I slowed my walking pace to match Nakao san’s small step. It looks like I’ll be home late, but Sawa chan probably won’t be home yet anyway, so that’s okay.

“Are you going to join the basketball club, Natsume kun?”

“How’d you know !?”

Saying that, she hid her right eye with his right hand. Then Nakao san made a cool expression and muttered.

“Fufufu…..I have the power to read minds.”

”It can’t be, you’re a psychic !”

“N-no, of course not. I just saw you talking to the captain of the basketball team.”

Nakao san smiled at me with a wry smile. An innocent smile can easily sway a boy’s heart. Especially virgin boys…….

I have someone in mind, Sawa chan. I can’t waver.

“Well, I’m still wondering about the basketball team, too. So, what club are you going to join, Nakao san?”

“I guess I will join the cooking club. I heard it’s going to be discontinued due to lack of numbers or something like that…..”

Saying that, she sighs a little. A cooking club. I’d be interested to see what it’s like, but I have no sense of taste. Talent is something that blooms, but……yeah.

“That’s tough. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

“Thank you.”

She left while saying that. Quite surprisingly, Nakao san was interesting and easy to talk when we talked to her. In the midst of all this, there was one person whose mood was not so peaceful.

“Eh, wait. Isn’t that person Sawa’s crush?”

A female basketball teammate pointed her finger. It spread quickly among the women’s basketball…… The girls aren’t interested in love stories..

I mean, it’s fine, but……it’s not like that ! I don;t particularly like that guy, and I say I’d rather have an adult gentleman …… Eh, is that really Sho?

“Is he going home with a girl……?”

I was speechless. What kind of nerve does he have to go home with a girl on the first day of the entrance ceremony? Is he a playboy?

“Whoa ! If Sawa only sits around, that blonde beauty will snatch him away, right?”

“Or rather, she might have already taken him.”

The girls on the women’s basketball team made fun of me. That’s fine. Sho liked another girl. I don’t care about that. He’s just my little brother. I don’t care. Though I thought so !

“Sho is the kind of guy who wouldn’t go for a girl like that.”

The words that came out of my mouth were the exact opposite. Why did I say that? I’m like some kind of moe character……

[[Why’re you so cute !]]

The girls hugged me when I said that. It would be a great sight for those who like yuri manga.

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