After that, I listen to the lecture appropriately and let Hinata guide me, and we both head for the school cafeteria.

I’m quite curious to know what’s going on with the current Shimzu Kannako.

From the way Hinata talks about her, does she look different from her previous black-haired, neat and tidy image?

That’s exactly what I was expecting, or maybe she’s got a flashy hair color like Sakimiya-san.

We are college students now, so I don’t think it would be that surprising.

In fact, I’m one of them.

“Oh, there you are, Shimizu-chan! Sorry to keep you waiting, Shimizu-chan!”

As soon as Hinata arrived at the cafeteria, she spotted Shimizu and rushed over to her.

I walked up to the table as if I was following her, but…..

“I was waiting for you. Hinata-san.”

She was tall for a girl and had long legs.

Her long, shiny black hair and pure white skin were in direct contrast to her long, shiny black hair.

Her sharp, slightly slanted eyes with long eyelashes give the impression that she has a harsh personality, but her mouth is always smiling, which makes her look somewhat soft.

So far, Shimizu Kannako is the same as in her high school days, but the problem is her clothes …….

“Ee,……, Shimizu, right?”

“Yes, it’s been a while, isn’t it, Kazakiri-san?”

Shimizu greeted me in a polite tone of voice, got up from his chair in the cafeteria, and turned to me.

What’s going on …… with this outfit, no matter how I look at it.


An off-the-shoulder blouse with prominent ruffles in black. The chest is decorated with a heart ribbon, and the skirt is a high-waisted flared skirt with a heart-shaped hardware belt wrapped around it, black in color, of course.

Furthermore, a garter belt is wrapped around her slim thighs, which can be glimpsed through the skirt, and is connected to mesh tights with a silver ring.

The shoes are also short boots with ribbons,……, completely mine fashion.

However, what makes it different from Sakimiya-san is its coloring.

As opposed to the flamboyant Sakiomiya, the chic shades of the landmine type.

If I had no knowledge of landmine fashion, I would have said to myself, “Is this a mourning dress?”

In Shimizu’s case, her hair color is also black, and her entire body is overflowing with a sickly aura.



I stood there speechless.

I was so fascinated by Shimizu’s landmine fashion that I became aware of the objective phenomenon of standing still.

The school’s most popular girl, Shimizu Kannako, who had been such a ladylike character, is …… wearing a landmine fashion …….

I was salivating at the sight of her large breasts, as well as her attire.

Shimizu’s breasts are so full that the black ribbon on her chest points toward the ceiling, and they are on par …… with Sakimiya san’s in size.

I’ve always thought she had a good style and larger breasts than those around her since high school, but they look even bigger in plain clothes.

I mean, they got bigger, right?

“What’s wrong? Kazakiri-san.”

“Ah, no!”

“You have been staring at my clothes since a while ago. …… might my clothes …… be strange?”

“I don’t think so! I’m, you know…”

When I tried to fool around well, Hinata patted me on the shoulder and came into the conversation.

“Well, Kazekiri is a landmine style girl otaku, so he’s always picking up girls in landmine style fashion.”

“T-that’s a weird thing to say! I don’t!”

“Yes, you are”

“Heee….., really?”

Suddenly, the way Shimizu looks at me is moist and sends a chill down my spine.

Oh no, she thought I was creepy. ……

“I didn’t know you liked mine fashion. …… That’s kind of like ‘divine guidance’, isn’t it?”

“G-Guidance? What?”

“Fufu …… no, I’m talking about other thing.”

Shimizu has been a bit of a mystery to me ever since I was in high school.

For instance, since she went to the University of Tokyo as an active student, she might just be saying difficult things because she’s smart.

“Kazakiri san, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Have we talked like this since our high school trip?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Well, since we’re here, let’s sit down and talk about various things.”

Shimizu gave a bewitching smile.

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