At night. I was reviewing the lesson to make up for not being able to concentrate in class, and after a break, I played a smartphone game for the first time in a while.

I looked at Rinna on the screen and thought to myself, 

–She looks like Yua, doesn’t she?

“…… No, wait?”

No, no, no, the order is reversed. Yua looks like Rinna. Why didn’t I think of that?

At the same time, I received a notification. It was from Yua. The text on the notification reads ‘Photo sent.’

I tapped the notification and opened the app.

“Whoaa !?”

Yua was in the picture. It’s what they called a selfie. But what she was wearing was the problem.

She was wearing a cream-colored camisole and shorts. Her beautiful collarbone and smooth bosom alone were enough to make my eyes spinning, but the fact that she was bending forward revealed her voluptuous cleavage. The fact that she covered her eyes with the palm of her hand is strangely immoral.

A ‘Sent’ sound effect was heard, and a kissy-face emoji was sent.

What is the appropriate response in such a case? If I say, “Thank you,” it might be taken as if I appreciate the message, and if I say, “You look sexy,” I feel like I’m replying like a lecherous old man. And “You’re beautiful” is simply embarrassing and difficult to say.

The problem is that these are all my honest opinions. People often say that you should express your feelings honestly, but just because you are honest doesn’t mean that everything will be accepted. I have experienced this firsthand.

While I was having trouble replying, an additional message from Yua came in.

[You didn’t like this kind of thing?]

A text without emoji. I could feel Yua’s anxiety, so I hurriedly responded to her.

[I was just a little surprised.]

[I’m glad to hear that.] [Do you have any requests?]


[Yeah.] [I’ll do any pose you want.]

–Any pose, you say,…..?

I can make a beautiful girl to pose any way I want. Not in a game, but in reality. What kind of virtues did I acquire in my previous life?

All kinds of sexy poses ran through my mind. There were poses like brushing her hair, sitting on her side with her hands on the floor, a panther pose, lying down and resting her cheekbones on the floor, and so on.

The last thing that came to mind, however, was the natural smile that Yua showed while standing with her friend.

Why send a picture of a smile when you can get her to pose for you? Isn’t that a waste of time? But if I requested a pose that was too erotic, wouldn’t she despise me?

While I was puzzled over these questions, the next message was sent to me.

[I’ll send you a recommended pose since you don’t seem to have one.]

Time ran out. I felt both disappointed and relieved.

[What do you recommend?]

[The pose where I’m completely naked with my legs spread open.]


Wait a minute, this is going way beyond what I imagined, isn’t it? If mine is a gravure pose from a shounen magazine, Yua’s is from one of those magazines that are sealed up with strings or something so you can’t see what’s inside.

That’s indeed too far. It should be stopped. That’s what my rational mind told me, but my instincts refused to allow me to do so.

While the angel and the devil were battling each other in my brain, I heard a  sound from my phone. It seems that an image had been sent. The devil’s side won.

I want to see it. I want to see it, but I feel like that’s a line I shouldn’t cross.


But I’m sure she will hide the parts that shouldn’t be seen, and since she wants to show me the image, why don’t I look at it?

After much deliberation, I decided to look at the image dimly and vaguely. It’s self-mosaic.


It’s true that her skin is showing in the image. However, I felt something strange.

I open my eyes slightly. Just as Yua had said, there was a close-up of her, lying on the back and spreading the legs without a layer of clothing on them.

A dog. And it was a male.

I was startled when I heard the sound of an incoming call. It was a video call from Yua. I flicked the receiver symbol.

Yua’s face, smiling like an emoji, appeared on the screen.

“Have you seen my dog?”

“…..Yah. Is it a Shiba Inu?”

“Yes. His name is Nobunaga.”

Yua peeked at the screen.

“Why are you so upset? Are you…..disappointed that I’m not naked?”

“No, that’s not ……!”

No, that’s not. Normally, I am. I would be completely lying if I said I wasn’t expecting it.

Seeing me at a loss for an answer, Yua’s face became even more happy.

“Ah, Nobunaga, come here.”

She called the dog’s name off-screen. Nobunaga, who had just arrived at her feet.

“Come here.”

She picked him up. He has rather lovely, dull eyes for a dog named Nobunaga. Yua leaned her cheek against him.

“Look, it’s Seita kun. Nobunaga, say hello.”

“Ah, Nobunaga san, good evening.”

I bowed.

“Why did you call him with honorifics?”

“Because he’s that Nobunaga.”

“Not that Nobunaga, though, you know? And if he is that Nobunaga, he is not a “san” but a “sama”.”

It seems that Yua also has a certain amount of respect for Nobunaga.

And then.


Yua screamed. Nobunaga licked her ear.

“Hey, stop !”

She scolded him, but Nobunaga wouldn’t stop. Rather, he stuck his nose in Yua’s ear and licked it, as if he was determined to do so.

“Somehow, this guy likes to lick my ears……. Hey ! Hyan……!”

Her moans can be heard.

But still, I’m not so twisted in my sexuality that I get excited when I see a beautiful girl being attacked by a dog.

However, the voices from Yua’s mouth, such as “Nn……”, “Angh”, and “Stop……”, stimulate my instinct. It’s like an ASMR.

I can only say good job, Nobunaga kun.

“Okay ! The end !”

She stretched her arm and moved Nobunaga kun away from her.

“Jeez, I’ve learned some strange things. Bad dog”

Nobunaga kun wagged his tail even though he was being scolded. Yua slightly smiled bitterly.


A relaxed smile shown to someone you have completely forgiven. The smile is not for anyone to see, but an expression of honest feelings. Posing like a gravure model is attractive, but for me, Yua’s face like this is more appealing.

I took a screenshot of the screen. ‘Crack !’ sound was heard. Then Yua made a face like [Oh?]

“Did you just take a picture?”

“Eh? Ah.”

I didn’t know if she could hear me from the phone.

“No? It’s just your imagination, isn’t it?”

“Lie, I heard it. I heard a screenshot. Tell me honestly.”

Maybe it was because she was dealing with Nobunaga kun, but even her tone of voice was commanding to me.

To be lectured by a younger girl is somehow not as bad as I thought. I feel as if I am being pampered while she’s angry. Maybe I’m a mild masochist.

“Well, I took it.”

“I knew it ! You thought I had a funny face anyway.”

“No way, not at all.”

I thought you looked rather cute.

“I don’t know about that.”

“I’m sorry I took that picture without your permission. I’ll erase it.”

“…..You don’t have to erase it, but…”

Which is it?

“Because Seita kun wanted to take a picture of me, right? Then it’s fine.”

Yua looked away as if she was embarrassed and shook her body. I also took a screenshot of that as well.

“Wait !?”

“Because you said I could take pictures of you.”

“Then let me take Seita kun’s picture too.”

I covered the front camera with my finger.

“Seita kun !?”

I couldn’t help but burst out at the sound of her voice.

“I’m going to go back to my study now.”

“Are you just going to run away with that kind of win?”

Is it a win……?

“Yua, you should study properly too.”

“Ah~, ah~, I can’t hear you. Blee”

She flicked her tongue out and the call was cut off.


I let out an unintentional laugh.

I put the phone aside and grabbed my mechanical pencil back.

The rest of my review went as smoothly as if my previous sluggishness had been a lie.

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