I woke up with a hangover I haven’t felt for a while. Maybe it’s because I slept on the floor, but my whole body hurts, not just my head. I don’t want to drink any more alcohol for a while. …..


When I got up, I found Shinobu san sleeping on the sofa, breathing hard in her sleep. She was sleeping boldly with her right leg on the backrest, I put a blanket over Shinobu san’s skirt, and shook her shoulders.

“Shinobu san, it’s noon already. It’s 11 o’clock.”

“Uwee, t’s late already !?”

As expected of a member of society. The moment she realized she was late, she jumped up, but when she saw my face, she understood the situation and let out a big sigh of relief.

“Morning~….. I’m going to smoke…..”

Then she went all the way out to the balcony, even though she had smoked  a lot in her room last night. I followed her, and she sat down on the floor while still in her suit from yesterday and offered me a cigarette.

“I’ll give you one~”

“I don’t smoke.”

“Is that so~? Didn’t you always go for a smoke with Midori chan~?”

“Midori said she was lonely by herself. If Shinobu san smokes too, you should’ve told me sooner.”

I lit Shinobu san’s cigarette with a lighter that had fallen on the floor, and she snatched the lighter away and handed me a cigarette instead. I had no choice but to take it in my mouth and smoke for the first time since I was a college student. It still tasted as bad as ever. I don’t know what’s so good about it…….

“Well~ It reminds me of the old days~”

“Like at Paa san’s house.”

“Paa san, Paa san ! What a nostalgic~! Is he still in the family restaurant?”

“As I recall. He hasn’t given up on being a mangaka yet.”

“Hee~ That’s great~! I understand now that I’ve grown up~…… How wonderful it is to keep chasing your dreams. I can’t imitate him.”

“He’ll be 37 this year…… I hope he’s happy.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t you tell him the popular manga~?”

“No I can’t, that person is very picky.”

While talking about such things, the two of us fill our empty cans of coffee with ashes. It’s an idle and meaningless time. I used to feel bored by this kind of thing, but now I understand. These were the happiest times.

“Let’s have a reunion next time….well, it’s not like we can.”

“We can meet at a family restaurant. Would you like to share a table?”

“Well~ I’ve been told not to get involved with people too much~ But I’m sure it won’t be a problem for a little bit. Besides, I don’t want to see my old self, I’m too embarrassed~!

‘You were cute. You’re old self.”

“Of course I can’t compete with JK~. It’s also impossible to work without makeup now.”

“Are you wearing makeup now?”

“I am~! BI put effort into it ! Well, I fell asleep, so it might have looked a little bad……. I mean, you’re so insensitive that you don’t even know if a girl is wearing makeup, so that’s why you’ll probably get cheated on~?”

“Shinobu san, who has never had a boyfriend, might not understand this, but guys aren’t really interested in a woman’s makeup. They are only interested in whether you are cute or not.”

“You scum~! You didn’t say the same thing to Saki san, did you?”

“I don’t have the guts to tell her. I’m talking to you because you’re Shinobu san.”

Shinobu san’s cigarette runs out before mine, which I hadn’t smoked much. I thought she was about to smoke one more cigarette and grab the lighter, but Shinobu san was holding nothing and looking at me while holding her knees.

“…Didn’t I tell you yesterday? Even in the different future, Kouki kun is still getting cheated on.”

“You did. I remember it very well.

“I see,…… sorry, I didn’t want to tell you that. I’m a bit light-mouthed when I’m drunk…….”

“It’s not the first time she’s done that. And somehow I knew that too. People who can keep deceiving me for 10 years with this level of effort won’t change their minds.”

“……Then I’ll probably say it again. Is it worth it to go out with Saki san? Do you still want to marry her and make her happy?”


My answer is the same as last night. I couldn’t say anything. As I was wondering how to change the subject, I noticed that my cigarette was almost completely reduced to ashes. I hurriedly dump the cigarette butt into the coffee can.

“For me in this era. If you push too hard, you will fall.”

Those words were delivered to me, who was distracted by the cigarette butt. When I looked over, I saw the person who said those words lighting up a new cigarette, while looking only at the wall in front of her.


For some reason, I wanted to see Saki. It’s not that I accepted what she just said. It’s not that I don’t want to go out with Shinobu san. I just want to see her. That’s all.

Even if I continue like this, Daiki will surely take her away from me someday. That’s a future that will never change.

If that is the case, I have to settle the matter. Whether it’s going out with Saki or breaking up with her. If I don’t come to some kind of decision, the past will just repeat again.

I have to meet Saki. To move forward from the day I was dumped.

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