“……What are you doing?”

At the worst possible time, I looked up to the heavens.

….Perhaps Takagi, who is holding her forehead behind Sakurae’s back, is feeling the same way.

Sakurae’s expression disappeared, and she walked up to us dazed and dazed.

“S-Sana? T-this is …….”

(Oh no ……!)

Sakurae’s atmosphere made me sense the danger and I rushed to stand in her path.

“…… move aside? Shota-kun.”

“….No. I’ll explain everything to you, so calm down.”

“explanation……? ” Sakurae tilts her head.

Sakurae finally looked at me with a sympathetic expression and said.

“Aah, ……. After all, she has been troubling Shota-kun, hasn’t she? …Don’t worry okay? I’ll make sure she understand.”

“…. no”

I shook my head clearly and denied it.

“Kobayashi just came to listen to me because she was worried about you.”

Sakurae’s face loses color again, as if frozen.

“Why? ….Why are you protecting the person who said that to you?!”

When Sakurae cried out, I clucked my tongue in my heart, wondering if she had heard me.

“Kobayashi was distraught, too. Let’s talk about this a little more calmly.”

“I don’t want to ……, I don’t want to! I don’t want to talk to someone who would hurt Shota-kun!”

“Sana ……”

Kobayashi, who had been called a lot of things earlier, mumbled Sakurae’s name, almost in tears.

Her voice did not reach Sakurae.

“Shota-kun ……. Hey, why? You don’t stay with me, but you talk with her. ……? I put up with a lot, you know? I’m sure Shota-kun will understand. …… So,……, I’m going to keep trying until Shota-kun believes in me,…….”


Sukurae is appealing to me, with tears in her eyes.

At that sight, a sharp pain ran through my head again.

(At a time like this,……!)

When I was crouched down with my head held down, Sakurae gently embraced me.

“…… Shota-kun, I understand. You’re trying to believe in me, aren’t you? ……it’s okay. I’ll always be by your side. No matter how much my heart hurts and Shota-kun tries to push me away, I understand. I know you really want to believe me…”

“Haaa……, Haaa…….”

I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to Sakurae.

Due to the pain, I can’t hear Sakurae’s words properly.

However, the hand that caressed me was warm, and my headache gradually subsided with each touch.

I feel very relieved …….

I was so comfortable in Sakurae’s arms that I felt like I could fall asleep if I let my guard down.

–There was someone who saw the scene and was not at peace with it.

“……It was that guy after all, Sana.”

I was aware that at the sound of that voice, the hand that was stroking me stopped.

“…… I told you, didn’t I? I’ll never forgive you.”


I have to stop Sakurae!

The air was strange, but I still couldn’t get up.

As I was feeling frustrated with my immobile body, Sakurae whispered in my ear in a sweet voice, “Wait for me, I’ll be done soon,……,” and moved away from me.

Immediately after that, Kobayashi’s voice comes flying out, appealing to me as if to shout.

“Sana! Sana is definitely being cheated by that guy! Even ……, he lied to me saying he didn’t know anything about me! It’s true!”

Sakurae answered it coldly, as cold as ice.

“…There’s no way Shota-kun would talk about me to someone he’s not involved with, right?”

“! It doesn’t matter!”

Kobayashi still clung to Sakurae as if to repeat the words.

“Sana is my dearest friend! We know Sana best! Sana is not the kind of girl who looks scary like that! …She’s not good at socializing with people and is a little bit nervous, but that’s what makes her so cute…! Please, let’s go back to Sana like that…”

“Shut up!”

Sakurae stopped Kobayashi’s words with a laugh.

“…… Shota-kun is suffering from a headache, don’t be so loud with your silly insistence.”

“Sana ……”

Kobayashi called out to Sakurae with a trembling voice tinged with despair, as if she were about to cry.

Regardless, Sakurae pushes Kobayashi even further.

“You don’t understand anything. Shota-kun was kind enough to protect you at first. You don’t know how important Shota-kun is to me. ……”

Sakurae revealed more and more of her anger with each word.

No good …….

I don’t want to hear Sakurae’s voice like that.

I want her to be her usual …… sweet, fluffy Sakurae.

In the head that has started to ache again, I strongly hope so.

I can’t help but think of Sakurae’s face, smiling happily at me.

My eyes are blurry from the pain.

Still, I slowly stood up.

“Sana! ……!”

I hear Takagi scream.

When I looked up, Sakurae was slowly reaching for Kobayashi’s neck.

“What are you talking about?. I’m going to make …… you, the one who hurts Shota-kun, disappear.”

“Ah ……!”

Perhaps the shock was too much, but Kobayashi just shivered and didn’t move.

“Sana! I know it’s true that Akane is wrong, but you’ve gone too far!”

Sakurae turned around and said to Takagi, who tried to stop her.

“….. you knew about it anyway, didn’t you? You’re going to disappear too?”

“Eh? ……! Ah…….”

Takagi was frightened by Sakurae’s threat, which could no longer be called a joke.

Without showing any reaction, Sakurae turned to Kobayashi again.

–I’ve got to stop her.

I stumbled over to Sakurae and hugged her from behind.


Soon after, Sakurae realized it was me, and let out a muffled voice.

