Episode 50 – Even though the older sister of the Yuuki sisters confessed to him, he says he likes the younger sister, is Yuito a main character of a light novel?



An hour has quickly passed since we entered a nearby café under the guise of a consolation meeting for Sho. I was consoling Sho just a little while ago, but now we have shifted to another topic.

I was not just sympathizing with Kenji and Kaito, but I was comforting Sho and giving him some righteous criticisms.

I was not the only one who felt that it was disloyal to pick on a girl when you have a girlfriend. I would clearly warn him about what I thought was wrong, even if it was with a friend.

My words seemed to have made a big impact on Sho, and he immediately went to her house to apologize. Whether she would forgive him or not was up to Sho, so all I could do was pray. So now it’s just me, Kenji, and Kaito here.

“So when are you going out with Yuuki senpai, Yuto?”

“Well, I feel like it would be more strange if you weren’t dating today.”

“I-is that so?”

Kenji and Kaito have been asking about these things ever since Sho left. Kano san and I are clearly closer than before, so it’s no wonder they feel that way.

“I’m sure something must have happened with Yuuki senpai.”

“What the hell is Yuto hiding from us, his best friends?”


“That reaction is a little suspicious.”

“Why don’t you just come clean and make yourself comfortable?”

“I tried to cover it up for the time being, but the pursuit from the two of them didn’t seem to stop at all. I was at the end of my rope.”

“…Actually, Kano san confessed to me a while ago.”

“Eh !?”

“Are you serious !?”

I told them that Kano san confessed her feelings to me, and they looked quite surprised. Kaito immediately leans over with a curious look on his face.

“You’re not going out with her right now, don’t tell me you dumped her?”

“No, it’s more like we’re on hold.”

“Even Yuuki senpai, who is really cool, won’t be able to get along with the person who dumped her.”

When Kenji heard my words, he exclaimed. If I were in the position of having been rejected by Kano san and Suzuno after confessing to them, I probably wouldn’t be able to treat them the same way I’ve been treating them. Just imagining the scene of being dumped by them made my heart hurt.

“Why are you putting your reply on hold? To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything to be confused about, and if I were Yuito, I’d answer right then and there and start dating.”

“Right, do you like someone else by any chance?”

“Well, that’s……”

Kenji’s words made me speechless. Kenji and Kaito then looked surprised. I’m sure my reaction just now made them realize.

“Hey, who exactly is the person you like?”

“I’ll never tell anyone in class, so please tell me.”

Kenji and Kaito got up from their seats and pressed me. It would be fine if it was just the small Kaito, but if the unnecessarily large Kenji were to press on, it would be overwhelming.

“I-I understand. I’ll tell you properly, so you guys calm down for now.”

I tried my best to quiet the two of them and managed to get them to return to their seats. Then I slowly open my mouth.

……Actually, I’ve been thinking about Suzuno.”

“Eh, by any chance, you mean Yuuki Suzuno san !?”

“No, no, no, isn’t she Yuuki senpai’s younger sister !?”

The two of them were even more surprised. Kenji and Kaito’s voices were so loud that the couple sitting next to them glared at them.

“I see, Yuuki senpai likes Yuito, but Yuito likes Yuuki san.”

“Is this what’s called a love triangle?”

“Well, it’s pretty much like that.”

That’s how I initially reacted to Kenji’s words. To be more precise, it’s a four-sided relationship since my brother is also involved, but if I bring it up, it might complicate the conversation, so I’ll keep it quiet.

“I didn’t notice because you didn’t act like that at all.”

“I’ve known him longer than Kaito, but I didn’t know about it at all.”

“Well, I basically don’t talk about that kind of thing.”

I’ve never talked about my love life because I’m too embarrassed to do so. Up until now, whenever I’ve been brought up on such topics, I’ve just dodged them. While I was thinking about this, Kaito asked me a question.

“What do you like about Yuuki san, by the way?”

“I’m curious about that, too.”

The two of them had curious expressions on their faces, and it seemed like I couldn’t escape. I have no choice but to start telling them why I like Ryuno, but I start to feel uncomfortable.

I can’t describe it well, but the reason why I like Suzuno seems to be somewhat frivolous. Something is definitely different from the feelings Kano san has for me. But Kenji and Kaito didn’t seem to notice at all.

“Even though the older sister of the Yuuki sisters confessed to him, he says he likes the younger sister, is Yuito a main character of a light novel?”

“Ah, I wonder if a beautiful older sister will confess to me too.”

I was told by Kenji and Kaito many times that they were going to tell me something like that, but I never heard them say it. I think we talked about various things for a while after that, but in the end I was so preoccupied with my sense of discomfort that I could not concentrate at all.

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