It’s the first time I’ve ever been to the 2nd year’s school building.  I was going to confess my feelings in the upperclassmen’s school building where I was visiting for the first time, so I must’ve been quite a crazy person.

I was attacked by merciless, stinging gazes here as well, but I ignored my surroundings and headed to Iori san’s classroom.


The voice that stopped me was Yui san’s voice.

“I heard, I heard you had a great time this morning.”

Yui san was grinning at me. Well, even I would’ve done that.

“What’s wrong? Why are you here?”

“I’m here to see Iori san.”

“Oh… could it be… a continuation of this morning?”



The 2nd year students seemed to have been listening and the surroundings began to get noisy.

“What a bold person ! Do you want me to show you around?”

“Yes, thank you.”

A crowd formed behind me. There were quite a few galleries.

I regretted it, just a little.

Although I had come all the way here on the spur of the moment, I didn’t expect such a big fuss.

“Iori is in that classroom.”

Finally, it’s Iori san’s classroom. I was so nervous.

“What are you going to do, Naru? Do you want me to go get her?”

“No, It’s fine. I’ll go by myself.”

“I see.”

It was my own decision. 

Just when I was getting myself ready to enter Iori sans classroom.

“Hm, what’s wrong, Naru?”

I bumped into Iori san. On the contrary, I am ready.

“Um, Iori…[I’m sorry, can we do this later?]”


“I have class soon, so if you have some business, can we do it on lunch break?”

“I won’t take up that much of your time, but……”

“Sorry, I’m in a hurry, see you at lunch !”

Iori san walked away from the place as quickly as she could.

—”Etto…… what was that?”

What the hell was that?

“What was that?”

“Don’t ask.”

Perhaps she was going to the restroom by any chance?

I didn’t want to ask, so I stopped praying any further.

“Naru….don’t mind it.”

“Thank you….”

I came here with such determination.

But the first dramatic action in my life ended with a big disappointment.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter

1 year ago

Hey it looks like the childhood friend really given up on MC. ???
It’s not following the usual routine of a love triangle being nosy and dramatic like in Jps???
Of course i could be wrong

10 months ago

Lol, that was… anti-climactic.