Riko side

“Yuuki Nii?”

“Oh, he must have fallen asleep.”

I looked up and saw Yuuki Nii sleeping comfortably and I couldn’t seem to wake him up.

I wonder if he heard what Shiori Nee said.

“He’s sleeping……”

“He really is……”

[ [Now if we do anything, he won’t find out?] ]

While I was worrying over Yuuki Nii, Natsuki san and Shiori Nee seemed to be thinking of bad things. But I want to be a part of it.

“What are you going to do?”

“This and that.”

“Do you want to join us, Riko chan? Maybe now he won’t notice.”


I wondered if it would be okay if I attacked him while he was sleeping, and thought that now was my chance.

“I had no choice but to do it.”

[ [That’s the spirit !] ]

I didn’t want to be the only one left out. And since there would be no problem as long as I didn’t get caught, it would be fine as long as I was careful about that.

With that, we acted quickly. We took Yuuki Nii to Shiori Nee’s room and washed ourselves as quickly as possible.

We didn’t want to waste time, so the three of us had to go in together, but since we were all girls, there would be no problem, right?

“……Riko chan, can I touch you?”

“Eh? W-where?”

“Your whole body?”

Just when I thought there would be no problem, Natsuki san asked me a strange question while we were taking a shower.

It’s okay if she won’t touch in a strange place, but I don’t know where since she said my whole body. Well, it’s not like she’s going to focus on one strange place and touch it, so it should be fine.

“Well, fine, but…….”

“Really? Then, excuse me.”

“Hyah !”

When I replied while feeling uneasy, Natsuki san hugged my stomach and rubbed her face against it.

It’s kind of ticklish and this is a little embarrassing.

“Hmm, so smooth, it feels good.”

“Oh my, Natsuki, I do too, don’t you think?”

“Shiori senpai, as expected, middle schoolers are still…..”

“Mmm……well, whatever.”

Shiori Nee didn’t seem very convinced, but she couldn’t care less and immediately went back to soak in the bathtub.

….But still, both of them are big. Compared to the two of them, mine is still small. I wonder if this is the difference between middle schooler and high schooler.

 As I touched my chests, I was attacked by a mysterious sense of defeat. Well, in fact, I was defeated.

Both of them just stared at me, and without any further action, we got out of the bath and headed for Shiori Nee’s room where Yuuki Nii was.

Yuuki Nii was still sleeping, and it didn’t look like he was going to wake up. He seemed to be very busy these days. He must’ve been very tired.

“Well…it’s about time.”

“For his first time, it’s best to wake him up, so he won’t finish it yet, right?”

“That’s true.”

Certainly, I wanted to cherish our first time together. Both of them should feel the same way.

We stripped down to our underwear and crawled into the bed where Yuuki Nii was.

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1 year ago

So this is the effect of “Harem Harmonization” skill that the Harem Kings possess. No matter how many times I see it on action, it will always surprise me.

1 year ago

I’m curious……. nasty thought go away…….horny*cough* nasty thought go away