I’m currently the manager of a family restaurant, and I’m in charge of a daughter of the Miyahara Zaibatsu.

The reason for this is that her father asked me to take care of her.

Eimko kun’s father, Miyahara Eiji, was a friend of mine in high school.

What did he ask me to do?

“Please let Emiko work at your store as a social studies student.”

It was a little late in the game to ask a nearly 20-year-old girl to study social studies.

I immediately understood that he was asking me to educate his daughter, who still did not seem to be able to blend in society.

Normally, education is her father, Eiji’s responsibility, and I don’t want to hire someone who is likely to bring trouble, but I agreed to do it for the sake of being a friend.

I agreed to it, but his daughter, Emiko kun, was much more intense than I had expected.

She had an unusual pride as the daughter of a conglomerate.

She also seemed to have a realist side to her.

There are many freelancers in the store who are working for their dreams.

I knew that she looked down on them.

Apparently, she has the idea that a freelancer who does not have a regular job to pursue their dreams is equal to an incompetent who cannot even see reality.

Of course, I repeatedly warned her to stop her blatant attitude toward freelancers.

Not having a regular job is not a bad thing. It is wonderful to have a dream and work hard to make it come true.

It never once struck a chord with her.

I made her Kento kun’s trainer, thinking that having someone around her age as a trainer would make a difference.

I hoped that her involvement with Kento kun, the “commoner” as she called him, would bring about some kind of change in her feelings.

“I guess it didn’t work out……”

I heard the report.

Emiko kun reprimanded Minato kun for her mistake and even denied her dream. Kento kun got angry with her, and now the two are on the edge.

“I have to make her a person who can make it in society. What an impossible task you have forced upon me.”

I muttered to myself.


When I entered the classroom, a crowd had gathered around one of the seats.

“Yo, Kento ! It’s been a while since your ex-girlfriend showed up !”

“Yuto, you’ve been so excited since this morning.”

I see, Maki came.

I’m a little relieved because it’s true that I was worried about her for some reason.

As I was chatting with Yuto as part of the greeting, I suddenly met Maki’s eyes.

Her eyes widened, but she remained unresponsive.

I’m continuing to ignore her.

But it is somewhat frustrating to look away from her here, as if I’m aware of her.

Therefore, I don’t look away from her.

As we stare at each other for a few seconds, like a couple of idiots, she suddenly smiles at me.


It was the same charming smile, full of gentleness, that I had seen before we started dating, when she had not yet lashed out at me.

I was a little nervous inside, but if I showed it on my face it would make me look like I had some regrets, so I consciously tried not to show it.

…It’s too late now.

What a thought.

Perhaps realizing that I had no reaction, her expression suddenly changed to a deeply sad one.

I’m sure it’s sad to be ignored by someone who you’re smiling at.

But why did Maki smile at me?

Does she still like me?

No, no, I read on the Internet that it’s common for boys to think that their ex-girlfriends will always like them.

I almost misunderstood.

How could she possibly like me in the first place?

She’s been abusing me so hard.


It’s now lunchtime.

I overslept a little this morning, and although I made Hikari’s lunch, I couldn’t make my own.

I had no choice but to go out into the hallway to go to the store to buy something.

“Ken chan ! Wait !”

…..I froze for a moment at the complete surprise attack from my ex-girlfriend.

After a few moments of silence, she said.

“Would you like to have lunch together again?”

……It’s too late.

……..It’s already too late.

….What do you mean ‘Ken chan’?

You haven’t called me that since we started going out.

You didn’t even ask me out for lunch after we started dating.

Why now?

Why now?

You’re back to the you I used to like.

And in your mind, is your abusive attitude toward me never existed?

Not even an apology.

As I was thinking about it, I was getting irrationally angry at Maki.

This is not good. If I didn’t do something, I would take my anger out on her.

Then, in order to prevent that from happening, and in order to keep my original vow.

I move her out of my sight and walk silently toward the school store.

I ignored her.

“Ken chan ! Wait ! Ken chan !”

I didn’t listen to the voice calling me from behind.

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10 months ago

“not even an apology” man even a 5 year old knows you have to apologize if you do something bad.

4 months ago

This is seriously irritating to read. I’m still reading because of Hikari.