Meet Shimizu……

In high school, we were in a group together on a school trip, but we had almost never talked to each other.

Talking with Shimizu was a little……, no, quite awkward.

“I don’t have circle activities today, and we’re supposed to meet at our school cafeteria, how is it?.”

“…… I don’t think I would be able to talk well with Shimizu if I met her.”

“That’s not true. If you went to high school together, you must have a lot of things to talk about.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Of course there is!”

“I told you before. In high school, I was just a quiet guy who spent most of his time talking in the corner of the classroom with his nerd friends.”

“But when you’re with me, you can talk to me.”

“That’s …….”

Well, I wonder why I can talk so naturally when I’m with Hinata.

Hinata, like Sakimiya san, is like the sun, which is too bright for me. 

“You know, Kazakiri, you look too much up at the other person. I’m sure you think of me as a slightly annoying kind of girl, so you can talk to me naturally, right?”

“T-That’s true.”

“What’s that…..Haa, I knew it”

With a sigh, Hinata says, and then she stares at me with half-open eyes.

“You always curl up in front of a girl like Sakimiya-chan, who stands out compared to the people around you.”

“I don’t mean it that way! S-Sakimiya-san is my ……1st friend and she’s important”

“I know, I know. But you should fix that kind of thing, Kazakiri.”

“Fix it? Why?”

“I’ve heard about Kazakiri’s past, so I can understand, but we girls are more sensitive about our relationships than you can imagine, and we really don’t like it when guys change their attitudes.”

“I see.”

It’s not like I was intentionally changing my attitude.

In Hinata’s case, despite her appearance, she was easy to talk to, even for a shady guy like me.

“Well, in Kazakiri’s case, he doesn’t seem to be used to girls, so it can’t be helped that his attitude changes depending on the girl, even if he didn’t intend to.”

“I don’t have anything to say back to you,……, everything Hinata said is right.

“Right? But that’s fine for a guy who looks like a nerd, but it’s no good for the Kazukiri now”

“Now, me?”

“Yes. The current Kazekiri, with my advice, seems to be a normal good looking guy.”

Hinata suddenly complimented me, and I felt like my face was about to go slack in embarrassment, but she interrupted,
“That’s why it doesn’t work.”

But I was interrupted by Hinata’s sharp voice,

“A guy who looks good but changes his attitude depending on the girls is just a slut to them, and they’ll be wary of him, you know?”


“What’s with that pointed response? Are you really a slut?”

“No, I’m not! Really!”

“Right? So if you don’t want people to think that, you have to treat everyone normally.”

“…… Okay, I get it. I’ll be careful.”

I didn’t realize until Hinata told me that even though I was like this, people would think I was a slut just because my attitude was different from other girls.

Girls are sensitive and complicated creatures…

“Then you should talk to Shimizu-chan the same way you talk to me.”

“That’s a devilishly high hurdle.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Go straight to the cafeteria after class, okay?”

“……, yes, yes.”

I really didn’t want to go, but I was urged by Hinata to make up my mind to some extent.

“What do you think of Shimizu-san now? When I was in high school, she was like a ladylike, neat young lady with long black hair.”

“The Shimizu-chan of today? Hmm, well, on the inside she looks like the lady Kazakiri calls her, but…well, I think Kazakiri will accept her.’’


“You’ll understand the details when you meet her.”


There was some connotation in those words, but…well, it’s okay.

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