After finishing breakfast, I put on my school uniform. I wore a blazer in middle school, so it feels nice and fresh. I realized that I’m going to be a high school student.

I called out to Sawa chan, who’s having coffee in the living room, to show her the uniform I tried on.

“How do you like it? Sawa chan.”

When I said that, Sawa chan looked a little surprised, and then she expressed her impressions while fiddling with her short hair.

“You still look like a middle schooler. With that, you can’t get a hold of high school JK nowadays.”

I wonder if Sawa chan is one of JK’s nowadays. If so, I’ll have to work a little harder. I should try waxing my hair.

While I was thinking that, she stopped twirling her fingers in her hair and looked away from me.

“Well…… I think you’re fine, kind of.”

Saying that, Sawa chan stood up quickly and went into the Japanese-style room, as if to escape.

Eh, did she give just me a compliment? No, no, of course not. No way.

But I was glad to know that Sawa chan didn’t think I was tacky.

While in my school uniform, I washed the dishes for both of us, just like I did for dinner. To be honest, I think it’s only natural to do the dishes since she’s the one who’s cooking.

But Sawa chan is different. She doesn’t seem to think it’s a good thing that I’m doing the dishes. Sawa chan, who had already come out of the Japanese-style room, said

“….I’m your older sister, you should’ve leave it to me.”

Sawa chan folded her arms in dissatisfaction and puffed her cheeks a little. Sawa chan’s breasts aren’t that big, but when she crossed her arms, it emphasized them and it’s too stimulating for a healthy high school boy.

I wonder if she wants to take care of me.

How motherly…. But I want it to be directed at our children, not at me. I want her to see me as a man.

“I’m a high schooler, so let me at least do the dishes. Besides, we’re going to live together, so you can ask me to do anything.”

When I said that, Sawa chan, who looked down on me completely, smirked and pointed her index finger at me.

“You think you’re a grown up, don’t you? You’ve grown taller. You’re really cute. you’re still so young.”

Saying so, she took a sip of her black coffee. Does she think she’s an adult? After distorting my face a little, I make a relaxed face. Which one of us is acting like an adult?

But I don’t want to end the conversation with her calling me childish. I finish washing up and pick up the black coffee Sawa chan was drinking.

“Eh, t-that’s mine…”

Sawa chan was saying something, but it would be cool if I drank what she was boasting about as a symbol of maturity without changing my expression. How childish of me.

I took a sip of the black coffee. A moderate bitterness spreads in my mouth. Well, it tastes good. My parents like coffee, so I can drink as much as I can.

“How’s this !”

“Even if you said that….”

She had a complicated looked on her face. I don’t know why, but Sawa chan’s ears were a little red. The coffee wasn’t really hot, though.

“Look, you’re going to be late for the entrance ceremony.”

“Aren’t you going to see me off?”

“You’re an adult, right?”

Sawa chan laughed lightly. I wanted to play with her a little more, but the time was getting real bad and I had to leave.

Sho opened the front door and said goodbye before leaving the house. Meanwhile, Sawa chan was saying,

‘Well, well, how childish am I, to be flustered about having an indirect kiss with a high school boy……”

I mean, Sho is just a kid. Younger than me. It’s out of the question. Stop it, stop it. I’m going to stop thinking about these things.

Sawa chan drank up the remaining coffee, blushed a little, and looked at the rim of the cup.

“No, it’s not like that, okay !!?”

Sawa chan sighed again while she was alone in her thoughts.


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