Episode 19 – Lonely school cafeteria romantic comedy gourmet



Let’s go to the cafeteria for a meal.

Southeast University, which I attend, is one of the top private universities in Tokyo, with several campuses and excellent on-campus facilities.

The school cafeteria is so cost-effective that people from the area come to eat there every day.

There are not only Japanese food, but also Western and Chinese food, and the quality of the food is far superior to that of the family restaurants in the area.

The variety of food and low prices have earned it a good reputation.

I receive a tray of my favorite carbonara set meal (400 yen) and take it with me to my table.

I don’t cook, so it’s no exaggeration to say that the cafeteria meal is the only decent meal I have at the university.

(Let’s do TwiX while eating carbonara.)

I roll pasta with a fork in one hand and fiddle with my phone with the other.

I only follow TwiX accounts of anime, my high school classmates, and Sakimiya-san.

In particular, Sakimiya-san’s TwiX is updated quite frequently, and she tweets a lot about her personal life.

Perhaps it is because I have been watching her mutterings that I was initially intimidated by Sakimiya-san’s minefield fashion, but now I find it to be commonplace.

Not only that, but her long hair with pink and red innerwear is also …….

(I was pretty excited when Sakimiya-san pulled her shoulder to my chest earlier,……, )

Sakimiya san….

With a blur, I happen to open an account that I had been following for a while now, called [The monologue of a landmine college girl]

[2 minutes ago : Today I hugged him in front of everyone ♡ I completed the markings~ ♡]

Hee …… I thought she was an influencer or something, so I thought she was set up to not have a boyfriend or something, but now she’s publicly announcing it?

I’m surprised she has a boyfriend, even with all this minefield fashion.

I’m sure Sakimiya-san has …… too.

“Ah mouu! How long am I going to keep listening to this, me!”

“Pihya, Kazakiri ……-san?”

I turned toward the voice.

When I turned toward the voice, I found not a junior high school student …… but Yami san there.

“Oh, Yami-san? Don’t you have a lecture later?”

“The plane that was supposed to take the professor to Haneda had to turn back due to a bird strike, so …… the class is cancelled.”

“Oh, so you’re having lunch too, Yami san?”

I pointed to the tray in Yami’s hand and said.

“Yes. I thought I’d have some lunch since I’m here here.”

On Yami san’s tray was the most popular dish in the cafeteria, the deluxe katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice) for 500 yen.

(She eats a lot of heavy food for a small person. ……)

“So, where’s Hinata?”

“I heard that Hinata-san is going somewhere with someone from the same circle who came from another university. ……?”

Is it about Shimizu Kannako ……?

Yami-san put her tray on the table and took a seat across from me.

“Kazakiri-san, I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

“W-What is it?”

“Sakimiya-san’s …….”


“…… Y! You like her!?”


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