At the end of the illumination, we made our way to the giant Christmas tree that rises in the center of the flower park, surrounded by flower beds.

“…… hmm?”

I was walking along, eating a paper bag of French fries, when I realized I only had one more fries left.

“One more fries?”
“Hey onii chan. Can I have the last one?”
“Yes. ……”
“Absolutely not, onee chan! Onii, give me the last one!”
“Nono Yuri, Kairi, you’ve already eaten a whole bag, right.”
“T-that’s …… true, though…”

Kairi stared at the paper bag in her hand.
She didn’t have to get so worked up over one bottle.

“Well then, Yuri, open your mouth.”
“Eh? Mouth?”
“…… Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t want to ahhh. Here, I’ll give you the whole bag.”
“I’m fine with aah, Onii chan♡”

A little bit, but my heart was shaken.
Earlier in the day, when it was just me and Yuri, maybe it’s because of the fact that Yuri teased me about being a little sister, but for some reason, Yuri looks even cuter than usual today.
She took a bite of the french fries I offered her and flicked the salt from her lips with her tongue.

‘Fufu…………… onii chan fingerprints are soooo good.’
“No! I said the salt on these fries is delicious. You misheard me, oni chan mouu!.”

Of course I misheard her. I don’t know what “fingerprints are delicious” means.
Maybe my ears are getting worse from listening to too much ASMR. I’ll have to be careful.

“Onee chan, you’re really grossing me out.”
“What’s that?”

I don’t know why, but once again, Yuuri and Kairi started a glaring fight in front of each other.
The two of them are also in the same boat.

“Look, look, you two, it’s about time you got a closer look at that Christmas tree.”

It was crowded, and we couldn’t get to the nearest one, but after waiting for a while, we finally got right in front of the big Christmas tree, which was all lit up.

“Wow, it’s huge! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Christmas tree this big before.”

Kairi and Yuri looked up at the Christmas tree and let out a white breath.
A Christmas tree is a great thing to be moved by, and although they have great bodies, they are still in junior high school.

“Here, this is a ring.”
“Kya ♡♡!”

The couple next to me was handing out gifts, and seeing that reminded me of something.


I think it’s time to give them that thing.
Because of the fact that I’ve decided to spend Christmas with my two younger sisters, I’ve been preparing a “certain something” for them.
I thought that since it was Christmas, as a big brother, I should buy something for them. (I had some money I was going to throw at the Christmas ASMR.)

However, I didn’t know what the girls would like to receive, so I went to the women’s goods brand section of the shopping mall and picked something with a vague sense of taste, so I wasn’t sure if they would be happy with it.

“H-Hey, guys, you got a minute?”
“What’s up, onii?”
“Actually, ……, I got you two some Christmas presents.”

I was so embarrassed that my face almost caught fire, but I held it back.

“I got these red gloves for Kairi and these black gloves for Yuri,”

I took out the present gloves from the inside pocket of my coat and handed them to both of them.


Oh no, their reactions are subtle. ……!

“T-they’re both leather, so I don’t think they’ll fray or anything. ……”

What am I talking about, functionality or not, it doesn’t matter right now.

“Ya, I knew it was gross, didn’t I? I know, I know, it was a Christmas present from your brother. I don’t know what girls like to get for Christmas. Y-you don’t have to use it.”

Feeling like a failure, I was so embarrassed that I became strangely talkative.
All of my bad points are coming out. ……!
Just when I wanted to be a worm right now, suddenly Yuri’s cold white hand touched my hand.

“Thank you, Onii chan. I’m going to use it a lot”
“Y-Yuuri, ……!”
“Onee-chan, ‘use’ sounds like a different word.”
“Kairi, what did you say?”

“It’s nothing. ……! I mean, I’m really happy because I didn’t expect to get a Christmas present from Onii. I’m going to take the exam with it!”
“Me too.”
“Yuri…… Kairi……”

You two are so kind.
I can’t believe they accepted such a gift

“I-I knew it! The three of us will be here again next year.”
“”That’s not gonna happen.””
“Eeh. ……”

And so our Christmases get along? It was over.

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