Homeroom ended without incident, and as a member of the go home club, I would like to go home immediately……but unfortunately, I have student council work today.

It’s extremely depressing.

But I can’t complain because I ran for the position of treasurer.

Reluctantly, I open the door to the student council office.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh my. It’s you, Kento kun, the scum and incompetent person who can’t even do his job properly.”

About three months ago, the student council president, Shimazaki Maria, who changed her course to a style that puts her own wickedness to the surface (only towards me, of course), spoke to me.

She was always bad-mouthed to me, but never this bad.

……How did this happen, seriously.

“Hello, Kento kun.”

“Hello, Yuri san.”

If the vice president was also there, please reprimand the president for her abusive language earlier.

I don’t have the propensity to feel good about being cursed at !

Although I was swearing in my mind, I did my best to ignore the president.

“What, no greetings for me? Scum and incompetent Kento kun.”

Up until now, I would have smiled affectionately at her because she was my senior, but not me today !


A sincere ignoring !

It looks like the other members haven’t arrived yet. Let’s get to work and go home.

Since the sports festival is coming up, the treasurer has a lot of work to do.

Our high school is unique in that it is held late in October.

In addition to that, I have to check the budget and the equipment to see if there is any embezzlement from the usual activities of the various clubs.

As I was thinking about this, I was suddenly grabbed by the chest.

“Hey ! Maria chan ! You can’t do that !”

Yuri san warned her, as if she couldn’t overlook it.

“It’s his fault for ignoring me !”

Unable to resist, Maria retorts.

…This is the first time I’ve been subjected to some kind of violence. Finally, she shifted from mental to physical abuse.

“Maria chan, you can’t do that ! You’ll be hated if you do that !”

“Tsk !”

The grip on my chest weakened, so I swatted Maria’s hand away with my own.

I was angry, too.

“Prez. I’m disappointed that you are violent with me. Please don’t get involved with me again except when it comes to work.”

With that, I left the student council office.

After taking a few large steps down the hallway, I suddenly realized something.

…….Oh no. I haven’t even touched a piece of my work yet.

I didn’t realize it after dashing out. It’s hard to go back.

I came out with a bang, but it would be a little awkward to go back now.

Fortunately, it was a job that could be put off until tomorrow, so I decided to go home today.

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