“Sakimiya-san …… isn’t coming today?”

At the lecture the day after I gave Sakimiya san a gift, I cannot find her, who was supposed to attend the same lecture.

There are five minutes left until the lecture starts.

Usually Sakimiya-san is always in front of the lecture room about 3 minutes before the end of the previous lecture, but today she was not there.

I take a seat in the center of the room and stare at the entrance.

 ould it be that she doesn’t like me after yesterday’s incident, so she doesn’t come to the same lectures as me ……?

“No, no! If Yami-san’s lime is true, then Sakimiya-san would be happy! Don’t be so pessimistic so soon, me!”

I’m no longer the negative person I used to be.

I’ve made a lot of friends (women) in the seminar and I’m planning to join a club (all women)!

Finally, I’ve succeeded in making my college debut as a cheerful person.

Let’s stop thinking about it so negatively.

“Let’s be positive, be positive.”

“—Good morning, Kazakiri!”


As I was thinking about it, Hinata grabbed me by the shoulders as if she was going to hug me from behind.

“Hi, Hinata!”

“Why are you so surprised?”

Hinata, with her short hair as usual, was dressed in a white knit sweater and a tight black skirt, a simple yet mature outfit, and appeared in front of me with a black leather bag in her hand.

I think she and Sakimiya san were both too stylish.

And in Hinata’s case, the simple coloring of her outfit made her style stand out without drawing attention to her clothes, which really showed off her personality.

“What’s wrong, Kazakiri? Ah! Did you fall in love with me by any chance?!”

“Why would you say that!”

“Because you’re staring at me and not saying anything.”

“Well, that’s ……”

No matter how much I try to be a cheerful person, I can’t seem to get rid of the habit of staring at girls, which has been a habit of mine since I was a negative person.

“Rather that, is side fine? I was feeling lonely because there was no one to take the lecture with me today.”

“Oh, yeah, sure”

I move one seat to the left and give up my seat to Hinata.

Hinata, who is a strong communicator, is alone ……?

“Hey, there’s no one to take it with you…does it have something to do with that incident you were complaining about before?”

“Umm, Well, like that ? It seems like the atmosphere in the seminar is such that me, Yami chan and Sakimiya chan are being shunned by the women’s group.”

“I-Is that so?”

Hinata seemed to have been thinking about the other girls when she made her comment to the boys, but she didn’t realize that the next day she would be shunned by the girls’ group. ……

There are many difficult things in the world of women.

“Well, Kazakiri is also being shunned by the men’s group, so he’s one of us.~”

“……Ha? A-Am I being shunned!?”

“Maybe. The other day at the seminar, there was a guy sitting behind who was deliberately talking behind your back about you, saying you’re a dangerous guy who talks with landmine girls in a normal way.”

“Wow, seriously. ……”

Yesterday, my eyes were so focused on the sight of Sakimiya sa ‘s breasts on the desk that I didn’t hear the voices around me and didn’t notice them at all. (It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done, I know. But it’s a man’s nature. Forgive me, Sakimiya-san.)

“I’m sorry to hear that. Kazakiri.”

“Haa …… but well, I don’t think I want to join that group of boys now, so I’ll just let them say it.”

“Really? I thought you wanted to go to that group.”

“That’s what I thought at first,……, but I’d rather talk to Hinata and Sakimiya san than be friends with people who talk behind my back.”

“Kazakiri ………… pfft.”


“Hahaha! Ahahahaha”

“H-hey! Why are you laughing? I said some pretty good stuff!”

“No, sorry, sorry!”

Hinata shows her white teeth while laughing.

“After all you’re funny. Usually, people don’t want to be friends with those of us who have been shunned, do they?”

Hinata brushes away the tears in her eyes with a laugh using her light blue nails.

“Kazakiri is really strange”

“H-Hinata would be weirder. Even though she’s such a positive and beautiful girl with a strong community, she’s talking to a strange and negative guy like me! ”

“B-Beautiful girl? Me?”

“Of course. What is it? you think you’re some kind of unaware protagonist?”

“……Uh, no. You are right, I am a beautiful girl, aren’t I? And I’m super stylish, too.”

“Don’t say it yourself.”

The fact that it grows quickly is also typical of Hinata.

“…Which one is unconscious huh?”

“Haa? What do you mean by that?”

“It’s nothing. Besides, Kazakiri, do you have any free time after this lecture?”

Hinata rests her chin on her back as she looks over at me sitting next to her.

“After this, I have a lecture in the 5th period, so I have free time, but…are we going somewhere?”

“Ah, you thought I was asking you out on a date? I’m sorry, no.”

“N-No, I didn’t!”

“You did think~”

“Just tell me what you need~”

To cover up the fact that I thought it was a date, I desperately insisted.

I’ve been going out with Sakimiya san and Yami san so I thought it was an invitation to go out with her.

“Actually, I promised to meet Shimizu-chan after this. Will Kazakiri also come?”

“Shimizu ……?”

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