When I hand over my smartphone, Kano san starts to check contacts and chat history on the LIME chat app. Kano san was operating my smartphone silently for a while.

“Hmm, there is no exchange of messages that seem particularly suspicious.”

“That’s why I told you.”

“No, but there is also a possibility that Yuito is doing some sort of evidence destruction to deceive my eyes…..”

“Kano san just told me to show you my smartphone, and i just gave it to you, so i don’t have time to destroy evidence.”

It goes without saying that I could not be able to do such dexterous destruction of evidence in that short time. In the first place, there aren’t even any interactions that I don’t want people to see.

“……Anyway, did you finally believe that I don’t have a girlfriend?”

“Just in case. Besides, I was a little concerned that you had a girl’s contact information, but what is it about?”

“I’m no stranger to communicating with girls while talking about school events or anything like that.”

That’s why I have a few girls registered as my LIME friends. It is a casual exchange that has nothing to do with sex appeal because it is really only a minimum business contact.

“If you’re not in touch with someone anymore, there’s no need to keep their contact information on your smartphone, right?”

“It may be so, but”

Certainly, as Kano san says, I don’t feel the need to leave the contact information of the other person who may never communicate again. I just kept it because it was a pain to delete it one by one.

“Well, then I’ll erase it cleanly.”


“The sooner the better.”

Kano san ignores me, who is surprised by her sudden remark, and starts operating my smartphone. No, is it really necessary to go that far? While I was thinking about this, it seemed like she had finished deleting the contacts and returned my smartphone.

“Here, it disappeared properly with this”

“You’re right, it’s really gone.”

“I guess I’m done clearing Yuito’s contact information now.”

When I checked the smartphone returned from Kano san, I found that all the girls contact information had been wiped from my chat history and friends. It’s a wonderfully unpleasant contact filled with men. The only woman left was Kano san.

“Hm, I can’t even find Suzuno’s contact information……?」

“Yeah, and I erased that girl’s contact information as well, just for the heck of it.”

“……What have you done?”

“Because Yuito has no particular business to contact Suzuno, right?”

I never thought that Kano san would even delete Suzuno’s contact information. I know that Suzuno is in love with my brother, but to be honest, I’m a little shocked that the contact information of the person I loved was deleted.

I couldn’t give up on Suzuno’s contact information, so I tried to resist Kano san to see if I could somehow revive it.

“…I sometimes interact with Suzuno, so it would be a problem if you deleted it.”

“That’s okay. If you have anything to say to Suzuno chan, just let me know and I’ll send it on your behalf. Conversely, if she has any news, I’ll let Yuito know.”

“Isn’t that too troublesome?”

I feel like sending a message to Suzuno via Kano san is only twice as troublesome. Besides, the contents of the exchange between me and Suzuno will be all gone to Kano san.

“If it is for Yuito, I will be fine no matter how much trouble it takes.”


“This is already decided, so give it up.”

Kano san said so flatly. Kano san, who has become like this, hasn’t been able to use any leverage since a long time ago, so it would be a waste of time to say anything more.

Well, in the worst case scenario, I’ll just have to secretly register Suzuno’s contact information again at school, so I’ll just pretend to give up for now.

“Let’s get out of here soon. As I said earlier, I will treat you.”

“Thank you, it was a feast.”

After that we finish paying and go out to the outside of the cafe. We didn’t stay that long so the outside was still bright.

“My stomach is full, shall I go home?”

“Ah, Yuito will stay with me.”

Kano san said this to me as I picked up my helmet and was about to sit on the back seat.

“I don’t think you said anything like that.”

“Oh, Yuito lied to me earlier about having a girlfriend, so this is your punishment.”

“No, it’s true that she is in two dimensions.”

“I don’t think that argument would be acceptable.”

I tried to make an excuse for the time being, but Kano san doesn’t seem to listen to me at all. It seems that i have no choice but to go out with Kano san quietly.

“……So where are we going after this?”

“Hmm, I wonder.”

I see, it seems that Kano san didn’t want to think about anything in particular after this.

“If you don’t have anywhere else to go, you don’t have to force yourself to go.”

“No, this is also meant as punishment for Yuito.”

Apparently Kano san wants to punish me for anything. I do not know what kind of punishment is waiting, but I want you to be gentle.

“How about here?”

“……No, no, no matter what you think, this place is definitely not good !? What are you thinking?”

“Well, I thought it was a great idea for me personally.”

The place that Kano san showed me by displaying a map app was an accommodation that fosters love between men and women,what is commonly known as a love hotel.

She probably suggested it to me to make fun of me and enjoy the reaction, but inviting a minor to a love hotel is like asking me to catch her.

“If we were the opposite gender, it would definitely be sexual harassment.”

“As expected, it’s just a joke…not yet.”

I did not hear well what she said in the second half, but maybe it is not a big deal.

“Well then, I thought I’d go to the shopping mall and buy summer clothes.”

“If it’s that much, no problem.”

“Well, let’s go as soon as it is decided. Put on your helmet and get in the back.”

As Kano san says, I put on a helmet and sit in the back seat. Kano san, who confirmed that, turned the key, started the engine, and started the bike vigorously.

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