“Well, it’s Yuito. It’s a surprise to meet you in a place like this.”

“Ah, Kano san, hello.”

When I stopped by the bookstore at the end of Saturday class and was reading, I encountered Kano san.

“I see you really often these days.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised that Yuito is at the place I just happened to stop by.”

“It’s such a coincidence that we met like this even though we weren’t really meeting up, so I’m surprised.”

Since we went to a cafe and shopping together about two weeks ago, I do not know why at all, but the encounter rate with Kano san has risen significantly.

After school and on days off, I tend to go somewhere depending on my mood or whatever comes to my mind that day, so it would be almost impossible to predict where I’m going and ambush me.

So it makes me think that I was being monitored. Well, it would not be possible at first because I can’t think that Kano san will do such a thing.

“So many coincidences overlap may be tied with the red thread of our destiny.”

“I don’t believe in the red thread at all, but I certainly feel doomed.”

“…Since I’m unusually saying something romantic, I think it would be nice if you could respond in a more positive manner.”

“That’s because I’m a human being.”

I returned the words to Kano san who looked somewhat dissatisfied. If it was my brother, he might have reacted enthusiastically, but I’m not that kind of character.

“By the way, what are you planning to do after this?」

“I don’t have any special plans, so I’ll go home and do a weekend assignment for submission on Monday.”

“You must have spent a lot of time lonely on Saturdays, isn’t it a waste of your youth?”

“It is unnecessary care.”

That’s what I said in response to Kano san, who spoke to me in an inciting tone. In the first place, I didn’t feel like doing much because I had a Saturday class and my morning was wasted.

“I’ll do my best for poor Yuito.”

“What the hell are you going to do?”

“I’ll play with Yuito especially today.”

“No, I’m fine……”

“You don’t have to hold back, we’re friends, right?”

Kano san said so and hugged me all of a sudden. I realized that i can never escape, and I immediately raised the white flag

“All right, I surrender, so please let me go now.”

“Eh, it’s fine as is.”

“No, no, people around are staring at me a lot.”

Several people were looking at me as if telling me not to flirt in a place like this, and I just felt extremely uncomfortable.

And because it is near the school, it is only troublesome to be seen by classmates by any chance and spread strange rumors.

“I guess I don’t have a choice, I’ll let you go this time. Then let’s go right away.”

“By the way, where are we going to go from now on?”

“I feel like I want to play a lot today, so I’m thinking about going to Phase One.”

“Sure, you can do a lot of things over there.”

Phase One, a complex amusement facility, has a bowling alley, karaoke room and a game center, so it’s a perfect place to play.

Then we leave the bookstore and start heading for Phase one on Kano san’s motorcycle. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there since it’s quite far from my house. After a while, we arrive at Phase One and enter the building.

“So where do we start?”

“I think Yuito hasn’t had lunch yet, so let’s have lunch while singing leisurely at karaoke first.”

“Right, I also agree with it.”

Since there was no objection in particular, we decided to do karaoke with two people first.

“What about the time?”

“Isn’t it okay to have about two hours for the time being? If we don’t sing enough, we can extend it later.”

“Okay, let’s have two hours.”

After completing the procedure of reception, Kano san and I immediately entered the karaoke room. It is a room for two people, and the inside is quite narrow, so it seems that it is necessary to sit in close contact with Kano san.

Hey, isn’t it kind of exciting when a man and a woman are alone in a closed room?

“W-what are you trying to say !?”

Kano san said that while grinning, which really upset me.

“Phase one karaoke rooms are quite soundproofed, so I think that even if a man and a woman cross the line, they probably won’t find out.”

“I hear that some people use karaoke for that kind of dubious purpose.”

“So if Yuito is horny and puts his hand on me, I think there’s a low chance that they’ll find out.”

“P-please don’t make fun of me too much. I’ll go get some juice from the drink bar.”

I leave the room and head to the drink bar as if running away from Kano san. I’m also a high school boy with a strong sexual desire, so please don’t make provocative comments.

I’m frustrated because my favorite erotic videos and erotic images that I saved on my smartphone disappeared for some reason two weeks ago.

“……After all, I’m also a healthy boy.”

My lower body had an erection because of Kano sna’s words. It is really pathetic to get excited by Kano san even though I should like Suzuno.

As expected, sexual desire is one of the three major desires, and as a living thing, it is impossible to resist it. While thinking about this, I waited a while for my lower body to calm down in front of the drink bar.

Then, at the drink bar, I put some juice in a glass, including one for Kano san, and then returned to the room.

“Ah, you finally came back. I was lonely, so don’t leave me alone too much.”

“Whose fault do you think it is……”

When I saw Kano san with a grumpy face, I quietly muttered so. Considering the fact that she seemed unfazed even though she said something like that earlier, I’m sure she was just trying to make fun of me for fun.

Well, to begin with, Kano san sees me as nothing more than a younger brother, so it’s unlikely that she would seriously invite me to do something like that.

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