“You know, Shinonome chan ! I heard your parents are rich !”

Someone said, and those words were the trigger.

“Eh !? Really !? Then, do you have any make-up stuff?”

“Your house must be big too !? Can I come visit you sometime?

“My mom said so ! There’s a big house around here ! It has the same last name as Shinonome chan’s !”

Many people started talking to each other at once. Nagi was flustered.

“It’s okay, right? Right?”

“E-erm, that’s. M-my father is.”

“Eh ! You’re talking about your father?”

After all, Nagi was going to be talked to by many people.

I was a little bit out of the way because it would have been hard to talk to her if I was there. …..But.

I didn’t like it.

“Nagi will play with me after school.”

I was surprised myself.

Because I came near Nagi and said that. Even the girls were surprised.

“Eh? It’s okay just for one day.”

“Yeah, yeah ! Hey, it’s okay, right?”



I don’t like talking to people. Because it can be exhausting, or I might hurt them……or they might hurt me.

But. Seeing Nagi in trouble was even worse.

“Nagi will play with me.”

“Eh? Shinonome chan doesn’t want to, right?”

“You’ll play with us, right?”

Nagi shook her head. I don’t know which word she was referring to.

But the girls seemed to think it was for me.

“Look. Shinonome chan doesn’t like it.

“You’re the worst.”


“Poor Shinonome chan.”

Nagi tried to shake her head again, but the girls interrupted her and kept talking.

Perhaps because of that, Nagi couldn’t speak well…..and just like that, break time was over.


Right after the last period was over.

Nagi pulled my hand.

We continued walking. Leaving the school, there were fewer people. And finally.

Nagi turned her face. Tears were dripping down her cheeks.

“I-i-it’s not like that…I-I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry. I… I…”

“I-I don’t mind it ! Not at all !”

Nagi wiped her tears with the palm of her hand.

Even though I shook my head and said I didn’t care, the tears didn’t stop.

“But…..but I couldn’t say anything. I hurt Souta kun.”

“No. I couldn’t say it properly either.”

“But Souta kun. You saved me.”


Nagi hugged me tightly.

“N-Nagi !”

“No. I don’t want Souta kun to leave.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“….Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure. Because I can’t leave.”

I know that was not Nagi’s true feelings. ….If it was, I would be depressed. But I know it wasn’t.

“……I’m sorry. I’ll try not to let it happen again.”

“I’m not angry. If I was in the opposite position, I would have done the same thing.”

Nagi pressed against her face. Even if I answer, I can’t get away.

“W-would be friends with me?”

“O-of course. ……I mean. We’re already friends.”

Finally, I made a friend.

……That’s right.

In times like this, I remember how my mom and dad used to do it.

“W-will you stay with me?”

“Yes. I’ll always be with you.”

I hugged Nagi back and patted her head.

The softness of her hair was like a cloud and it felt good.


Nagi’s eyes were wide and she looked surprised.

I was a little embarrassed, so I tried to take my hand. Nagi raised her hand and put her hand on top of mine.


“P-please continue.”


I still tried to take my hand, but she shook her head.

“I need you to keep going. Or I’ll keep squeezing you.”


I don’t mind. Even so.

When Nagi squeezed me. My heart will be warmed.

But I’m a little troubled. Because I won’t be able to go home.

“……What happens if I say I’ll keep squeezing you too?”

“Eh !?”

Nagi raised her voice, not expecting to be told that.

“T-that…..would be fun for me.”

“I’m with you.”

Nagi fidgeted. But I don’t think I’m as uncomfortable as I was earlier.

Yeah. I hope so.

“T-then. I’ll continue like this, okay? ….I’ll keep going.”


Nagi’s words. My heart starts to get noisy again.

But I can’t be like what Nagi said–

“I’m sorry. Souta kun.”

“It’s okay. ……I’d be happier with a thank you than a sorry.”

