Episode 3 – Here comes the brocon sister and the cheeky fellow



A few days later, my head and back injuries were pretty much healed. I was quite surprised when the doctor who came to see me the day I woke up told me that I had received 5 stitches each in the back of my head and back, but being young apparently helped.

He said that I could leave the hospital after only a few more days of hospitalization just to see how things were going.

After that, hearing from my parents, “Are you all right?” I was devastated, but I couldn’t help it this time. Besides, I’m not okay either.

My body, of course, is recovering, and I’m as healthy as I pictured I would be, but mentally, I’m in a pretty bad shape.

One of them is that I couldn’t participate in the entrance ceremony. It’s not that I couldn’t make memories, but it’s because a boorish person like me would be out of place in class if I didn’t participate in such an assembly.

If I were a person who is a cheerful person and a central figure in the class, it would be different, but as a person with three skills, I am a negative person, a lazy person, and a cynical person, I will be labeled as a lazy person who missed the entrance ceremony and will not have any friends in the future.

I have no intention of making many friends, but I wanted to make friends other than Naoya, and I thought I might even be able to get a girlfriend unexpectedly by some mistake.

No, well, I gave up on that after this incident. And the painful joke, or rather encouragement, didn’t really stick with Hinami-senpai at all.

And one more thing. Hinami-senpai’s last words.

[See you later …….]

She left the hospital room after saying that.

Of course, I hadn’t had any contact with girls for many years, so what happened to me was that I ended up receiving a scolding from the doctor due to lack of sleep.

It may be a crappy excuse, but anyone would have done so if such a beautiful person had said “see you later” to me in a meaningful way.

Besides, that person is that Himami-senpai. It may be strange for me to say this as I didn’t know about it until recently, but I have no choice.

She is innocent and lovely.

She has the appearance of a pure and innocent snow queen, and her eyes are piercingly cold and penetrating.

She is unapproachable, but you can’t help but stare at her.

I wonder if something of that sort is connected to her. To the point that I can’t help but think that something of that sort is involved. She has a magical power. Regardless of gender, she has a magical power that makes people look at her.

No matter how much I saved her, no matter how much she owes me, would a beautiful, famous, and perfect person whisper the word “See you again” to such an ordinary man?

If she felt indebted to me, she would have returned the favor by being there for me when I woke up.

Then what in the world is waiting for me?

–It was a figure of speech. is it?

No, I see. Yes, that’s right. Then it’s not crazy.

A girl at that level. She’s not interested in me. I’m sure I misjudged her embarrassment when I told her she was beautiful. When I passed her at the traffic light, she had a scary look in her eyes.

That was just a social call. She was just admitting she was wrong.

That’s right.

“Haa…… why am I worrying about this stuff in the middle of the day?”

A sigh spilled out into the deserted hospital room.

It has been several days since I was hospitalized. I was getting tired of the same scenery.

I want to go home and read a comic book.

–And that’s when it happened.


I heard the door of the hospital room open with a bang. I thought my heart was going to explode, but when I turned my eyes around, I calmed down at once.

“——Yo, how are you, Itsuki?”

“Onii channnnnnnn!!!!!!, I was so worried about you!!!!!”

Yes, there are two familiar faces there.

One is Naoya, a rotten friend, waving a bag from some supermarket in his hand, and the other is a petite girl.

A petite girl. I don’t think I need to explain anything, judging from their reactions and words.


“Mouu, I was so worried about you! I can’t live if onii chan dies! You stupid, stupid, stupid!!!”

I don’t have to tell you that it was my younger sister, Fujimiya Karin, who rushed into the injured person’s bed as if she was stepping on the ground.

She is very brocon, and yet she is a famous mischievous child in the local area. She is also smarter and more capable than I am, and is renowned as a perfect superhuman with excellent communication skills.

She was my sister who was cute and loud and extremely popular among the boys of her generation.

“……Hey, don’t blow your nose on the bed. Don’t make a mess.”

“Uu! Because~~~ when I heard that onii chan had been in a traffic accident, I thought my heart was going to stop! I thought my heart had stopped! ”

“I’m the one who almost stopped. Suddenly you got all loud …… and…”


“And there you are pointing your finger at yourself like, ‘Oh, me?’. Why is Naoya there too?!”

When I pointed this out, he approached me with a slight smile on his face, put the bag in his hand on the shelf, and came closer to my ear.

“Hnn!? You’re so close.”

“That’s fine,……, me and Itsuki are close, aren’t we?”

When it reaches my eardrums, the forward movement freezes in my breath.

Then, the younger sister begins to burn with her fighting spirit.

“Oh, it’s not fair! I do it too!”

“You, what are you doing ——!”



My sister biting my ear, my rotten friend whispering in my ear. And the neighboring patients and nurses who came rushing to the loud voice.

Needless to say, the situation turned chaotic and then my nickname at the hospital became “the popular guy”.

Sarcasm, you’ve got to be kidding me!!

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