Instead of the loud sound of my usual alarm, I wake up to the delicious aroma of miso soup. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and saw an angel in an apron in front of me.

“Good morning, Sho.”

“An angel is right in front of me…”

“Yeah, yeah. wake up, hurry up and wash your face.”

In the morning, Sawa chan prepared breakfast while ignoring my sleepwalking nonsense. I realize that I’m really living with her. What a dream.

I got up from the sofa and headed for the bathroom. I looked at the two red and blue toothbrushes lined up and thought to myself.

“…..It’s like we’re newlyweds already.”

I nearly pick up the red toothbrush in the empty washroom, then neatly picks up the blue toothbrush this time.

I splashed water on my face and then wiped it off with a towel.

The towels smelled of Sawa chan, or is it fabric softener?

Normally I would take it home with me, but since this has become my home, I can take it whenever I want.

I shook my head and stopped thinking about it because I might get thrown in jail  someday if I keep thinking like such a pre-criminal.

“Smells good…….”

“Really? Well, I eat it all the time, so I can’t be as impressed as you, Sho.”

Saying that, I pulled up a chair at the dining room table. The breakfast consist rice and salad. Natto and fish. It was as filling as a breakfast at grandma’s house.

“Are you going to make me miso soup every day from now on……?”

“Who says I’m going to be your wife. But I will make it for you as long as you live with me.”

“Then I’ll live with you for the rest of my life !”

I hope you won’t become someone who’s financially independent.”

Sawa chan ate her meal while saying such things. I think she ate quite a bit in the morning. I like girls who eat a lot, so it’s fine. I guess Sawa chan must be in an athletic club because she’s good at sports.

Is she in the basketball club like I was in middle school? It doesn’t matter if she joined a different club. I used to lose to Sawa chan when I was little, but I think I can beat her now.

“B-by the way, I’m exercising, so I won’t get fat. though I eat quite a bit….”

“I didn’t think of that, okay?”

“Your face says it all, Sho. You’re easy to read.”

She said it while laughing. As she put down the chopstick that she was using, she turned to me and said in a gentle voice.

“Would you like me to attend the entrance ceremony as your parents?”

“….Aren’t you being too overprotective? Rather, I want Sawa chan to be by my side as my girlfriend,you don’t have to be my parent.”

I don’t want to be a high schooler who can’t do anything just because his mother isn’t there. When I denied it, Sawa chan smiled as if to keep up her appearance.

“I’m not being overprotective,…… I was a little lonely because I didn’t have a mother. And I didn’t know anyone around me.”

Sawa chan added, ‘Because I was scared’. Of course, it must be scary to go to a place where you don’t know anyone. And it was an unfamiliar place for her. Outside of the island. But…..

“I have Sawa chan, so I’m not afraid. It’s not like I can’t enjoy school with someone I like.”

“B-but, by s-someone you like ! Don’t say it that easily. That kind of thing is……well, that’s it……yeah.”

Sawa chan stuttered. She sipped miso soup to hide her embarrassment.

When I saw the cute Sawa chan, I sipped some miso soup to hide my disgusting grin on my face.


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