After riding my bike for a while, we arrived at a cafe in front of the station. I thought about it every time I passed by the station, but it had such a fashionable atmosphere that I felt very out of place.

“Can I go home after all?”

“Of course not.”

“I mean……”

“Then if you’ll help me pick out new underwear, I can let you leave.”

That’s more impossible. It seems that there’s no choice but to go to the cafe after all. As soon as I entered the store with Kano san, I was guided to my seat by the staff.

“I’ll treat you, so you can order whatever you like.”

“Thank you.”

Looking at the menu, everything was reasonably priced, so it was very helpful to be treated.

However, because I do not want to stay long, I want to avoid things that may take time to eat and drink. I decided to order a hot coffee though I was hesitant about various things.

“Kano san, I have decided.”

“What are you ordering

“Hot coffee.”

“Okay, I’ve decided too, so I’ll order.”

Kano san calls the staff with the bell installed at the table. Then, when she was to convey the order, Kano san said something outrageous.

“I’m sorry, two hot coffees….and a couple-only extra-large parfait.”


The moment I heard Kano san’s words, I involuntarily made a silly voice. It goes without saying that I did not even think that she would ask for a couple limited extra-large parfait.

“W-wait, what’s up with that !?”

“Ah, I wanted to eat because it looked delicious when I saw the pictures on the menu table. It said that you can’t order unless you’re a couple, so I just ordered it.”

“that’s too absurd……”

“With that said.”

I was amazed at Kano san who was smiling. Speaking of which, Kano has always acted on a whim from time to time, so maybe this time will be the same.

A little later, the couple-only extra-large parfait that was brought to the table with hot coffee was quite huge as the name suggests.

People sitting around us are also looking, so it’s uncomfortable.

“Do you want to eat it too, Yuito?”

“No, I refuse.”

“But I think that I can not eat by myself, so I think that Yuito will help me in the end.”

“……Please do not order without thinking ahead.”

“Sorry, sorry, but I didn’t think it was going to be this big.”

Kano san tentatively apologized, but I’m sure she didn’t think it was her fault. While thinking about this, I reluctantly start eating the parfait together.

“So how’s your condition lately?”

“You’re asking me a bunch of questions…well, not that bad.”

“I see, good.”

“Well, after all I could not beat my brother no matter what I do.”

When I say this in a self-deprecating manner, Kano san stops eating the parfait and looks a little sullen.

“Yuito, you’ve been comparing yourself to Ayato every time something happened,  but personally, I’m not very impressed.”

“But everyone thinks of me as a degraded version of my brother or backward compatibility.”

“You can just let people think that way and ignore it. Because Yuito has a lot of good qualities that Ayato doesn’t have.”

Kano sansan’s expression was very serious when she said that, but I couldn’t believe it. The reason is that Kano san is a higher spec person than my brother.

From Kano san’s point of view, where even the most talented older brother can’t compete with her, I wonder what’s good about me, who isn’t even close to my older brother.

“Ah, you look like you couldn’t believe it.”


“Well whatever, I’ll be able to monopolize the good parts of Yuito that even  he doesn’t know about.”

“……By the way, what is the good thing about me that my brother doesn’t have?”

“It’s a secret”

When she finished saying that, Kano san started eating parfait again. While looking at such a state side-by-side I tried to think again of my good things that my brother does not have, but by the time I finished eating the parfait, I couldn’t think of anything.

“Fuu, it was delicious.”

“You have a very satisfying face.”

“Well, I came here with Yuito to eat the parfait, so I’m determined to be satisfied.”

“……Hm, didn’t you say that you ordered it because you looked at the menu table and it looked delicious earlier?”

Hearing my words, Kano san smiled at me. At that moment, I knew what was going on.

“Did you by any chance have that parfait in mind from the beginning…..?”

“Shoot, did you find out?”

It seems that this whole thing was a premeditated crime.

“Well, please don’t involve me in this. There are many other men besides me who would be willing to come with you if Kano san asked.”

“Because it would be a pity if I gave them the wrong impression.”

“You didn’t consider the possibility that I might misunderstand you?”

“Eh, did you misunderstand?”

“Of course not.”

Although it’s rare these days, I’ve had the experience of being disappointed after a girl confessed to me because she mistook me for my older brother, so I’m a person who never get ahead of myself.

I’m sure that Kano san only thinks of me as a younger brother. I’m sure that’s why she took advantage of me to eat the parfait this time.

“……Yuito is as sulky as ever, isn’t he?”

“That’s just who I am.”

“If that’s the case, you’ll never be able to have a girlfriend.”

“Don’t worry, I already have a girlfriend.”

Well, she will never come out of the screen. While I was thinking about this, Kano san froze with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Perhaps my words must have been unexpected. Kano san froze for a few seconds, but then she quickly moved on.

“I’d like you to tell me in detail about who and what brought you together, when you started dating, and how far your relationship has progressed. Oh, and of course, I know you know this, but I will never forgive you if you lie or try to deceive me.”

Kano san’s power was tremendous as she crowded me across the table while saying this. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I had a bad feeling that this was not going to end well. So I hurried to explain myself.

“Well, when I say [girlfriend,] I mean a two-dimensional one.”

“Hmm, then prove to me that you really don’t have a girlfriend.”

“How can I prove that I don’t have a girlfriend?”

How on earth can I prove that she doesn’t exist?

“For now, I’ll believe you if you show me the contacts on your smartphone.”

“Eh, that’s…..”

“You mean you can’t show it to me?”

“Okay, I’ll show you.”

I decided to obey her because it looked like it would be very scary if I rebelled.

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27 days ago

Yabeeee! He fked himself over by saying he has a 2d GF lmaooo