Classroom, the farthest seat from the window.

The best seat in the classroom, which could be called a “lucky seat” for a normal high school student, was my seat. Apparently, Naoya had drawn the lottery last Friday and got this seat.

I was thankful, but I was so discouraged that I was lying down on the desk after lunch.

“Well, it’s been a disaster~ hahaha !!!”

On the first day of high school, I went to school with a mind not to stand out too much and not to be too conspicuous, but that was all broken this morning.

Yes, it was someone else’s fault who is smiling here.

“Don’t you realize whose fault it is?”

“Hmm, maybe it’s me?”

“Who else is it? …… I’m already done from the first day of high school, my high school life!”

What’s with the “me?”

I’m very serious about this. I wish I had a connection like Naoya, but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of experience or relationship.

“Well, well, don’t be in such a hurry~~ you see. You usually only had me to talk to, right? And on just your first day, half of your classmates approached you, you know?”

“It’s not like I’ve become a friend of theirs, though, is it? I mean, I wanted to make friends and quietly enjoy my high school life to the fullest. It’s not that I’m a loner, but I’m not thinking about becoming famous!”

“Don’t you want a girlfriend?”

“A girlfriend you know, She’s the one who goes to the library and has secret meetings with the glass wearing, actually beautiful, plain-looking girl I happen to find there. …… Then the friendship that develops there explodes around the time we enter our second year of high school, and we go out.”


I’m normal.

Very serious.

But I’m not proud of it – will you please shut up, you communication monster. Explode Riajuu.

“Hey, say something.”

“Well, …… this is getting complicated. This isn’t a manga, okay?”

“I-It’s fine right! It’s my dream.”

“Well, I don’t deny that it’s a dream, but …… let’s face it, you’re not going to get a girlfriend or two, are you?”

“I’m fine with one girlfriend, and I don’t plan on cheating on her.”

“That’s not what I meant. I’m talking about the total number of girlfriends.”

“…… is the same, both of them.”


When Naoya gently thrusts in, a hand symbol appears above his head.

Although I am trying to say something normal. It’s no wonder Naoya can’t understand.

I’m not sure how someone like Naoya, who has had more than five girlfriends in junior high school alone, can understand my desire to love one person.

“Hahaha. I see. Itsuki, you are that guy, right? Are you mistaken?”

“W-What do you mean?”

Again, it is the same kind of rotten relationship with a fearless smile like the other day.

“You know, it’s not that I didn’t love one person, you know? You don’t know who you’re compatible with until you’ve been with one, and that’s why you should date a lot of people, you know?”

“I-I don’t know. …… I’ll take care of it myself.”

“Am I wrong?”


I mean, what the hell. Can you read people’s minds?


“Oh, I see. Itsuki has a famous and perfect senpai.”

“Ha? Who is this famous and perfect senpai……?”

Hmm, ah.

Don’t tell me it’s ….!?

“H-hey, that’s–!”

“Hinami-senpai, our perfect, flawless, cold-hearted princess~!”

smirk and a laugh.

I know it’s a face that makes me want to punch him no matter how many times I see it.

I knew it was in my best interest to ignore it, but if too much is said about such things, such and such things could become rumors.

To be honest, I really don’t want her to think about me anymore.

I decided that I should deny it firmly so as not to create any unwanted misunderstandings, so I returned it immediately.

“–Nothing of the sort. She just thanked me like a cold-hearted princess and left.”

“Is that so? she’s surprisingly cold-hearted.”

“The cold-heartedness is nothing new for you right? She’s cold-hearted, isn’t she?”

“Even though she’s cold-hearted, it’s normal for her to be surprisingly kind in some ways. …… If she’s that thoroughly cold-hearted, she’s just a dangerous person.”

Well, sure.

I’m going to deny it.

“Maybe I didn’t say it well enough. Anyway, she apologized profusely. Before Naoya came, she stayed by my side until I woke up.”

“Oh, is that–is that love?”

“No way. I don’t think so.”

The moment I denied it

“—–um, is Fujimiya Itsuki kun here?”

All of a sudden, a beautiful voice spread throughout the classroom.

Everyone stopped moving at the sound of a familiar voice. Their gazes quickly turn outside the classroom, toward the door on the blackboard side.

Standing there was Hinami Fuyuka, that person.

She exudes an icy atmosphere and overflows with beauty. Everything I see is beautiful, and it seems as if time has stopped.

–Eh, me?


And then, immediately, time begins to move.

The eyes that had been on the door just a second ago turned on their heels and focused on me all at once.

“……Hey, come on, even though I said it as a joke. Are you sure?”

And then Naoya comes in from the seat in front of me with a seriously surprised look on his face.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect.

Sure, she said it like that, but I didn’t expect her to come to the classroom.

I just happened to pass by her in the corridor and talked with her. I thought that would be the extent of it.

But the reality was completely different.

Because she was standing right there.

She had never spoken to anyone before, and had never shown even the slightest sign of getting along with anyone – and she was the perfect beautiful girl who was so famous and rumored to be famous that even the first-year students had heard about her.

That cold-hearted princess went all the way to the first grade classroom and called out my name.

This fact shocked my classmates.

“No way…”


“Hey, hey, hey, hey, seriously, you’re indeed a hero!”

“What do you mean you’ve been invited by the cold-hearted princess?”

“She’s really cute!”

“She’s so beautiful!”

“Why are your eyes so soft?”

“Kya! Is it a love affair?”

The excitement was contagious.

I could only gape at the extremely honest reactions.

But, perhaps sensing the mood, Hinami-senpai made a straight line toward me with those cold eyes of hers.

She grabbed my right hand, yanked me up, and made me stand up like a child.

“Ah, eh ….”

“Just do it”

She strongly says and puts pressure on me.

I can’t help but answer.

“Y-yes. ……”

And so, on the first day of high school, during lunch break.

I was taken out of the classroom like a kitten being taken by its parent cat.

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