“……Um, you said you were going to buy summer clothes a while ago, right?”

“Yeah, I certainly said so.”

“Is a swimsuit a summer clothes?”

“It’s summer clothes because it’s something to wear in summer.”

“Absolutely not true.”

As soon as we arrived at the shopping mall, I was brought to the women’s swimsuit section, and I was making a comment to Kano san.

If the absurd logic of wearing summer clothes because it’s something to wear in the summer can be applied, then anything is possible.

“It seems Yuito agrees, so I thought that I’ll ask you to help me choose a swimsuit right away.”

“No, no, no, I’m not agree with the explanation just now. I mean, do you want me to help you choose?”

“Yeah, I also want the opinion of a third party after all.”

“I think that it is normal to ask a friend or someone else.”

What are you thinking and trying to make me choose your swimsuit?

“Ah, do you want to say that I am a poor girl who doesn’t have any friends?”

“What are you saying, I don’t know anyone else who has as many friends as Kano san.”

Since Kano san has been surrounded by many friends from long ago, she is a person who has nothing to do with loneliness. Well, I can not deny the possibility that Kano san does not recognize other people as friends.

“Anyway, as a punishment for lying, it’s already decided that Yuito will help me in choosing a swimsuit.”

“Yes yes, I will not veto from the beginning anyway.”

“You know it well.”

My brother and I have been interacting with the Yuuki sisters since we were kids, so I know Kano san’s personality a long time ago.

I began to help Kano san’s swimsuit selection while thinking about such a thing. I want to be released as soon as possible because it is very uncomfortable to be seen by customers and staff around me.

“I’m thinking about buying a bikini, but which one do you think would suit me, red or black?”

“Hmm, honestly, I think that both look good, so it’s difficult to choose, but if I had to choose, I’d go with black.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Black is a color that gives out a cool mature look unlike red, which is too flashy, and I thought it would look good for Kano san, who’s a grown up.”

I politely explained why I chose black instead of red. Then Kano san, who was listening to my words, opened her mouth with a happy face.

“Heh, you thought about it properly. I’m impressed with you.”

“I know that Kano san will not be convinced if I don’t think about it properly.”

If I had given an indecisive answer that said either one would suit her, I’m sure I would have upset Kano san.

I wanted to avoid that only because I could easily imagine that the time to stay in the women’s swimsuit section would be prolonged if it became so.

“Well then, which do you think is better, a triangle bikini or a ribbon bikini?”


After that, I continued to talk about my opinion on the swimsuit that Kano san brought, and finally it was decided to buy a black ribbon bikini.

“You saved me, Yuito, thanks.”

“No, no, I just said my opinion. Well then, now we’re even.”

“Well, I’ve already given you enough punishment, so I’ll forgive you, especially this time. Ah, but since we’ve come so far, I think we should go out a little more for shopping.”

“I understand, I will accompany you until you’re satisfied.”

After we left the swimsuit store, we continued shopping together for a while, and then stopped by an arcade. Suddenly Kano san began to say that she wanted to take a photo booth.

“I was wondering, but as expected, the photo booth area is full of women.”

“Boys generally don’t take pictures in photo booths.”

“Well, if I come with girls, it’s fine, but if I come with guys, I don’t take those kind of photos.”

The area around the photo booth was full of junior high school girls and high school girls in uniform, and there were no boys at all.

If there is a guy who is taking a photo booth with a man, it will be creepy. If there were such a person, it wouldn’t be strange for him to be reported immediately.

“I don’t know anything about the operation of the photo booth machine, so please, Kano san.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

While having such a conversation, the two of us enter the photo booth machine, and then I look at Kano san, who is operating the photo booth in a familiar way.

And in no time, I was on the shooting screen. The countdown for the start of the photo has begun, and as I’m about to strike a suitable pose, Kano san suddenly hugs me.

“Hey !?”

I was surprised by this sudden turn of events, but at that moment the count reached zero and the shutter sound rang out. After about five shots, the shooting ends and a list of the images we have taken is displayed on the screen.

“Yuito, your face looks amazing.”

“If you suddenly get hugged, everyone will look like this.”

“I don’t often see Yuito with this kind of expression on his face, so this alone made it worth coming today.”

In response to my protesting gaze, Kano san seemed to be wondering where the wind was blowing. Then, Kano san uses a touch pen to start doodling on the photo displayed on the screen.

“……Do you need to make your eyes so big? I can only see it as an alien.”

“This is the real pleasure of the photo booth.”

I could not understand it at all, but apparently this seems to be a normal thing among girls.

“Kano san is extremely beautiful, so I honestly don’t think there’s any need to do anything…”

“…Yuto suddenly started doing surprise attacks on me.”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think I’d say it out loud.”

I was upset that my inner voice was leaking out, so I immediately apologized.

“Hmm, so Yuito thought of me like that.”

“I just slipped my mouth a little, so please forget it.”

“Of course, I’ll always remember it, so don’t worry.”

Kano san is looking at me with a huge grin on her face. I think this will probably be used as a joke for a while.

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