“What’s going on, Onii chan? Explain it to me, hey.”

Where’s that cheerful Hikari I saw earlier?

She was questioning me with a dark aura/

“Even if you ask me to explain…”

“When? Who is it? What’s your answer?”

She leans over the table and brings her face closer to me, with a fierceness that I can’t even imagine from her usual gentle demeanor.

“T-today, I-I reject Maria senpai…….”

“The student council president……?”

The momentum of Hikari’s voice was so strong that I could only speak in broken words, but Hikari didn’t seem to mind and was lost in thought.

One minute had passed, and the moment I looked into her face, wondering about Hikari who was still silent–

“You want that woman here?”

She said something outrageous.


In the end, I was so frightened by Hikari’s amazing fierceness that I decided to call Maria senpai’s house,……but I’m going to invite Maria senpai now, and if she says she can’t, that’s the end of it.

“……I’m going to call her anyway.”

I opened my chat screen with Maria senpai whom I had unblocked just a few minutes ago, and pressed the call button.

Brrrt──{H-h-hello !?]

…I’d like to comment on various things, like how she picked it up too early and how there were too many stutters, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

“Good evening, Maria senpai.”

“G-g-good evening. W-what’s going on? …..A-are you…..asking me on a date?”

Maria senpai asks me in a voice filled with anticipation.


“I see,……that’s right. It’s still a dream come true to be asked out on a date……”

She muttered in a dark voice as if depressed. When I hear voices like that, I feel a little sorry.

…Anyway, let’s talk about our business.

“Would you like to come to my house tomorrow?”


“Would you like to come over tomorrow?”

“I-I can hear you, but……eh? You’re suddenly inviting me? It’s still a matter of mental preparation…it’s not like I don’t like it, okay?”

“My sister said she wanted to meet Maria senpai.”

It seems like there’s some kind of misunderstanding, so I’ll explain the situation with the intention of correcting it.

“Ah…..I see what you mean……I-I know, okay !? I’m not misunderstanding anything, okay !?”

I think it’s already too late to say that…

“Well, putting that aside, can you come tomorrow? Of course, if you don’t want to, that’s fine.”

“I-I’ll come !”

Oh, good, good. She’s going to a guy’s house, so there was a good chance she’d say no, so I was relieved.

“I’ll send you a message later with the details.”

“Okay ! ……..I’ll see you tomorrow !”

“See you tomorrow. Good night.”

I ended the call.

“…..I hope this will put Hikari in a better mood.”

Hikaru seems to be a little tense after that.

It’s not that she’s angry by any means, in fact she’s always smiling, but what can I say, her eyes aren’t smiling.

……Well, the person she likes has been confessed to, so it would be unreasonable to expect her to be calm about it.


Beep, beep, beep.

1:00 pm.

She arrives exactly on time for the appointment.

I opened the door and welcomed her in.


The moment I saw her, I froze.

Her hair was half up, a complete change from the straight hairstyle she usually wears.

Her face was different from her usual light makeup. She was wearing a long red skirt and a long red dress.

The clothes are also a red long skirt and white boa.

What’s more, it has cute sleeves.

……Oh no, too much of a strike ……

Although she seems to have quieted down recently, she has always been a strong-willed person and is rather a cool type of person.

The extremely cute style of fashion that she chooses, along with the gap from her usual style, had a big impact on me.

“I guess I’m weird after all……”

Maria-senpai asked me anxiously, probably thinking that I didn’t think well of her since I was so quiet.

“It’s not weird at all…rather, it looks great on you.”


I couldn’t go so far as to say [I’m in love with you,……,] like a romantic comedy hero, but I praised her with all my heart.

The actual girl in question is looking down shyly while grinning.

Somehow, when the sweet and sour atmosphere flowed, I suddenly felt a chill.

“Onii chan, show her the way quickly.”

When I came to myself at the sharp voice that reminded me of the extreme cold, I saw Hikari looking at me with a blank expression.

“Ah, hello ! I’m Hikari, the younger sister ! I wanted to talk to Senpai today, so I asked my brother to show you around !”

In a complete change, Hikari greets Maria senpai in a high voice.

Listening to her words alone, I get the feeling that he just wants to get along with Maria senpai, but I can’t help but feel strangely uncomfortable.

……What is Hikari’s goal after all?

“I’m working with Kento in the student council. I’m Shimazaki Maria. Nice to meet you?”

Maria senpai greets Hikari with a bow of her head as if responding to her.

The name of a young lady is not a title, and her bow seemed to have a certain elegance to it.

“Since it’s the entrance, should we all go to my room together?

I suggested, and just as I was about to show her to my room.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.



I open the door, thinking that something is wrong.


“Ehehehe…..I came.”

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