Midnight. A luxury cruise ship quietly moving through the sea.


“……How did this happen……”

On the deck of the luxury ship, I was hanging my head with Midori.

The reason for this is because of what happened just a few hours ago.

Until yesterday, Midori had been participating in various sports tournaments and winning many times, but this morning she was chasing after a luxury cruise ship in a helicopter.

Then, a big fight broke out between me and Midori.

Well, it was a one-sided fight.

I was almost beaten to a pulp when I was taken from the top position.

Akane san came in to stop her just in time and saved the day……

“W-who said to play haunted house…?”

“Akane san. And Touka san. Murasaki chan, Aina chan, and Aoi chan were also pretty excited. I think if Kirin senpai was here, she would have opposed it quite a bit…”

“Just like me, she’ll have to wait until later to meet up. Since she’s not here, there’s no point in telling me.”

Akane-san says, [The only way to reconcile two people who fought is to share the excitement ! ! Leave it to Mommy ! !”.

And so, the customization of a luxury cruise ship suddenly began.

Akane san supervised the project, Murasaki chan and Touka san thought up the configuration, Aoi chan implemented them with technology, and Aina chan pursued the gameplay.

As a result, an extraordinary haunted house-or rather, a ghost ship-was completed.

“It’s your fault that it turned out like this ! ! You suddenly ran away from the mansion ! !”

“Y-you told me to run away if I can, right !?”

“That’s true, but ! ! I know, but ! ! I still miss you when you’re suddenly gone ! ! At least say something before you run away ! !”

“How unreasonable !?”

Apparently, Midori said it’s okay for me to run away, but she can’t forgive me for suddenly running away.

I don’t understand.

No, well, when I talked about running away or being destroyed, Midori was in sage time, so maybe it can’t be helped.

And I can understand why Midori is having a rough time.

“Ugh, I can’t be scared ! !”

Yes, Shinryuuri Midori, the idol of the sports world, has one weakness.

That is, scary things.

She is not afraid of surprises, but when it comes to horror stories, she is as frightened as a little child.

This is an unexpected side of her that only Akane san and her sisters and I, her childhood friends, know.

“A-are you okay with it !? I’m scared……”

“Hmm? I’m not, you know? I’m fine with ghosts and such, but I can’t stand surprises.”

“I-I see……”

Well, what can I do?

“…..But, well, it’s not over until it’s over, right?”

“I-I guess so……”

So, I decided to go.

The starting point is the deck.

The rules are simple: explore each facility, find the treasure, and you will reach the goal……..

This is surprisingly difficult.

Various traps were prepared on the way to each facility.

“Kyaa ! ! W-what !? Something slippery !?”

“Konjac……. It’s kind of sticky.”

The konjac hanging from the ceiling is strangely depressing.

“U-ugh, Asumi, I can’t do it. Hiks.”

“I-it’s okay. Don’t cry, okay? You’re a scaredy-cat.”

“T-that’s because…..”

It’s a rare chance to see Midori in such a weak state, but I feel really sorry for her.



“……Hand……can I hold your hand……?”

“……Yeah. It’s fine.”

When I reached out my hand, Midori squeezed it back tightly.

“Hyaaa ! ! There’s a strange sound ! !”

“Agyaa !? Hey, Midori !? Midori san !? Hand ! ! You’re crushing my hand ! !”

Midori was startled by the noise and tried to crush my hand.

I’m more scared of Midori’s power.

[One〜, Two〜, Three〜]

“Kyaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! !”

“C-calm down, Midori ! ! It’s just Akane san’s voice ! !”

“No ! ! I hate ghost ! !”

Midori panics with too much fear.

[Eight~, Nine~……”

“One is missing〜! ! Here ! !”

“Whoa !?”

I don’t know where she appeared from, but a tall woman, maybe 190 centimeters tall, wearing a kimono, attacked me.

She pushed me down on the spot, and I was almost crushed by her large breasts.

She smelled so sweet and kept her head between my legs.

“Ufufu, it’s Mommy ghost attack〜! !”

Akane san’s voice echoes.

T-this is too much–

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! ! !”

“Oh my !?”

The next moment, Midori’s tremendous kick flashed.

Akane-san seemed to have avoided it at the last minute, but one hair had been scratched.

Then, Midori grabbed my arm and ran away.

“Haa, haa, haa, what a terrible experience…”

“A-are you all right?”

“Y-yeah. I’m fine. I kicked Akane Nee san unintentionally, but I hope she is…..all right.”

“W-well, she was scratched, but she barely managed to dodge it, maybe she’s fine. …..Thanks, Midori.”


Midori tilted her head at my sudden thanks.

“Even though you were scared, you helped me, right?”

“T-that’s natural ! !”

“Yeah. That’s why, thanks.”

“……I-I’m sorry too, you know, for taking it out on you earlier. And I’m not as mad as I should be that you ran away……well, anyway, I’m sorry ! !”

“Mm, I forgive you.”

“……Fufu, what the heck. Idiot.”

Midori and I laugh together and make up for it in a good way.

It was dangerous a while ago, but I have to thank Akane san for suddenly holding this event.

Despite all this trouble, Midori and I resumed our exploration.

Fireballs appeared, and there was a human body model that was approaching us with strange movements.

What was particularly frightening was a three-meter-long column of writhing flesh.

It was a monster with human limbs sprouting out of places and dozens of moaning voices.

Nope, it was truly terrifying.

It was so strangely energetic, and that was probably what this ghost ship was all about.

Midori didn’t seem to notice it, but she probably would have gone crazy if she had found out.

So, after clearing various tricks like that, we finally found the treasure we were after, the coin.

Midori and I returned to the deck, the goal point.

“I-it was scary ! !”

“Thank you for your hard work. Midori Onee san, Asumi Onii san.”

Aoi chan handed a bottle of water to Midori, who was shedding tears.

“Both of you were too scared♪ Ah, that was fun♪”

“Hmm, maybe that was a little too easy. It would be better to hide the treasure in a more difficult-to-see place.”

“It was fun ! !”

The three girls, Touka san, Aina chan, and Murasaki chan, each give their impressions of the event.

Akane san, who returned late, looked a little unsatisfied.

“Muu, my plan was to separate Asumi chan from Midori chan under the cover of darkness and have lovey-dovey time with him, but……”

[ [ [ [ [No more sneaking around ! !] ] ] ] ]

The day thus came to an end.

“Ah, Onii san. For reference, which gimmick was the scariest?”

Suddenly, Aoi chan asked me that.

“Eh? Hmm, let’s see. I was scared of the fireballs and the human models that moved in strange ways.”

“I see. I am glad to hear that it seems to be well received, even though it was made with materials I had left over.”

“Oh, but I thought the most frightening thing was the three-meter-long pillar of flesh. It was wriggling and creepy, and the many limbs growing out of it were disgusting.”


Aoi chan tilted her head.

“Onii san, I didn’t prepare such a gimmick, you know?”


From that day on, just like Midori, I became scared of horror genres.

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