And so the following week.

I was safely discharged from the hospital and started school a little later.

I was really relieved to be in the hospital for a long time. I was really embarrassed as an older brother because my sister kept showing up and touching me every day because I couldn’t move, and the nurses kept pulling her away from me.

Besides, I think Karin’s brazenness got worse. According to mother, when she heard that I had been in an accident and was unconscious, she flew in from junior high school still in her school uniform. I think she used to be a little more stubborn.

Well, my body is safe for the time being, and my first high school life is about to begin, but I was a little worried about the cloud over me.

Well, it’s not that I’m trying to make a lot of friends, but I’m still afraid of missing a week of school. I was even afraid to look at the faces of high school students wearing the same uniform on the way to school.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that they might think I was a dangerous guy.

Then, in no time at all, I arrived at the front of the classroom.

Naoya and I were in the same class, but Naoya was probably making new friends, and if there was no room for me there, there was nothing I could do about it.

“Hey, what are you doing there Itsuki? You’re in the right classroom, you know?”

Then I heard a familiar voice from behind me and immediately turned around.

I turned my head to look behind me and there he was. I was in the mood to hold on to him.

Somehow I managed to restrain myself from running towards Naoya, feeling like I wanted to cling to him at any moment, and stayed there, clenching my fists and muttering as usual.

“Na, Naoya!”

“Hnn, yeah. What’s wrong with you? You don’t want to go in? You don’t look so good, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine. ……”

“I hope you’re all right. I mean, I was surprised. I thought something was wrong because you were standing in the classroom with something on your mind.”

There was something.

I mean, something is going on right now.

But, although I say that, there is no way I can say such a thing.

Because we are best friends and childhood friends, there are things that we can talk about.

It is true, but circumstances are circumstances.

Nothing wrong with that? No, I can’t. I can’t say that kind of whining here.

Because there is a stranger standing next to Naoya.

There was a girl with short-cut brown hair wearing a white scarf.

She was not as pretty as Hinami-senpai, but from my point of view, she was quite a beautiful girl. She was cute and cheerful. She seemed to be popular with many boys and was walking next to Naoya.

I thought for a moment that she might be his girlfriend……, but he already has one

There are two choices: an old friend or a new friend, but if it’s a girl I don’t know, it’s probably the latter.

While thinking seriously about it, I suddenly shifted my gaze to the girl.

She looked at me curiously and tilted her head. As soon as our eyes met, I immediately averted my gaze.

Frankly speaking, it was a habit.

I had been having trouble talking to women since junior high school, so I guess it was a little too stimulating for me.

I wondered why. The reason is that I didn’t have time to think about it and my heart was beating even faster because of the way the people around me were looking at me.

Then Naoya asked me again, looking worried.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

I calmly answered his question.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s nothing. And who’s the one next to you……?”

“The one next……, ah, Karasume-san?”


“Well, I guess this is the first time today, but she’s a member of the committee of mine. We’re in the same class. I’m the class president.”

She was startled by Naoya’s quick movements of his head, but when she shifted her gaze, she nodded.

I’m a little nervous because she nod so brightly. It may still be a little hard to get used to the positive side of things.

“What’s wrong? Why are you being so cautious?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing. ……”

“You’re not good with girls, are you? Well, Itsuki may have been through a lot, but …… Karasume san is not a bad person, okay?”

“Don’t say that as if I think she’s a bad person. It’s not like that,…….”

“Hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, these guys aren’t the same guys we had in middle school.”

“I know.”

As Naoya and I finished our conversation, she held out her hand with a file in one hand and said

“My name is Karasume Kanako. We’re going to be classmates, so it’s nice to meet you, Fujimiya-kun?”

The way she closed the distance was as expected.

Nevertheless, it would be rude not to hold out her hand in this situation, so I grabbed her hand.

“Fujimiya Itsuki. N-nice to meet you. ……”

“What’s with the embarrassment? I won’t give you Karasume, okay?”

“–I’m not embarrassed! …Why does Karasume-san belong to you? ”

My right hand reacts to the abrupt tsukkomi.

I let go of my hand like the speed of sound and took a few steps back with all my might.

“Just Kidding. Well, Itsuki always can’t take a joke~~”

“Aren’t you looking down on me somehow?”

“It’s just your imagination~~”

The look on his face as he laughed while teasing me was very much like I wanted to punch him, but I managed to subside and let out a sigh as I lowered my shoulders.

Then, Karasume-san next to him took one look at me, put his hand on Naoya’s shoulder and muttered.

“So, you know. Urushi-kun, Fujimiya-kun is–that person, right?”


As if dodging it, Naoya lined up next to me and grabbed my shoulder.

At that moment, something inside of me emitted a danger signal.

My body trembled, and a bad feeling filled my body. 

I tried to call out to him, but it was already too late.

“H-hey, what are–“

“Yes, yes, attention!”

I open the classroom door and stick one finger in my face.

The attention that had been gathered by the laughter from earlier became even bigger, and when my heart felt like it was tightening, he smiled as if playfully and said this.

“This person is Fujimiya Itsuki, the one who saved Hinami Fuyuka-senpai, he’s glad to meet you everyone~~~!!!”

The air froze.

The air hardens

If you were to use me to a joke, my high school life would be seriously over. 

But at that moment.

My high school life will end in a different way.

That’s right, I, Fujimiya Itsuki, am the one who rescued Hinami Fuyuka, the beautiful woman who is also known as the “cold-hearted princess” and whose unapproachable eyes scatter an unmistakable glint in the air.

I am the man who rescued the perfect, flawless, and flawless beauty that everyone in this school knows and admires.


A raging exclamation and exclamation point.

Their voices echoed across the classroom walls to the other classes.

There was no doubt that if such a thing became known, it would cause a ripple effect.

It was not a question of whether or not I could make friends, or whether or not I would be popular.

I had not yet imagined that the name “Fujimiya Itsuki” would become well-known in this school.

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Brooo you didn’t do that to your bro that way man