Episode 27 – The Sleeping Ice Princess Has Tripled The Attack Power. Defense Is Halved




It was transmitted to my head, gently. The warmth brought me back to consciousness. Maybe it was because I was using something warm as a pillow, but I was feeling really good.

…..I mean, this pillow feels so good. It also smells great.


I buried my face in that warm place and hugged it. I felt like my whole body feels like it’s wrapped in that smell, and I’m so happy.


I could even hear Souta kun’s voice. The thud sound is also pleasant to the ears and body. ….Fufu. I’m so happy.

While doing that, I felt sleepy again. I quietly came to my senses…

“Nagi ! I’m a little embarrassed to be in this position.”

At those words. I was brought back to consciousness again.



I woke up and found that I had fallen asleep while leaning against Shinonome–no, I mean Nagi. I looked at the clock, but not much time had passed yet.

I woke up a little and looked at Nagi who was still sleeping peacefully.

Her sleeping figure is defenseless, and the warmth from her body heat can be felt from my shoulder on which her head rests.

Unintentionally, I reached out and stroked her head.

“Nn, nn-uh…”

Nagi let out a small sleep-talking. I let go of her hand, wondering if I had woken her up.



Nagi’s warm hand reached to the shoulder opposite to the one she was leaning on……and put her other hand on my back, squeezing me.

She hugged me tightly…..

She buried her face in my neck.


I couldn’t help but raise my voice at the suddenness of it. The warmth that had only been felt in my shoulder until a few minutes ago……and the softness spread around the left half of my body.

But Nagi doesn’t wake up. She was still …..hugging me and trying to sleep again.

It must be a difficult position to sleep in. Perhaps she mistook me for a body pillow or something, Nagi started to sleep peacefully.

The sweet smell shook my brain, and the softness made me feel uneasy…..and nervous.

“Nagi ! I’m a little embarrassed to be in this position.”

I somehow called out to her. Nagi’s body jumped and…she looked up.


Her eyes were blank, unfocused and somewhat dazed. Her hand has not yet let go of my body, so she’s still close. ……Ah, drool is dripping from the edges of her lips.

She looked stupid. But with an adorable expression. My cheeks relaxed involuntarily.

“G-good morning, Nagi. Did you sleep well?”


Soon, her eyes came into focus. As a result, her face also turns red. Her grip on my shoulder became stronger and……Nagi pulled her hand away in surprise.

At that time. From the edge of her lips, a clear liquid was about to drop.


I immediately took a tissue from the desk and cleaned the liquid. Then……while folding it, I also wiped the liquid that was left at the edge of her lips.

“Uh, ah,……ah.”

I looked at her face getting redder and redder, and realized what I had done.

However, Nagi was staring at me…or rather, at the nape of my neck.

I felt a little chilly there, and…..I figured out what was going on.

“I-I-I’m sorry ! I-I’ll wipe it now–“

Nagi rushed to get up to get a tissue and……

Her legs got tangled, maybe because she just woke up.


“Nagi !”

I grabbed Nagi’s arm as she was about to fall forward. I pulled her towards me.

With a snap. Nagi fell into me. The sofa creaks, but it’s sturdy, so it’s no problem.

“A-are you all right? Are you hurt?

“U-uh, um, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“I-I’m not mad at you. Just calm down for now.”

To show that……I. Even though I was a little lost. I believed what Nagi said earlier.

I hugged Nagi and patted her on the back. I was extremely embarrassed. But thanks to that, Nagi seemed to calm down a little.

Nagi turned her head down. She grabbed my clothes tightly.

“……I’m a shameful girl. Don’t you think so?”

“Nagi? I don’t think so.”

I mean. She’s the opposite of it.

While I was thinking so…..Nagi finally looked up.

Her face was bright red and her eyes were teary.

“E-even if I’m a shameful girl. Would you hate me?”

She looked up at me and said so.

I took a deep breath. I felt dizzy and lightheaded.

Ignoring my heart, which was beating loudly. I shook my head at Nagi, who was looking at me anxiously.

“I won’t hate you, Nagi. That’s not enough to make me hate you.”

I said so….and looked away from Nagi.

“A-and for the time being. Could you…move away?”

Our distance is too close now. When I said that, Nagi–in a panic, stood up and sat next to me.

Then she took a tissue and wiped my neck.

“I-I’m sorry ! I’m going to borrow your bathroom !”

“Y-yeah. Okay.”

It might be better for both of us to cool our heads once. When I nodded, Nagi also got up and left the room.


While using the bathroom. I covered my face in surprise.

I was so, so nervous.

I fell asleep and hugged Souta kun…..and I drooled all over his neck.

Because of that, I panicked and almost fell down, but Souta kun held me.

Even though I’m a shameful girl. He told me he wouldn’t hate me.

“H-how many times are you going to make my heart beat faster?”

He’s cool. ……And kind. More than anyone else.

I thought my sense of security was stronger. No, the sense of security is still strong.

His smell is strong. That I can feel his warmth. When I heard his voice. I feel so safe that I fall asleep. Like a baby sleeping in its mother’s arms.

……But still. Recently, my heart has been pounding.

“It won’t stop anymore. No, I can’t stop it.”

I shook my head and slapped my cheek lightly.

“If I want to l-like him more. ……I want him to like me. Then I will like him even more.”

And…if our feelings become mutual.

“I will tell my father that I like Souta kun. If I like him, I have to be able to say it.”

I’m sorry, father, I couldn’t be the person you wanted me to. …..I grew up to be a child who returned favor with spite.

But if it’s him. If I could say that I love Souta kun. If he understands. I’m sure both my father and mother would approve of it.

For that…..

“I have to like him more. So much so that I can’t see anything else. ……And I hope that he will like me that much too. I must do my best.”

I have heard from Hayama san and the staff how to make him like me, and I’m implementing it little by little.

Only at times like this, I’m glad I have good looks.

After exhaling, I went back to him.


After Nagi came back. There was silence for a little while.

I had to say something. Then I remembered something.

“O-oh yeah, Nagi. Eiji and the others…..my best friend and his girlfriend have asked Nagi and me to help them study next time. Because the final exam isn’t far away now.”

“….Those people from that time, right?”

I nodded at Nagi’s words. Nagi once …… no. She must’ve seen them twice.

“They were the ones when Nagi came to pick me up on that rainy day. Also, you had seen them on the train once before that, right?”

“Yes. If I remember correctly, it was Makisaka san and Nishizawa san.”

“Yeah, those two. ….So?”

When I asked, Nagi put her hand on her chin and seemed to think about something.

“I don’t mind. I also have a friend who wants to meet you, Souta kun.”

I was surprised by those words.


“Yes, she said she would like to meet Souta kun soon. It’s a good opportunity don’t you think?”

“I’ll have to check with Eiji and the others. I’m practically fine with it.”

To be honest, I’m also curious about Nagi’s friend.  Nagi made a relieved face…and looked at me.

“……And one more thing. I know it’s rude to ask, but I have something else I’d like to ask you.”

“What is it? Ask me anything.”

At my words, Nagi smiled happily.

“I’m shy. I would be happy if Souta kun would stay by my side all the time.”

Unintentionally. My cheeks also loosened up. I could feel her trust in me.

“Yeah, of course.”

Then, we both smiled at each other.

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