Our light music club has a poor harvest this year and I am the only new member for the first year. I think it would be good if more people came to join the club just like Iori’s goals…..

I think that Iori’s presence might make people think that the club is “too high profile”.

“As that said, let’s do a street live and recruit members for the club.”

Yui san suggested that we recruit members through a street live performance. It would take a lot of time and effort to bring in and out the equipment, but it would be the quickest and easiest way to appeal to the public.

“That sounds great ! But don’t we need permission from the school if we want to make noise outside?”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m going to have a pair of Kubota and you to play acoustic guitar today.”

“Furuya san…… if we get Iori, won’t that solve the problem of the high standard? Besides, it doesn’t seem like it would appeal to the light music style either…….”

“It’s okay, this is the first step of the strategy. Let’s start with a simple strategy.”

“Misaki san….I understand.”

I wonder why. I feel like everyone’s grinning.

“It’s decided, then Naru, can you wear this?”

It was our girls’ uniforms.

“Eh, are you serious about that?”

“It’s obvious.”

Actually, I have a very high pitch when I sing. The other day at a karaoke session, everyone knew that I had a high pitch, so I was forced into a half-hearted promise to dress up as a woman and perform as a duo with Iori.

I never thought I would be doing that promise on a normal weekday.


“I’m serious !”

Yui san’s eyes were serious.

“Iori ! Is it okay ! For me to wear such sexy clothes.”

“I think it’s fine? It’s Naru’s fault for not listening to me.”

It seems that Iori told me about this in the morning. I’m really sorry for being a pain in the ass.

Yui san has been very helpful with iori’s case. There is no way I can refuse.

“I……I understand.”

And I was magically transformed by the hands of the female club members.

—”Whoa……this is more than I expected……”

“What, what’s going on, Yui san?”


Everyone in the club called me cute…I wonder what kind of result I’m going to get.

“T..this. is me.”

It’s hard to say for myself, but I was cute like a normal girl.

I….it’s not like I’ve woken up another hobby, you know !

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1 year ago

Man, what is it with Japanese people and forced cross-dressing?

1 year ago

Aaand dropped. Thank you for the translations tho.