I have to give the gift I just bought to Sakimiya-san.

Just as Yami-san went to the cash register to pay, I took advantage of the timing to talk to Sakimiya-san.

“S-Sakimiya san!”


“Shall we wait outside the store for a while?”

“Y-yeah ……”

Deciding that I was ready, I went out of the store with Sakimiya san.

“Kazakiri kun?”

Sakimiya san looks at me as if looking into my face.

Maybes he’s paying attention to me because my face is red from stress.

But I’m sorry, Sakimiya-san.

I’m not feeling sick or anything right now, it’s simply …….

H-how do you give a present to someone ……!

I was facing a problem that is typical of virgins.

I have never given a present to a girl or even a friend in my life.

In the first place, I have never been in a situation to give a present.

Even on birthdays, I just say “happy birthday” to my friends.

A-All right, all right. Just calm down, me …….

“Say, Sakimiya-san…”


Sakimiya-san doesn’t know I’m buying her a present.

So if I suddenly give it to her, I might surprise her,……, but she should be happy about it.

It’s okay, it’s okay.

“I ……”

I can’t stop my heart from pounding.

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay

“S-Sakimiya s-san”

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. !!!!

“I wanted to give you something!”

I-I could have said that. ……

I was relieved in my heart.

“You want to give me something?”

I immediately took out a small wrapped box from my bag.

And then I held it out in front of Sakimiya-san with both hands.

“This …… is a present for me, you mean?”

“Yeah. E-Ever since we met, you’ve been teaching me new things, and even today when I asked about Yami-san, there were a few things going on, but you kind of accepted it… I’m really happy that such a cute girl is my friend. I wanted to express that feeling. So, I hope you will accept it.”

When I told her this, Sakimiya-san slowly accepted my gift with a look of surprise on her face that I could almost see.

“Can I open it?”

I shook my head nervously, biting my lip.

The sound of Sakimiya-san unwrapping the package accelerated my excitement.

I hope …… she’ll be pleased.

“W-What are these?”

“Yes, non-hole earrings. I thought it would be nice if you could wear something that you already own. I chose the shape of the pink hearts that you like.”

“Kazakiri-kun, for me? You got this present for me?”

“Yeah! I’m always thankful for your help.”

The heart motif earrings are framed with shiny pink metal fittings.

They look small from a distance, but they are just large enough to overlap with Sakimiya san’s small earlobes.

Sakimiya-san immediately puts the earrings on her ears and shows them to me.

“Kazakiri-kun,……, I’m really happy. This is the best present I’ve ever received. No, I think this earring that Kazakiri-kun gave me will always be the best in the future.”

“T-That much? Ahaha”

I’m quite happy to hear that, but…it’s a bit heavy, I guess.

“……Ugh, ugh.”

“Eh, Sakimiya-san?!”

Sakimiya san suddenly groans while covering her eyes with both hands, so I immediately extend my hand.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!”

At the worst possible moment, Yami-san came out of the store.

This could be a misunderstanding …….

“Hey, Kazakiri-san! Why is Sakimiya-san crying!”

“No, I, I-“

“It’s terrible to make a girl cry! I thought you were a kind man just now, but I’ve failed to see it!”

“Oh, no! I-It’s a misunderstanding! Hey, Sakimiya-san!”

“Kazakiri-kun ……Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun, Kazakiri-kun…”

“W-Why does she keep calling Kazakiri-san?

“I don’t know either!”

I would have rather cried myself.

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girth lord
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