After quieting down Sakimiya-san, who was suddenly acting strangely, I asked her to sit in a chair for the time being.

Today, Sakimiya-san is acting a little strange.

It seems she’s misunderstood something, so I have to explain it to her first.

“Um, Sakimiya-san. What Hinata and I were talking about was my classmate.”

“Kazakiri-kun’s classmate ……? How did you and Hinata-san get into such a conversation?”

“I was actually talking about a classmate from my high school who apparently joined the same circle as Hinata. Well, I’ve barely talked to her, so it’s probably not right to call her a classmate in a familiar way.”

“……, so that’s what it was.”

“Well, that’s why Sakimiya-chan. Kazakiri and I haven’t talked about anything bad, you know?”

Hinata followed me and helped clear up the misunderstanding.

However, Sakimiya san looked at Hinata silently with a gloomy face, then looked at me.


When Sakimiya-san opened her mouth, the air was somewhat heavy.

“I hate being talked about behind my back, and I also hate being excluded.”

“Y…… yeah.”

“I don’t mind it when it’s coming from someone I’m not interested in, but when it’s coming from someone I consider a …… friend, it’s really tough.”

“Sakimiya san,…….”

“So, I want you to never do that to me, Kazakiri-kun. Promise me. Please.”

With a face so desperate that it doesn’t suit her droopy eyes and mine-type make-up, and with eyes that are all luminous, Sakimiya-san appeals to me.

I would never talk about Sakimiya-san behind her back, but ……Sakimiya-san is such a worrier.

She was smiling and looking cheerful the whole time on our date yesterday, but maybe she actually has a sensitive heart.

(Maybe when Hinata was complaining about the boys, she was afraid that one day she might be told that too. ……)

So as soon as Sakimiya-san got here, she got curious about what we were talking about and asked.

(I’m sure she thought we were talking bad about her.)

If that was the case, I gave Sakimiya-san a hard time, didn’t I?

“Sakimiya-san, I would never say anything bad about you!

“…… Really?”

“Of course! There’s nothing wrong with Sakimiya-san to begin with!”


Sakimiya-san seems to be a worrier, so I need to make sure she knows it.

“Sakimiya san is always straight about what she loves, she’s confident in herself, and she works hard at her part-time job for the things she loves! I would never make fun of her or speak ill of her, and I respect her more than anyone else!”

“……, really ……?”

“And if anyone is going to be made fun of, it’s going to be me, right? I’m not good at anything, and I don’t have many friends,…….”
When I mocked myself, Sakimiya-san, who had looked gloomy earlier, relaxed her mouth.

“After all, Kazakiri-kun is …… weird, isn’t he?”

“Weird?! Where!?”

“Kazakiri-kun is strange, you know? When we talk, we don’t always make eye contact, and you feel a little nervous.”

“That’s because I’m a shady guy at heart!”

I didn’t become this way because I wanted to be either. ……

“Well, maybe it’s true that Kazakiri is more worth teasing than Sakimiya chan,”

“Shut up already, Hinata!”


Hinata blinked at me and then looked at Sakimiya san who was sitting in front of me.

W-What, what, what?

“Sakimiya-chan, I’m sorry about the other day, okay? I was a little bit angry and said too many bad things about other people. I made you feel bad, didn’t I?”

Hinata apologized in a serious tone for what had happened the other day.

As expected of a girl in the cheerful army, Hinata read the air and apologized to settle the situation.

When she has to apologize, she does it easily, and that’s what a cheerfull person is

“….It’s okay, Hinata-san. If something bad happens to me, I want to tell you as much as you want to tell me.”


“Besides,……, boys….I don’t like …….”

…… Eh?

Sakimiya-san muttered that one word.

Hate boys?

“Sakimiya-san. What does that mean–“

“Okay! So much for the gloomy mood! How did you two get to know each other? Was it after last week’s seminar?”

Hinata’s voice returned to a cheerful tone and she began to take charge.

Speaking of which, you said you wanted to ask about us.

“Remember how it rained after last week’s seminar? she didn’t have an umbrella, and it looked like Sakimiya-san was in trouble, so I approached her.”

The trauma of that time comes back to me.

That trauma of running while crying in the rain. …… N-no! It’s not a trauma anymore! Thanks to that, I was able to become friends with Sakimiya san, so it turned out okay!

“Hoeee! That’s surprisingly romantic!”

“Surprisingly …… romantic, I thought.”

“Well, Kazakiri seems to be a bit of a hothead, so I thought he might have approached Sakimiya for her boobs.”


I couldn’t help but look at the breasts of Sakimiya san, who was sitting next to me on the right.

No matter when I look at it… it’s big.

Perhaps because the Hinata sitting in front of her is slender, the size of her breasts stands out even more.

“It’s all right you know, Hinata-san? Kazakiri-kun isn’t looking at me that way.”

“No, no, no! Kazakiri was totally looking at Sakimiya-chan’s breasts right now! He was comparing them with mine! ”

“H-Hey, what are you talking about, Hinata?”

“Hey, that’s not right, is it, Kazakiri-kun?”

Sakimiya san’s eyes instantly turned into narrow, sharp eyes.

Oh… oh… Maybe if I told her honestly that I saw it, I might get killed.
“O-Of course! I’m not looking at you like that, Sakimiya-san!”

“I know, right? That’s why you’re my Princ…… friend.”

Sakimiya-san finally returned to the cheerful way she used to talk when it was just the two of us.

I wanted to say that this was a relief…but this time, Hinata’s eyes were dead.

“W-what? Those eyes?”

“…..Kazakiri, you’re terrible.”

“Shut up.”

Well, I can’t say that I don’t see Sakimiya-san that way.

Actually, after I got home yesterday, I saw the pictures on Sakimiya san’s account, and…I did a lot of things.

After all, Sakimiya san doesn’t mind posting kissing faces in selfies or revealing outfits in the summer, so when I see something like this…

[If you use it for something strange..don’t♡]

I broke the promise I made to Sakimiya-san at that time.

After all, Sakimiya san is so cute, it would be a shame if it’s not that!

“Well, let’s not worry about Kazakiri’s ulterior motives.”

“Like I said!”

“Actually, there’s another reason I called you two together.”

“O-other reason?”

What? Didn’t Hinata say something about wanting to know why we met at Lime?

“I heard that we’re going to have a debriefing session for a while after today’s seminar, and I was wondering if Kazakiri and Sakimiya chan would like to work with me?”

Group with Hinata and others…

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