A senpai falls by the side of the road, wounded. I turn the tables on my attackers and take some of their money from their wallets and put it in my pocket.

One of them grabs me by the leg and I kick him in the head, knocking him out.

I try to walk away with the thought of doubling up on horse racing on my mind..,

[No, no, no! Stealing is out!]

A girl appeared, condemning me for my actions in an adulterous tone of voice.

I’ve never seen her in uniform before. She was probably not a student around here.

Letting out a sigh that trouble had sprung up again, I ignored her voice and started walking.

[Wait wait! Don’t ignore me! I told you that stealing is out!]

I spun around, turned on my heel as she stood in front of me, and headed the other way again. She still followed me, grabbed my arm and tried to hold me back.

[‘What ……?]

[Not that! That’s even at the point of fighting. …… theft, criminal activity, OK! ─ -Hey, stop looking at the poor. I’m the justice.]

Disgusted by her persistence, I return the borrowed note to them.

[Okay!] I leave her to cross her arms in satisfaction and head home, but for some reason she walks next to me.

I catch a glimpse of her walking with the same stride and our gazes meet. I quickly look away and he relaxes his mouth.

[Hmm? What? You were glancing at me just now, weren’t you? …… could it be love at first sight ……?]


[I’m going to kill you, you. You are guilty of insulting …… me. In return, you will have to go along with me. I won’t say it again, go on a date with me.]

For some reason, I was unable to show my refusal to her as she squeezed me, and I reluctantly agreed to go out with her.

[So, who are you?]

[What? Oh, um, …… I’m …… yes! You can call me a super beautiful girl who’s just passing by!]

In the end, I had no idea who she was, but I was subjected to her selfishness.

No, in the end, her name…



“….. nn, done huh.”

Last night I had a nightmare and couldn’t get proper sleep, so I spent the introduction to the club activities on sleep.

I had a nostalgic dream.

That event happened in the first year of junior high school.

what was that girl’s name……

It seems that the club activity introduction went smoothly without getting involved in any conflicts with okashira or the young lady.

When I took one look at the young lady, I saw that while the students around her were sitting politely in their chairs, she was proudly crossing her legs with a grim expression on her face.

The young lady’s behaviour was probably an unbecoming gesture for Shugetsu, but her composed demeanour made me personally feel proud.

“Were there any club activities you were interested in, Akane-san?”

Yukina asked me, who had somehow come up to me while I was admiring the young lady’s gallantry.

“No, nothing in particular.”

“Then how about an occult study group?”

According to Yukina, her dream is to find aliens, people from the future, people from other worlds and psychics, and enjoy her youth together with them.

The president of the club, Yukina, has invited me to join her shady club, but I’m going to decline her offer.

“Akane wants to prioritise her time with me, so he doesn’t have time to join such a pseudo-literature club. Rest assured, Akane, I have no intention of joining the club either. …… We can make lots of time …… for the two of us!”

The young lady, who had crept up behind me before I knew it, tells me as she places her hand on my shoulder.

“I’m planning to work hard at my part-time job after school.”

To tell the truth, it’s not that I don’t admire club activities. However, after school, I would like to work hard at my job.

Before entering Shugetsu, I received an allowance from Yuzuru san for taking care of his daughter, but it is heartbreaking to continue this after entering high school.

I don’t think there are any students at the aristocratic school who work hard at part-time jobs, but there is a system in place for outside students like me.

If you get permission from your homeroom teacher, you can work part-time. I have my eye on that, and after school I’m thinking of asking my homeroom teacher for a permit.

Akari san and Yuzuru are actually against it, but it wouldn’t be good to continue to be spoilt by Akari san and the Izumi family.

“Do you think I, who love Akane so very, very much, would allow such a delusional statement?”

“I don’t think so, but this is necessary. This is …… so that I can earn money to socialise with …… the young lady.”

“You’re …… cutting yourself …… for me! ─ ─ I’m not going to be fooled! Akane was drawing such a sweet thought that he could reduce his time with me …… anyway, wasn’t he!?”

I choked on my words as I was instantly detected by the young lady with a keen sense.

