I left the school with Yua for the first time in a while. Recently, I haven’t been able to see her in person because she’s been watched by her friend named Kii chan, but today I don’t have to worry about her eyes on Yua because she seems to have something to do.

We sat side by side on a bench at a pavilion in the park.

Yua crossed her arms. The way she crossed her arms was so natural that I thought to myself [Hm, we’re dating?] and my head started to spin.

I felt a soft touch on my elbow. It wasn’t like I was pressing against her. It just hit me. Yua’s chests are that ample.

I had been communicating only with her on her phone for a while, so the feeling of her chests stimulated my instincts even more.

“–Would you like to take a picture with me?

“……Hmm? What?:

“Jeez~, you weren’t listening?”

I wasn’t listening. I was more focused on my elbow.

“I just asked if we could take a picture together so you wouldn’t miss me when I’m not around.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, why not?”

It’s a lot healthier than a racy selfie. I was enjoying the sensation on my elbows, so that doesn’t make it any more convincing.

Yua stretched her arm and pointed the front camera at me.

“Look, come a little closer.”

“Whoa ……!?”

When Yua moved even closer to me, my arms sank into her chests.

–What’s with this volume…..!

“Bring your face closer.”

“L-like this?”

“A little lower, like you’re putting your cheeks together.:

I moved my body as she said. Our faces fit perfectly on the screen of the phone.

“Okay, okay. Then, please don’t move.”

And the next moment.

I felt something soft pressed against my cheek. The screen shows me and Yua kissing my cheek.

“Huh !?”

The shutter button was pressed.

The moment the touch on my cheek left, a mwah sound was heard.

“There, good work.”

“W-what…… Huh !?”

“Look at this.”

She showed me the screen of her phone. 

“Haha, ahahhaha ! ! What’s with this face ! It’s like Kabuki mask !”

Yua held her stomach and burst out laughing.

“Seita kun is so cute, to be so surprised by a kiss.”

“I can’t help it ! It’s my first time !”

“A kiss on the cheek?”


“Then how about a kiss on the mouth?”

“Of course not.”

Yua smiled seductively.

‘”Then I’ll get your first kiss on the mouth soon.”



Yua stood up.

“Okay, the favor has returned.”


“You took a picture of my funny face the other day, didn’t you?”

Then she fanned her face with her hand.

“Ah~, I laughed so much that it got hot. –I’m going home.”

“Eh? Ah.”

“Well then !”

For some reason, Yua ran away without looking at me.

“So abrupt…..”

I touched my left cheek where Yua kissed me.

It’s kind of cliche, but I’m  seriously thinking about not washing my face for a while.

◇ ◇

About a week has passed since then. The surveillance from Kii chan had stopped, and the time I spent with Yua was back to normal – or even more than before.

Then one day, Yua asked me, 

“Do you have a minute?”

I was drinking at a water fountain near the club building after my fourth period P.E. class when I heard a voice behind me.

When I turned around, I saw a girl that I’m not familiar with. Her ribbon tie was red. She seemed to be a first-year student.

She was staring at me with her white eyes. She had piercings, an opened button around her chests, a short skirt, and an amber bob hair. It seems that she is also a “gyaru” type of girl.

–She’s so beautiful. ……

Fierce eyes, languid expression. She has a small face, a very tall figure, and long, slim legs.

Yua is also beautiful, but she has charm and cuteness. If I were to use an analogy, Yua is like a Border Collie and she’s like a Siberian Husky.


I asked her, and she looked around before saying something outrageous.

“I like you. Please go out with me.”

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1 year ago

This dudes getting played hard.

8 months ago

With his mindset, I’m guessing his first thought will be that it’s a punishment game. It might actually be, lol. Or it might have something to do with Yua.