Kazakiri-kun, it looked like you were talking to that clerk earlier. ……

While Yami-san was in the fitting room, Kazakiri-kun and I were lightly walking around the store.

“Sakimiya-san used to be in this store’s promotional photo, right?”

“Did that waitress tell you that?”


I was still in high school when I did the modeling, so I was honestly embarrassed.

Back then, my hair color was still a plain brown, and pink was also reserved, so I hope Kazakiri-kun won’t disappoint me.

“Have you seen the pictures of me when I was a model?”

“Ah! I was picking out a present and forgot I got it from Airdrop!”

“A present?”

“Ah, eh! Oh, it’s nothing! Now let’s see the pictures!”

Present …… Why Kazakiri-kun?

Could it be for Yami san, who is making her Lolita fashion debut?

Since he was at Snow tops, he seemed to be having a lot of fun talking to her, and even in his brain, he seemed to think that Yami san was “cute”.

Well, it’s not that I can read his brain, but I can grasp some of it because Kazakiri-kun is so easy to understand.

It is true that Yami san is small in general, but her face has an “unselfconsciously cute” quality that seems to make her popular with boys.

Kazakiri-kun seems to know this, and if Kazakiri-kun is a Lolicon, he already has feelings for Yami san …….

I am sure that Kazakiri-kun was originally more interested in my fashion than he was in me.

So, if Yami-san had the same taste, he wouldn’t be interested in me …….

“Sakimiya-san, you are also very cute at this time! You had an aura of a celebrity from the first time we met, and I think Sakimiya-san could really become a model or something.”

“No …….”


“I’d rather be Kazakiri-kun’s number one than a model—”

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting!”

The sound of running footsteps approached from the fitting room.

“Y-Yami san!”

The more Kazakiri-kun’s eyes fluttered open, the more comfortable and natural the Lolita that Yami-san was wearing seemed to fit.

The set-up was chosen in response to Yami san’s request for more black.

First of all, to cover her complex height, Yami san chose thick-soled black laced boots.

This enabled her to look up at Kazakiri-kun with her eyes only, instead of looking up at him from the neck up. (This also allows to make a flirtatious gesture of looking up and down.)

The bag is a bit pricey, but I chose a nice black one made of soft leather.

It is a brand that I often use, so I want her to be assured of its appearance and quality.

And for the clothes, I chose a pink see-through blouse with a big black ribbon, in line with Yami san’s request to include black and pink.

The skirt is a slightly longer black high-waisted skirt.

Even though the skirt is high-waisted, it is still short to the knees, so it looks a little long on Yami san, but I tried to make it look as if it were a point of interest.

When Yami san wears it, it has a different look from mine, and it gives a more Lolita flavor to the Lolita fashion.

“What do you two think?”

“It looks great on you! Right, Sakimiya-san?”

“Yeah. Really amazing….I think it would be perfect if the makeup was also fashionable.”

“E-Ehehe. It’s all thanks to you, Sakimiya-san”

Yami san turns to me with a smile.

……I see.

Because I can’t smile as naturally as Yami-san…Kazakiri-kun.

When will he give her the present?

I don’t want to see him give it to her,…….

“I’m going to go check the bill now, please wait a moment.”

I can’t be …… like Yami san.

I can’t smile naturally,…….

“Saki-Sakimiya san!”


“Shall we wait outside the store for a moment?”


What is it?

Kazakiri-kun looked really nervous.

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