“Asumi kun……”

“K-Kirin senpai……”

The day after I witnessed Midori playing with herself.

I was pushed onto the bed by Kirin senpai. I have no escape.

Kirin senpai lifts my chin and slowly approaches my lips…..

“U-um, aren’t you a little too close?”

“Is it too close?”

The actual “I’m not doing anything wrong,” he said.

Ah, first of all, I’m not doing anything particularly bad.

Kirin senpai stepped away from me and wrote something with a pen on the script that was next to the bed.

And then, Kirin senpai turned to me and smiled.

“I’m sorry, Asumi kun. I’m sorry for making you stay with me for the rehearsal.”

“No, well, it’s bad for my heart though. I’m glad I could be of help.”

“Geez, Murasaki is troubling. But…..”

In fact, Kirin senpai is going to appear in a drama in the near future.

It’s a drama with Murasaki chan, but one of the actors has dropped out due to various reasons.

When the production team was wondering who to cast as the substitute actor, Murasaki said, [I’ll ask Kirin Onee chan ! !].

Kirin senpai is a theater actress, so drama filming, etc., is not her specialty…….

“I can’t refuse a request from my lovely sister.”

That seems to be what she meant.

“But anyway, what kind of drama is it?”

“Oh? Are you curious?”

”Well, yes, a little?”

Kirin senpai showed me a glimpse of the script with a sweet smile.

“It’s a so-called detective drama. My role is [a man who tries to kidnap and r*pe the daughter of the protagonist, a veteran detective.].”

“Wow, what a great role…….”

“Yeah. I’m a little excited to tell you the truth. I’ve been playing the role of a prince in men’s clothing for a long time now. I’m looking forward to playing a pervert.”

Hmmm, but what do I think?

If this person played such a role, I think there would be a lot of women who would say, [Kyaa ! ! I love you ! ! Please hold me ! !].

“Um, are you okay?”

“What about?”

“No, you see, Kirin senpai is a beautiful woman. If she were dressed as a man, she would be better looking than most good-looking men. Isn’t it difficult to play such a perverted role?”

“Well, I guess so. So, I decided to use a familiar pervert as a reference.”


Kirin senpai placed the script on the table and coughed lightly.

The atmosphere that Kirin senpai wore changed.

“Asumi chan ! ! You can spoil Mommy as much as you want today ! !”


For a moment, Kirin senpai looked like a different person.

Then, I understand in a moment who she’s imitating.

It is Akane san.

I see, indeed, if she says a familiar pervert, Akane san would be the only one I know.

“I will do this like a man.”

“A-as expected. I was alerted by instinct.”

“Fufu, I won’t forcefully attack you, okay?”

“I know.”

It is true that if you do it like a man, it might be scary. Even more so because she’s beautiful.

“….Asumi kun. Do you hate Akane Nee san?”

Suddenly, Kirin senpai asks such a question.

“Eh? I’m not saying that I don’t like her. It’s just, how do you say it…. The way she looks at me is that of a predator.”

“……Hmm. Then, how about Touka Nee san?”

“Hmm. Other than the fact that she sneaks into my bed,……but when she’s conspiring with Akane san, she has the eyes of a predator, so she might be scary.”

I don’t know the intent of the question, but I’ll answer honestly.

“Then what about Midori and Aoi?”

“I’ve known Midori for the longest time, and she’s easy to talk to. Aoi chan seems to be conducting dangerous experiments, so I might be a little worried.”

“…..Hmm. Then, what about Aina and Murasaki?”

“How can I put it, I have a strong desire to beat Aina chan one day. She always teases me when I lose games. Murasaki chan…I can sense the darkness…”

“…..I see. Then lastly, what about me?”

Eh !?

“I-I’m not sure I should tell you in person…….”

“Just tell me.”

Kirin senpai looks straight into my eyes and urges me to answer.


I’m embarrassed to tell her in person, but I feel bad not telling her after I told her my impression of everyone……

“……Someone I can rely on? To be frank, I would say that I feel most secure. I feel like I don’t have to be wary of you.”


Kirin senpai nodded at my words.

It’s hard to put it this way, but even among the Shinryuuji sisters who have strong personalities, Kirin senpai has common sense on a par with Midori.

She is not a crazy pervert, and I don’t sense much darkness in her.

I feel comfortable or strangely at ease when I’m next to her.

“I think I’ve heard some good things about me.”


“It’s nothing. But, right…….Asumi kun.”

Suddenly, Kirin senpai pushes me onto the bed.

“U-um, Kirin senpai?”

“I won’t attack you. But I’m also a woman. If you’re too defenseless…”

Kirin senpai brings her face closer to me. I inadvertently closed my eyes…

“Maybe someday, I will attack you.”


“Fufu, I teased you a little bit too much. Well then, I guess it’s time to go.”

After saying that, Kirin senpai got up and left the room.

My heart beat a little bit.

Just before she whispered to me, Kirin senpai’s eyes had the look of a woman. It was not a face playing the role of a prince, but perhaps her true face……

“…..That person, she’s bad for my heart…..”

I spent the rest of the day with feelings I couldn’t quite put into words.

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