Tsukane continues talking without following up.

“Yes,…… I’m so disappointed in Tomose.The weakness of falling in love…well, I feel sorry for the person who fell in love with you too!”

I had to dig my heels in at those words.

I honestly don’t care that she insulted Tanba-san.

She was not really in love with me.

That would be absurd to even think about.

I approached Tsukane and cornered her up against the wall.

Never affirm that you are pathetic.

This is not the kind of thing to say to someone who is going to be happy.

Why do you want to get my attention so badly?

Tsukane is not intimidated by my threats.

In fact, she had regained some of her composure.

“So, who is this girl you’re going out with?”

“……. Why should I say. Did you think that you, who lost today, could ask without any compensation? ”

When Tsukane had revealed the existence of someone she liked to me before, I had not persistently asked.

Therefore, Tsukane probably didn’t ask me from the beginning either.

But it was the right decision.

I was told to hide it because of my promise with Tanba-san.

I didn’t want to tell her easily because of that.

I’m not sure if my words had more effect than I expected, but Tsukane looked as if she was having a hard time breathing and muttered.

“Worst, I feel like an idiot. …… Why did I accept such a match?”

I wonder why Tsukane doesn’t agree with me.

Even though you have someone to lean on from now on.

I don’t know what you want to do if you don’t care about me.

Quickly――I want you to make me give up on Tsukune.

Then I noticed that her eyes were moist.

“You look good with the bitch in the class. That’s right… I guess you’re just the same kind like naughty Tanba-san who just wants to be seen, right? Just like me, you don’t have a good eye for things either, so… yeah, it’s already decided. …”

What’s that?

You hit the nail on the head.

That’s right.

Aside from the pros and cons of being discerning, my dating partner is such a helpless girl.

But you know what, it has nothing to do with Tsukane

“Hey, I’m going to get angry if you do this any more. Don’t nag me, even though I don’t like being nagged.”

I said that in a cold voice.

Maybe it’s because I was told to feel bad about Tanba-san.

I’m starting to get so emotional that I can’t even make a decision.

Tsukane turned her face downwards as if to mock herself.

“How dull are you? No, I know I didn’t say it right ……, but why am I always like this–unlucky at this point in time?”

Suddenly, a funny thought began to swell in my head.

It was Tsukane who always started suggesting strange things.

So I should have thought it over.

Maybe Tsukane would have had a crazy idea that …… I could have noticed.

‘If you don’t know, I’ll tell you. I know it’s all coming too late and I’m getting attached, but I want you to know that these are undeniably genuine feelings.”

Tsukane pointed at me.

Oh, why didn’t I notice?

My smugness was twisting the scenario.

This is a story that would turn into a comedy.

–Shut up. Shut up.

If I go back in time, I can guess what I saw.

Our ridiculous, messed-up relationship.

It’s like God is mocking us.

It’s a very funny …… comedy.

What is going to happen to me and Tsukane?

It’s too late for anything.

Ah, really, this is an undeniable tragedy.

“The one I love is Tomose. ……”

Tears flow down from Tsukane’s eyes like a flood.

And really, Tsukane is unlucky here.

From behind Tsukane, there was someone who was witnessing the scene.

From that person’s point of view, this scene must be a confession.

But it’s not. …… The problem is the identity of that person.

When the witness dropped the baggage in her hand and made a noise, Tsukune immediately noticed, turned around, and muttered.

“…… Tanba-san.”

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