The first Saturday since the start of the second semester supplementary classes has arrived. Since it has been a long time since I had a day off, I woke up later than yesterday.
Since I’ve been busy with preparations for the school festival for the past few days, I’m planning to spend the whole day just lounging around. I feel like I’m wasting my time, but it’s okay to have a day like that once in a while.

“…… should I have breakfast?”

After waking up, I stayed in bed for a while surfing the net on my phone, but I was hungry, so I decided to get up soon.
I went to the dining room and ate some yogurt that was in the fridge, when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the screen and saw a LIME message from Riona.

“Today I want you to stay with me for the day, that’s really sketchy.”

After checking the contents of the message, I involuntarily mumbled to myself. I’ve got nothing planned for the day anyway, so I’m going to go with Riona.

“But then again, if she wants me to go out with her, is Riona alone today by any chance?”

As I was thinking about my reply, I began to wonder about that, so I decided to ask her in a message by the way. When I sent a message to Riona, it was instantly read and a message was immediately returned.

“…… I see, Reona is away all day on an errand. So she’s trying to get me to come along to pass the time.”

I was a little bit surprised that she approached me and not her friend, but I have no problem with it because I don’t feel bad about spending time with a beautiful girl.
Riona and I decided to go out, so I finished my meal, washed my face in the washroom, and fixed my sleeping habits. After changing out of my pajamas and into my clothes, I grabbed my bag with my wallet and phone and started heading to Riona’s house.
Today was another hot day outside, so by the time I arrived at Riona’s house, my body was covered in sweat. As usual, I pressed the intercom, and a different voice came through the speaker.

“Yes, this is Tsurugi.”
“Good morning, this is Yagami.”
“Ara, it’s you, Ryoya kun. I’ll be right out.”

Opening the door and coming out was Reona and Riona’s mother, Ellen. I always thought she was so beautiful that I couldn’t believe she was over 40 years old.
When she was about the same age as I am now, she must have been a beautiful girl. While I was thinking that, Ellen-san opened her mouth.

“Then, I’ll go get Riona, just wait for a moment.”
“I understand.”

I waited at the entrance for a while, and then Riona came in. Today she is wearing a blue one-piece dress and a straw hat.

“Good morning, Ryoya.”
“Good morning, Riona. I like your outfit today, it suits you very much.”

I told her how I honestly felt the moment I saw her.

“It’s not fair of you to praise me so suddenly,”
“I’m sorry, I just let my true feelings slip. So what are you planning to do today?”
“I’m going to have you with me all day today, so I’m going to do a lot of things, but for now we’re going to Moonlight city.”

Moonlight City is a commercial complex located on the east side of Ikebukuro station. It has a movie theater, a shopping center, a planetarium and many other facilities where you can play all day long.

“Okay, let’s get going.”
“Okay, let’s go.”

Riona and I then took a bus and a train to Moonlight City, our destination for the day.
I was still getting a lot of stares from the men around me when I was with Riona, but I had gotten used to it and didn’t think anything of it anymore.

“When we get there, I want to go to the cinema first, actually there is a movie I want to see.”
“Hee, by the way, may I ask what kind of movie it is?”

Basically, I have no problem with any genre, but I am not a fan of BL, so I decided to ask.

“It’s an anime movie that started to be released a while ago. Onee chan saw it with her friends and said it was interesting, so I wanted to see it too.”
“Well, it sure is popular right now, isn’t it?”

If I’m not mistaken, the prize Reona was trying to win in the crane game in Phase One must have been goods from this movie. Actually, it was a movie that I also wanted to see, so there was no reason to object.
We were both riding the train when we arrived at Ikebukuro station, so we took the east exit and walked toward Moonlight City.

“Riona’s class, come to think of it, what do they do for the play?”
“Our class has decided to come up with an original story.”
“I see.”

A play with an original story is obviously more challenging than a play with an existing story, so I hope those who come up with the script will do their best.

“I heard that Ryoya is playing the role of Snow White in your class’s play. how is it going?”
“Well, we’re practicing and stuff, but it’s hard to say.”

They say that cross-dressing suits me surprisingly well, but the fact that my voice is completely male is too fatal. The voice was quite unpopular among the classmates, so it will probably be someone else speaking from the back instead.
While the two of us were walking around chatting about such things, we arrived at the entrance to Moonlight City.

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