reached out my right hand to his hair clip.

His confusion reached his max, and froze nervously.

“Ah, this…..”

I touched his hair with my right hand, and while I touched the hair clip that I gave him, I let out a voice. He turned bright red, stood up, and ran towards the library entrance as if to escape.

When I saw that, I tried to stop him, and then his leg got tangled and fell hard.

?a-are you okay?”

I was worried when i saw him fall, but he said [I’m okay〜! !] despite my worries and ran away.

“…..I have finally found you.”

I’m dumbfounded by his behavior, and even though I don’t know why he ran away, I felt happy.

At this time, I didn’t realize it.

That he didn’t know I was the person who studied together with him at cram school…..

I was happy to know that Kawabe kun was in the same class as me, but I didn’t have a chance to talk to him. On the weekend, I went out with my classmate from middle school, within the city.

“Hey Ayano, have you met someone that you like?”

My friend asked me about it while we were walking around shoppings.

“Eh, Kawabe kun? Yeah, I have met him ! ! i didn’t realize it at first because he changed his surname, but we were in the same class〜” 

When I explained to my friend what had happened so far, she interrupted me.

“You got carried away〜. you’re the one who chased your beloved even though you had to rebel against your parents〜. Being in the same class with him makes you feel excited〜. In the end you betrayed me too〜.”

My face flushed at my friend’s words.

I have no intention of betraying my parents, and I also have no intention of betraying my friend either.

It’s just that I wasn’t feeling well when I didn’t show up for one week during the school re-entrance.

…Ahh, I hate my poor health body☆

“So, how far have you progressed with him?’

My friend proceeds with the story while she makes fun of me.

“How far you say, I told you from the beginning the other day ! !”

“Eh, that’s it?”

She was surprised when I told her that.

That’s because he started to shy away from me. When I told my friend about it, she looked shocked.

“You, what did you do to him?”

“No, I didn’t do anything.”

“Then why is he running away !?”

“Who knows?”

My friend asked me that, but I have no idea what I did to him.

“Who knows? Why’d you say that !? Did you do something at cram school or anything during that time ! !”

When I heard my friend get angry as she said those words, I tried to think about the cause. However, I don’t remember anything.

“From the looks of it, I don’t think there’s anything that comes to mind… Maybe he’s got a girlfriend already?”

“Eh, that’s not…..”

I was surprised by my friend’s words, so I raised my face and tried to deny it. I didn’t want to think that a shy person like him had a girlfriend.

because he’s cool (120% elegant speech), so i can’t deny it…. I was worried after hearing my friend’s words, but a terrible reality appeared.

When I was walking through the city, I caught a familiar figure in my sight.

What a coincidence…he was looking at an advertisement for a house in front of a real estate agent.

I was so happy when I saw him to the point that I left my friend to greet him and went near him like a dog wagging its tail.

Then I noticed another figure beside him. She was a beautiful woman, perhaps a little bit older.

[[Maybe he’s got a girlfriend already?”]]

When I looked at her, it reminded me of what my friend said earlier. I am shocked by those words and the current figure that overlaps.

After that, when i looked at the situation, that woman smiled and reached out to Kawabe kun’ head, and he also showed a bright red face.

It was easy to finish me off who got carried away when I saw that figure.

“Ayano…..why did you stop suddenly?”

My friend who I left behind caught up with me and called out to me, but my brain stopped working.

“…Let’s go.”

I turn on my heel toward the road where I came from and leave the scene.

…..I couldn’t watch it anymore.

After that, my friend asked me what happened, but I couldn’t answer her because I was feeling dizzy.

And then the next week, something happened.

For the first time, I realized that… first love wasn’t that simple.

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