“Thank you for today.”

“I was saved because Yuito helped me with a lot of things.”

“If the schedule is right, I’ll hang out with you again, so please give me a call.”

“Yeah, I’ll invite you again because I think that Yuito is free at any time anyway.”

“…I think that’s just prejudice.”

While having such a conversation, we began to walk towards the parking lot. It was already about 18 o’clock and it was dark, which would have been dark a few months ago, but since it was late May and the sun set much later, it was still quite bright.

When we arrived at the parking lot after a while, Kano san seemed to have thought of something and opened her mouth.

“Right, can you lend me your smartphone for a moment?”

“……By the way, what are you going to do?”

She just deleted all the contacts of the girls from my smartphone, but I wonder what the hell is she planning this time.

“You’ll see when you see it. Besides, your phone is in airplane mode, so lend it to me.”

“I understand.”

There was a fear of not knowing what it would be used for when I handed a smartphone to Kano san, but what she says is true. That’s why I obediently handed it over, but I soon regretted it.

“Give it.”

“Hey, what are you doing !?”

“What do you mean, I just pasted the photo booth we took earlier on the back of your phone?”

“I can see that, but what I want to ask is why you did that.”

“Hmm, to prevent other girls from coming to Yuito?”

“Please stop trying to mislead me for reasons that you obviously just thought of.”

The photo that was pasted on the back of my smartphone, showing me making a strange face as Kano san hugged me, was quite conspicuous. If someone saw it, I’m sure they would notice.

Especially my big brother. I’m not a fan of using smartphone cases, but this time I had no choice. Let’s use the case to hide the photo booth.

“Ah, of course, I think you know, but there’s no need to hide it with a smartphone case or something to make it invisible.”

“N-no way. I do not mean that I will do such a thing.”

“Yeah yeah, a gentle Yuito should not do such a thing.”

It seems that Kano san can see everything. Since the nail has been firmly pierced, I will have no choice but to give up on hiding it with a smartphone case.

“Let’s go home.”

“Yes, just drop me off as usual.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

Then we left the shopping mall and finally arrived in front of my house. When I got off the bike, I took off my helmet and gave it to Kano san.

“Then please go home safely.”

“Thank you, Yuito.”

After saying that, Kano sanstarted the bike. After confirming that Kano san was no longer in sight, I entered the house. Then I headed to the dining room where my mother would probably be.

“Mom, I’m home.”

“Ah, Yuito, welcome back. You’re back later than usual today.”

“Yeah, I just hung out with Kano san.”

While my mother and I were talking, I heard a sound like a door opening coming from the front door. My brother probably came home after soccer club practice.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Ayato.”

“Welcome back, Aniki.”

“You’re back too, Yuito?”

My brother, standing in front of me, asked me this. I think he was probably interested because I was in uniform and still carrying a backpack.

“Oh yeah, I just came home just now, too.”

“I heard Yuito was playing with Kano chan.”

Hearing my mother’s words, my brother looks regretful for just a moment, but soon returns to his usual cool expression.

“You’re not causing trouble to Kano san, right?”

“Rather, I was troubled by Kano san.”

“I see, Kano san has just started college and is probably going through a rough time, so you shouldn’t see each other too often.”

After saying that, my brother went back to his room. I was a little relieved to see my brother’s frustrated face, and headed to my room in the same way.

By the way, the reason why my brother looked like he was frustrated just now is simple. That’s because he was jealous that Kano san and I just had fun together.

My brother has always liked Kano san. In fact, he has confessed his feelings many times, but every time he is rejected, he wonders what is wrong with him.

“I think Kano san and my brother are a good match, but why did she reject him?”

I think he would be a good match for Kano san as long as he is good-looking and has both literary and athletic skills. If my brother and Kano san start dating, Suzuno will become free.

I had been secretly cheering for my brother because I might be able to date Suzuno, but there is no sign that the two will end up dating.

“…If only my specs and my brother’s specs were opposite.”

I quietly murmur the desire that I have always thought. Even though my brother and I are supposed to be twins, our specs are too different.

My height is average at 172 cm, while my older brother is 180 cm tall, which is considered tall, and although we look quite similar because we are brothers, he is more fit. 

Needless to say, academic ability and motor nerves are not enemies to my brother. If we were identical twins, we probably wouldn’t have had such a difference in specs, but unfortunately we are fraternal.

“There’s no point in thinking about this forever…”

There’s nothing I can do about the specs I was born with, so thinking about it is just a waste of time. I say this to myself and start preparing for tomorrow’s class.

“……Hm, was my smartphone always this slow?”

I was using a dictionary app on my smartphone to prepare for English, but I noticed that it seemed to be displaying a little slower than usual.

“I think that there is no problem with the capacity because I just changed the model during this time.”

Well, smartphones are also precision machines, so things like that happen. At this point, I didn’t think about it any further.

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She installed some tracking app right…thats the reason it slowed down.

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My phone is sus