When I got to the shoe box, I immediately spotted Tsukane.

She was standing there, lazily playing with her phone.

Her appearance suddenly looked …… lonely.

It might be because there is no one else around, or it might be an illusion.

“Sorry, did you wait ……?”

“Hm? Yeah,……, I surely did wait. But I don’t think you forgot about me without a reason, and if you have a reason, fine.”

I was ready for a word of abuse, but I was forgiven.

Instantly, like a deflated balloon, I huffed.

—What is it…, that’s usually the part where you get angry.

The kind words hurt in the opposite direction.

This is not like Tsukane.

I do not want her to be nice

When Tsukane has a boyfriend, her kindness will only be for him.

It’s frustrating.

I don’t want to leave behind any regrets.

Even if I fill my heart with someone else, it will never become normal again, will it?

I have a clear understanding of the situation.

I have no choice but to admit it.

Yukimura Tsukane is special to me after all.

I must not let her know.

She doesn’t want a favor from a guy she doesn’t like. Not only that, but it would be disgusting.

It’s not a real girlfriend, but I’ve got something close to a girlfriend.

Even if it’s only for a limited time, it’s still true.

I think I should have more confidence in my first relationship.

-Feelings, you’ve got to change your mind quickly.

Just like Tsukane made a boyfriend and moved on to a new path…… I’m also just trying to use Tanba Kano to make my own way.

I mean, now me and Tsukane are equals, right?

It’s not like things are back to normal.

But I’m not going to keep walking behind you either.

I want you to know that.

“I got a confession. That’s why I’m late.”

“Ha? Haa? I don’t even know what that means. you turned her down, right?”

The surprised face is built in.

But after that, the expression of Tsukane emerges blatantly.

–Why do you look so angry?

The reason for this is because Tsukane wants to confess her love to the person she loves, so she told me that she wanted my support.

If that’s the case, I want you to support me in my love life too.

Is it selfishness?

Even if it’s not.

I don’t want you to complain.

I don’t want to hear that.

It’s disgusting that you don’t allow others to be happy when you want to be happy yourself.

“What is it that I need to turn her down normally?”


“Yeah, I accepted! It’s great, two people from the group that had no boyfriend or girlfriend at all, including Shuta and Chiharu, have really joined the ranks of Riajuu.”

“……Tomose, you don’t understand anything. Why don’t you understand ……!”

Tsukane clenches her fist and glares at me.

I don’t know what you’re feeling.

I thought I was the one who understood you the best.

But that’s all in the past.

I don’t know how Tsukane feels now that she’s fallen in love.

Anyway, the person who understands her the best will be found in the future.

As soon as the person Tsukane loves becomes her boyfriend.

It would be rude to her boyfriend if he is not the best person for Tsukane.

It’s not something to be so stubborn about.

“If you have a problem with me being happy, I’ll leave first. We can talk about the bet another time. I don’t want to talk to you anymore because you’re so emotional.”

“You’ve made me wait this long, what’s that …… you’re really going to abandon me?”

“Ha? I don’t get it. I honestly feel bad for making you wait, but you’re being paranoid.”

I wonder if I used a little too strong a word.

Tsukane’s face was bright red and looked like it was about to boil.

No…should I think of it as already boiling over?

Why do I have to listen to this lecture until the end?

It’s like I don’t understand everyone.

However, as childhood friends, let’s hang out for a while.

I don’t want to quarrel and part ways with her.

“You can rest assured. I assure you, …… you’ll end up with someone you like. I’m sure he’s a better guy than I am and he’ll never abandon you.”

The same way you’re going to be happy.

I’m going to do my best to make myself happy.

—this is fine

Am I saying something wrong?

The way I said it may have been cold.

But that’s because the other party is Tsukane.

We are used to talking to each other.

And yet, I’m feeling a sense of frustration at not being able to convey my feelings to the other side.

“The person I love isn’t a nice guy at all. He’s a fool who would abandon me for his own happiness.”

“Haa? I see, that’s …… too bad. But you’re vulnerable because you’re in love with him, aren’t you? I won’t let anything get in my way.”

I feel a little …… uncomfortable, as if my bad feeling has come true.

Does love really make people blind?

I almost feel jealous of the man she loves so much that she can’t resist even though she is aware of it.

What really stupid is Tsukane.

It’s pathetic.

I can’t stand to see her like that, so I walk away first.

Why do you look so —- regretful?

I didn’t want to ………… understand.

I’m not going to hold out any more hope now.

(TL/N : Man, that’s really sad but I get how he feels though)

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7 months ago

Who is the main heroine here? Im betting temporary GF will fall afterwards like most romcom novels. But i dunno, maybe the future chapters Tsukane will

6 months ago

something tells me tsukane already likes him the end of the chapter says it.
“The person I love isn’t a nice guy at all. He’s a fool who would abandon me for his own Happiness”