Whether it was the young lady before her transition or her current one, it was obvious that my opinion would be kicked to the curb, so I didn’t discuss anything with her.

No one agreed with me, whether it was Akari san or Yuzuru san. The young lady gently pats me on the head as I feel down like that.

“Listen, Akane? Even for me, Akari-san and my father, we want you to enjoy your school life to the full. For both of us, we consider that a higher priority than working.”

“Miss ……”

“Children are spoilt by adults. So it is the child’s duty to accept them gratefully and not feel ashamed of them.”

“Miss ……”

“So make your time with me a priority.”

“Miss ……?”

The final result was as expected, and I received another invitation from Yukina, but I politely declined. In addition, for some reason, Yuzuriha-san also urged me to join the home economics club, but I declined because the young lady refused.

Afternoon classes were over and I was getting ready to go home, the young lady urged me to go home first without doing anything that day.

From the young lady’s advice, I can imagine that an event is about to take place that will have a disastrous end.

I, who was supposed to intervene in it, can stop it from happening by making the choice to go home.

I think it would have been better if she had just told me what was going to happen, but I decided to assume that the young lady was so upset about the time leap that she didn’t have the luxury of doing so.

“Ah, Hozuki san. I’m going to visit the home economics club, would you like to go with me?”

Yuzuriha-san invites me with a cheerful smile.

Normally I wouldn’t have minded accompanying her, but in order to follow the young lady’s advice, I offer my refusal again.

“I see. …… yes. I’ll invite you again tomorrow!”

As I was wondering if she was going to ask me out again tomorrow, Yuzuriha-san waved me out of the classroom and said, “See you tomorrow! “

When I looked around the classroom, I saw that the young lady was missing, and Yukina was also missing before I knew it.

I, the man of leisure, carried my bag on my back and headed for the main entrance, whereas the three of them were busy.

While taking my shoes out of the shoe box, I notice an envelope in it.

I decide to let the envelope sink to the back of my mind and pretend I didn’t see it, but on the front cover, in red letters, it says: ‘You must open the envelope and check what’s inside’.

…… Is this a new kind of harassment?

The letter was accompanied by the definite phrase ‘or else misfortune will befall you’ on the reverse side.

I checked the letter with trepidation, feeling that the sender of this letter had a good character.

[Dear Hozuki Akane.

Please forgive my sudden rudeness.

I am the one who adores you, Akane-sama.

In order to convey this adoration to you, I am now waiting for you in the clubroom of the Literature and Art Club.]

It was written that she would wait for me in the clubroom of the Literature and Art Club, but I’m sorry, but I don’t know where the clubroom is.

As if to counteract my worries, a map showing the route from my current location to the clubroom was also enclosed.

I thought the sender was very considerate, but the text continued, so I read the rest of it.

[I will never allow you to go home and leave me behind. I am waiting for you to come for ever and ever. And if you don’t come, misfortune will befall you. If you tell anyone about this, misfortune will also befall you. You will be unhappy anyway.

Last but not least, I am waiting for you in the literature club room.

From the super genius beauty.]

Is that a threatening letter?

Disobeying the young lady’s advice and not following the letter may also lead to a kind of disastrous end.

The letter’s repeated announcements of misfortune and the confident manner of the addressee indicate that the sender has a great personality.

It means that in all probability her feelings of love for me are false, and that she is planning to contact me with some purpose in mind.

So is she related to the young lady?

Okashira is …… out of the question, as she seems to have a personality that doesn’t like to play tricks and drives her to simple methods. Yuzuriha-san is …… well, probably not. If that is the case…

  • – be careful with her.

The young lady’s advice is on my brain.

…… Yukina?

What on earth is her purpose for contacting me ……?

I can’t imagine why at all, but I need to settle with the sender of these letters of misfortune.

Contact the young lady in the first instance – no, even if I tell her, it will be unfortunate. This matter needs to be dealt with in confidence.

The young lady is busy on her side. She’s probably taking care of her own affairs.

I don’t want her to get involved in any trouble at all.

But how is it to get involved in someone’s love affair? I’m not sure if it would have been better to just come to the clubroom without making troublesome allusions.

While letting out a sigh, I headed towards the sender.

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