“…… Shota-kun?”

“No. …….”

Sakurae stiffened and called out my name.

I told Sakurae to stop, then put my hand around Sakurae’s arm and grabbed her, pulling her away from Kobayashi’s neck.

Somehow, even with my current strength, I was able to lower Sakurae’s hand.

“Why ……?”

Sakurae turned her head to take her gaze away from Kobayashi.

For a moment, her eyes met Kobayashi’s, who froze with a frightened expression on his face.

“I’m not doing it for Kobayashi. It’s for …… you, for me.”

“Shota-kun’s ……?”



When Sakurae’s hand completely left, Kobayashi sat up with open arms.

Takagi runs up to her and rubs her back.

“I don’t want to see Sakurae do this,…….”

“……Then what do you want me to do!”

I tightened my hold on her.

“Forgive her. It was my fault for trying to …… hide it from you.”

“not! No, it’s not. …… Shota-kun, it’s not your fault …….””

I couldn’t see Sakurae’s expression, but I could tell she was crying because her body was shaking.

I placed my hand on Sakurae’s head and comforted her.

“…… Shota-kun, you are too kind.”

After a while, Sakurae said that, and I smiled.

“No, I’m not. Sakurae is looking at me too nice.”

Sakurae smiling slightly, too.

“That girl is unforgivable. …… but if Shota-kun says that much, I won’t do anything else.”


‘So ……,’ Sakurae flipped around in my arms and buried her face in my chest.

“….. this way is better.”


As usual, this girl is …….

I let out a sigh of exasperation as I feel my face heat up and decide to let her have her way just for now.

When I did so, before I knew it, my headache had eased considerably.

“I’m really sorry for both Sana and Kokonoe-kun ……”

After being released by Sakurae (I had to pull her off for too long), a tired-looking Takagi bowed to us.

Sakurae seems unsure of how to react to that, and turns her gaze towards me.

I told Sakurae my thoughts.

“…… enough already. You can talk to these two about us too, and if you can, I’d like you to make up with them too.”

“If …… Shota-kun says so.”

Sakurae nodded, though still a little disapproving.

After feeling a bit of relief and a loosening of the air, Takagi asked Sakurae.

“Hey, Sana. I know Akane and I are completely at fault this time. …… but what are we to Sana?”

Friends, you know? My precious friend …….”

Takagi refuted Sakurae’s immediate answer.

“…… today’s Sana didn’t look like that. I don’t think she cares about us.”

“I think you’re right.”

In contrast to Takagi who spits out bitterly, Sakurae easily admits this.

So she said with a slightly troubled look on her face.

“Because Shota-kun is hundreds, thousands of times more important than the two of you…even more than that, it can’t be expressed in numbers…but that’s it.”


Hearing this, Takagi looks complicated and can’t say anything.

That was the end of the conversation, and Sakurae was to explain the circumstances to the two of them at a later date.

Sakurae wanted to stay with me, and Takagi said she would take Kobayashi and go home, so this was the end of the conversation.

–I was still thinking about the fact that Kobayashi, who had been lying face down and not saying anything since then, had glared at me at the end.

Sakurae had finished getting ready to leave and came back, so I sat down on the bench by the vending machine where I had been talking with Kobayashi.

Sakurae seemed to be in an oddly good mood, and sat so close to me that her shoulders were touching mine.

“Shota-kun, …… your head doesn’t hurt? I’ll pat you again.”

“I’m fine, …… it’s almost healed now.”

“Ah, how about a lap pillow then? You should lie down for a bit.”

“…… you just want to do it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“You know, ……, I wasn’t asking you.”

Sakurae was trying to pamper me by making various suggestions, so after letting out a sigh and seeing the person coming out of the library…I made up my mind and talk.

“Hey, Sakurae”

“What is it? Shota-kun.”

When I called out, Sakurae’s face lit up.

She smiled back at me and I continued.

“Do you have time someday?…There’s something I want to talk about.”

(TL/N : Scary..)

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8 months ago

Scary but kind of nice as well. She’s honest to her desires, she loves Shota and gives zero shit about her “friends” that came to their own little useless misunderstanding. She doesn’t know the story but seems to have an inkling that “somethig” has happened to Shota and she accepts him like that as well, although its a bit painful. Her turning total yandere there was quite a surprise though. I prefer yanderes that can destroy people with words rather than going full violent like that, this rational and cold yandere character that meticiulously make sure that no harm would come to their lovers…

TL;DR: I like Myon’s yanderes.

7 months ago
Reply to  Koukiri

Myon’s yanderes? I guess you’re refering to a novel, but which one? ^^

8 months ago

At least her yandere isn’t the faulty kind of yandere

8 months ago

Best chapter till now

2 months ago

Wow didn’t expect her to went and choked her. For her own safety, I hope she won’t try anything silly or Sakurae will goes berserk on her.

2 months ago

Well, they could be their “friends” and “know her the best”, but they didn’t care about her until before Sana started to change her looks, so, am I the only one who thinks they don’t have the right to say something like Akane said? I mean, Kokonoe at least was nice with Sana before her change, the others just realized Sana existed when they saw how beautifull she is. That’s so hypocritical.