When I said so. I heard Nagi’s small laugh.

“Thank you, Souta kun. For helping me.”

“……Yeah. You’re welcome.”

When I replied, Nagi hugged me tighter.

We finally pulled away when we saw a passerby smiling at us.


Two years have passed since then.

“Nagi, let’s go home.”

“Yes, Souta kun.”

Even after entering the sixth grade, Nagi and I didn’t make any friends.

…We couldn’t.

Nagi was gradually being talked to more and more, but she didn’t want to go out of her way to make friends.

I guess it’s because I’m in a state of monopoly over Nagi. Other than Nagi, my relationship hasn’t changed.

“Tomorrow is the last field day.”

“I guess so. …..I have to do my best.”

I’ve become the anchor of the relay. I have to do my best.

Then, Nagi gave a small smile. She looked a little sad.

“I like it when Souta kun says that.”

“……It’s childish, isn’t it?”

“We are still children, after all.”


I know. But–

“I know you care about what those people said to you.”


I couldn’t say anything to Nagi’s words.

From that day on, little by little, the way I spoke was changing.

“You don’t have to care about what those people say. It’s just jealousy toward Souta kun.”

“…It’s nothing like that. I’m not that kind of a person.”

“I’ll get angry, Souta kun.”

Nagi grabbed my arm and said so.

“”Souta kun is an amazing person.”

When she stares at me with her blue eyes, I can’t say anything.

“He is very considerate. He cleaned the aquarium tank after the biology staff left without doing anything, or watered the flowers in the garden by himself because there wasn’t enough water.”

“You helped me, too, Nagi.

Whenever I tried to do something, Nagi always helped me.

“And Nagi even warned me the next day about the person in charge.”

“But it was Souta kun who tried to do it first. I don’t even know if I would have done it if I was the only one. I couldn’t notice that there wasn’t enough water for the flowers.”

Nagi’s words reminded me of that time. I looked up at the sky.

“……My mom told me. Water management for flowers is difficult. If you forget it even for a day, it might wither away.”

“You know a lot about flowers, don’t you? It’s a great thing.”

When I put my face down and looked at Nagi, she was staring at me with her eyes.

When I was praised straight as it is, my back became itchy.

“That’s why Souta kun is amazing.”

“……I-I’m just doing what’s natural.”

“It’s amazing to be able to do that. Really.”

Nagi gives a small laugh. It’s the only thing that makes my heart beat louder.

It hasn’t changed since those days. I don’t know why.

“……Thank you.”

“Fufu. You’re welcome.

Nagi likes the phrase [You’re welcome].

She has liked it since I said it to her that day.

[It’s a beautiful word. I’ll use it from now on !]

That’s what she said after that day.

“But, Nagi.”

I put those thoughts away and looked at Nagi.

“You said that, Nagi. I’m sure Nagi will take care of the aquarium and flower beds even without me.”

“……I don’t have any knowledge though, do I?”

“I think Nagi would go to the library and look things up. You would know.”

When I said that. Nagi tilted her head.

“Why do you think so?”

“Because it’s Nagi.”

Without thinking, I answered.

“We’ve been together for two years, so I know. It’s like Nagi was taking good care of me.”

“I-I see.”

Thinking about Nagi, I naturally almost smiled.

Nagi turned her face red and looked away,

“Then. I’ll have to do my best to be ideal for Souta kun.”

“…..It’s not like I care about something like that, Nagi.”

I don’t care what kind of Nagi she is. She’s already trying so hard.

But Nagi shook her head.

“I’ll try harder.”

I knew she would not listen to me no matter what I said.


“Then I’ll do my best too.”

“I know Souta kun will.”

“I’m with you, Nagi.”

When I answered, Nagi wiggled her eyebrows and laughed.

“We are very similar, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we are.”

Nagi’s pinky finger gently twirled around my pinky finger. I was a little surprised.

She didn’t let go of my pinky finger until we got home.

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