“Let me introduce myself. I’m Shiina Haruka. I’m the student council president of your school.”

A girl suddenly appeared and claimed to be the student council president.  And for such a person to appeared here.

“Eh, ah, yes.”


Kisaragi Yuu and I had different reactions. While Kisaragi Yuu was surprised by the appearance of an unexpected person, I came up with a possibility the moment I heard the name Shiina.

(……No way, that guy.)

When I finally realized what he was after, Shiina Haruka, the student council president, gave a stern look at Kisaragi Yuu.

“Recently, we received a complaint at the school’s staff room. Students at our school are causing noise and other nuisances to restaurants and passersby. That’s you, isn’t it?”


Kisaragi Yuu had a puzzled look on her face. I’m sure she has some excuses in her mind, but it’s the result of her actions, so there’s no excuse for it.

But why did the student council president herself go all the way to the station?

“Let me tell you, there’s more. Recently, your name was reported in the opinion box for the student council. A student named Kisaragi Yuu is stalking a girl from the same class. Even though she doesn’t like it, you didn’t stop, or something to that effect.”

“I’m a stalker?”

I see, however, it doesn’t matter. If the student council president gives her a warning, doesn’t matter if it’s Kisaragi Yuu, she will probably back down for a while.

I was relieved to hear that, and the student council president looked at me.

“Speaking of which, you there who are at ease. They wrote about you too.”


That is, not as a victim?

When I thought that, the student council president turned to me in exasperation.

“A certain student has been ignoring a girl in her class for a long time. If this continues, it may turn into bullying.”


Bullying? It’s more like I’m being bullied right now. While thinking about such a thing, the student council president seemed to have an idea and put her hand on her chin and gave us instructions.

“Kisaragi san. Move back a little.”

“Eh, behind?”


“Eh, ah, yes.”

The first time I’ve seen her in this state.

Kisaragi Yuu was quite upset, perhaps she was shocked by the word [Stalker] earlier. It’s the first time I’ve seen her like this.

“And then, you there. I’m going to ask you a question.”


“Just answer the question.”

I was ordered to do so without question. But there was no use in disobeying her, so I reluctantly agreed to comply with her request.

“So here’s my question.”


“What kind of hairstyle does Kisaragi san have?”


What kind of hairstyle does Kisaragi Yuu have?

“Come on, answer quickly.”

What is the point of asking such a question? She’s surely……surely……


Come to think of it, what kind of hairstyle did Kisaragi Yuu have? She used to follow me around to the point of annoyance, but when I was asked, I can’t remember what kind of hairstyle she had.

“…..Then, what about her face and the rest of her? What kind of eyes, what kind of voice, how tall is she compared to you?”

I can remember her voice. She is taller than me. And…..

(……What did she look like?)

Come to think of it, I’ve never looked straight at her face. I spoke with Shiina Kanata with proper eye contact when I was signing the contract, but I never made eye contact with her. On the contrary, I gradually didn’t even look at her.

“……Sigh, I’m amazed. I’ll give you the answer to your question. Here, look behind you.”

The student council president urged me to look behind me. There, I saw the annoying Kisaragi Yuu, whom I don’t want to see anymore,……


I unintentionally let out such a voice. The reason is, the person behind me wasn’t the weirdly energetic Kisaragi Yuu.


I was looking at Kisaragi Yuu, who was staring at me with tears streaming down her face. Her face is filled with tears, and there’s no trace of the energetic atmosphere from a few minutes ago. I was surprised to see her face like this, and at the same time, I was shocked.

(……W-why are you crying?)

I had no idea why she was crying. But I could tell it was because of me.

The student council president, who couldn’t help but notice the situation, said to us as if to warn us.

“The one who’s at fault in your case is you, Kisaragi san, no matter what you say. You did not consider her feelings at all and followed her around doing things that made her hate you even more. Even if you think you’re doing something good, it doesn’t look that way to those around you. In the end, it was all about your self-satisfaction.”


Kisaragi Yuu didn’t answer. She probably didn’t have the mental capacity to answer the question. Then the student council president ignored Kisaragi Yuu and turned to me.

“And of course, you had your problems too. You didn’t even look at her and simply ignored her. There is a difference between expressing yourself with words and expressing yourself with attitude, you know? Do you understand that part?”


