We left Snow tops in Shibuya and took the train to Harajuku.

Sakimiya-san, wearing a pink frilly blouse with a large black ribbon on the chest and a black high-waisted skirt, still caught the eyes of everyone around her.

If it was just a minefield fashion, it would have been fine, but in Sakimiya san’s case, she is very cute and her pink hair suits her well, so even more so in a crowded place, she attracts a lot of attention.

I was also looked at curiously by the people next to me, but I rather felt a little superior to them.

It was impossible for me to go out with a beautiful girl like Sakimiya-san until a few days ago.

“What’s wrong with you, Kazakiri-kun, you’ve been looking at me for a while now?”

“Eh, um, nothing, okay?”

“Is that so?”

It is a bad habit of virgins to stare at girls right away.

If I don’t fix this kind of thing, Sakimiya-san will hate me.

(I have to be carefull……!!!)

Arriving in Harajuku as it is, we went to a mine brand store on Takeshita-dori.

“Ooooh …….”

A brand store with a classy and chic appearance.

I was a little hesitant if a normal person like me could go in there.

Just as I was thinking, Yami san was also nervous.

“Let’s both go in quickly, shall we?”

Sakimiya-san smiled and went ahead of us.

We followed her into the store.

Sakimiya-san and Yami-san seemed to be talking about various things, so I thought it would be a bad idea to interrupt them, so I wandered around the store briefly.

There were many ordinary women’s clothes in the store, some of which looked like children’s clothes, but the price tags were completely adult-oriented.

(I didn’t know girls wore such expensive clothes. ……)

Even fashion accessories alone cost tens of thousands of dollars, and I wrinkled my brow as I compared it to my own food expenses.

“Um, are you looking for something?”

“Eh, …….”

A clerk in a black, mine-type fashion called out to me.

W-What’s this store ……, is the shopkeeper also that type?

“Ah! Maybe it’s a present for your girlfriend?”


“Ah, I’m sorry! I’m just in the habit of doing my other job.”

No, no, what kind of work is it?

I was about to make a comment ……, but I held it in.

“If you want to buy a gift, I have some accessories over there.”

A gift, huh?

I’d like to give Sakimiya san something ……, but if I give her something bad, she might think I’m weird …….

For that matter, if I gave her something that looked like something I’d give to a girlfriend, she’d probably think …… it was creepy.



“Not for my girlfriend or anything, but for my friend over there.”

I pointed to Sakimiya-san, who was picking out clothes with Yami-san, and said

“Eh, Sakimiya-chan’s friend?! Even though you are a guy?”

“Do you know Sakimiya-san?”

“Of course I do! She has modeled for us before.”

Sakimiya-san is a …… model?

That’s a great ……!

“”Where can I see that?!”

“It’s a year old, so it’s not on the site anymore, but if you want it ……, I can send it to you by airdropping.”

With a grin, the clerk took out her phone.


“Uwa, The customer is very stubborn,……, do you like Sakimiya-chan?”

“I-I don’t like her or anything, but …… Sakimiya-san is my idol.”

“Eh, do you want to wear mine fashion too?”

“I’m not that kind of admirer!”

As I denied it, the clerk guided me to choose a gift for Sakimiya-san.


….I-I wasn’t sure, but it was the best I could do for the price.

I put the gifts through the cash register into my bag and went back to the two of them.

“The sailor-type collar is cute when it’s one-pointed, and the ribbon is black or pink depending on my mood, but when the fabric of the dress is white, it’s pink, and when it’s pink, it’s black, it’s nice and synergistic.”

Yami san listens intently to Sakimiya san’s explanation, taking notes.

They look like sisters, don’t they?

“As for the ribbons, I wear pink ribbons when I’m in a good mood and black ribbons when I’m upset.”

Sakimiya-san, who had been explaining things to Yami-san, suddenly stared at me.

Today’s ribbon is black.

Ah, in other words, Sakimiya-san …… is angry …….

It is true that she was hysterical even before the seminar, and I can only think of a few things.

I’ll have to get my ribbon colors right from now on.

“Well, now, Yami san, try on what you want to wear and I’ll think of a set-up that goes with it.”

“Thank you, Sakimiya-san!”

I’m glad that Yami-san seems happy.

Sakimiya-san was supervising everyone around her even when she was working part-time, and she was very caring…

It made me happy to see a new side of her.

(I’d like to give her the present as soon as possible.)

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