“I watched you for a little while earlier, but you didn’t even look at Kisaragi san at all when you were talking to her. Kisaragi san was looking at you the whole time as she spoke, and you were shutting yourself away in your own world, facing another way. If you were uncomfortable with her, you must put it into words firmly. It hurts to be ignored rather than being told, you know?”


No, I couldn’t find the right words to say back. Partly because I was upset, but partly because I was a little convinced. I certainly wasn’t facing Kisaragi Yuu head on.

Even if I reject her, nothing can be conveyed or started without looking her in the eye and talking to her first.


For the first time, I faced Kisaragi Yuu face to face. Then she timidly looked at me and stopped crying for a moment.

“Um……Yukihana san.”


“I was just wondering if what I did was bothering you?”


I honestly told her how I felt. Then she turned her face down while looking depressed. I took this opportunity to express my feelings to her.

“……We don’t have the same personality. I honestly don’t want to be followed around, and I want to spend my time alone and quiet. I don’t want you to interfere with that.”


Kisaragi Yuu looked up and then looked down again. Then, a small voice was heard.

“I’m sorry.”


She apologized to me. I was a little surprised that even she could apologize. But it didn’t end there.

“But still, it was true what I said in the beginning, that I wanted to be friends with you. I wanted to be friends with Yukihana san.


“But not only did I go out of control, but I also caused trouble for you. I’m really no good at all.”

Saying so, she walked away. But the student council  president stopped her.

“Wait a minute.”


“Yukihana san hasn’t answered you yet.”


Indeed, I had not yet answered any of her apologies. Or rather, I haven’t even started yet. Here we stood for the first time at the starting line, not knowing where it would lead.

“……I will never forgive you.”


“You made me extremely stressed out and didn’t even give me time to read. It honestly hurts my head.”

“……I’m sorry…….”

She tried to apologize again. But before that, I put words to cut in.

“……So take responsibility.”


I hate this girl. That’s why I punish her.

“…..Do your best to lead the class so that I can be comfortable in the classroom. Don’t explode with problems. Do everything you can to keep me out of trouble.”


“……I will help you only if you are really in trouble and can’t help yourself.”

When I said that, Kisaragi Yuu cried again. I’m a little afraid that this girl’s emotional stability is becoming unstable. I was thinking about this and the student council president had a bitter look on her face.

“It’s a nice thing that you’ve resolved the problem, but you guys should leave now. You’ve attracted a little too much attention.”

I looked closely and saw that passersby had stopped to look at us. We shouldn’t be having this kind of argument and preaching in front of the station at all. Or rather, the station staff and locals seemed to have noticed me and were flustered.

“Yu-Yukihana san……”


“N-no, it’s nothing. I’ll see you tomorrow !”


“Oh, fufufu.”

I don’t know why I clicked my tongue, but Kisaragi Yuu smiled a little and went through the ticket gate. Then I went to the student council president who was still there.

“……Why did you bother to come here?”

“I can’t go into too much detail, but the student council received an anonymous tip. One of our girls is following the other girl and they’re arguing in front of the station.”


There’s only one person who can do that. And that person is still not to be found by looking around. When I think about that, the irritation that has been settled down seems to flare up again.

(……Were you aiming for this situation?)

If so, they really are an unpleasant sister and brother.

I wonder where in the world they have been rolling their palms. I can only think that Shina Haruka is also a part of this. I realized that this must be the plan he had in mind. No, maybe even Shiina Haruka’s….

While I was thinking about something for which there seemed to be no answer, the student council president spoke to me again, as if she had just remembered something.

“Come to think of it, I heard about your family’s business from the student advisor.”


“Don’t worry. There’s only one student in our school named Yukihana Ruri. We don’t treat her any differently and we don’t have any prejudice against her. It has been agreed upon in the staff room and by the student council for a year now.”

“……Do as you please.”

I said to the student council president and started walking alone out of the station. It’s a little confusing, but it’s a good thing that the problem has been solved in a surprising way. I didn’t expect the situation to be resolved instantly as stated in the contract.

At any rate, I would ask him about everything tomorrow. So I made up my mind and went straight home.

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Thanks for the chapter

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Wow. That was quite an elaborate plan.
She’s right though, the MC really is unpleasant for manipulating people like that. But, the results were the best so I guess the end justifies the means in this case..