Chun …… Chun ……

I was looking out the window at the morning glow.

Next to me on the bed, a superbly beautiful girl with a great style and the embodiment of a man’s desire was sleeping soundly.

I …… was not defeated.

Time and time again, I almost lost to …… lust, but each time, I held back with the thoughts of my romantic comedy novel predecessors in my heart!

Those people are seriously awesome!
But I wonder if I’m up there with the greats that much…..

But this is only “Day One.”
There is one more day left.
And more importantly, today. There is a meeting that will determine our future fate.

And it’s been really tough, with all the twists and turns leading up to this situation.

As I tried to distract myself from the sleeping Kitajima Towa next to me, I began to recall last night’s events.

Kitajima-san taking a shower in the bathroom of my house. Now that she is not in the living room, I was doing a little thinking in the meantime.

Could I somehow get in touch with her parents?

From the looks of it, it definitely doesn’t seem like she came here after receiving ‘approval’.
If so, her parents must be quite worried.
Unfortunately, I don’t have her home phone number yet because I don’t have a contact list of classmates or anything like that.
The one from elementary school is useless because she has moved.

There is her phone on the table, but I didn’t want to touch it without permission. Besides, it’s probably locked.

What should I do ……

As I was thinking that, her phone, which was on silent mode, alerted me to an incoming call.


was displayed on the LCD.

I don’t need to unlock it to answer the call.
All I need is …… my courage!

I was ready, picked up her phone and answered the incoming call.

“Towa! Where are you right now? I’ve been worried about you because you haven’t answered your phone!”

From my ear, I heard a loud voice from a woman I assumed to be her mother. That’s how worried she is. I felt a little sorry for her, but I spoke up firmly.

“Hello? I’m sorry, it’s not Kitajima Towa-san.”
“…..It’s not Towa is it? Are you …… perhaps Sakurai Kirito san?”
“Yes. Yes, I am. I’m sorry to greet you in this way, but I am Kitajima Towa san’s classmate, Sakurai Kirito.”

I am not “yet” a girlfriend with Kitajima-san. Therefore, I assumed that she and I are classmates in our relationship.

Her mother sighed heavily at my words.

“How is Towa doing?”
“She’s taking a shower at my place right now.”
“…… Eh?”

Idiot! If I said that, it will be ‘that kind of thing’. I make it sound like it!!

“N-No! It’s not like I’m going to do that or anything! I was told it was because she wanted to get the sweat off her like a normal person!”
“……I-I see.”

Her mother said, and then continued on to me.

“Sakurai kun. I’ve heard a lot about you from Towa. Everything about you, even when you were in elementary school. You helped that child in areas where we, her parents, were not able to help. I am grateful to you and so is her father.”
“T-that. I just did what is natural. ……”
“I know your parents work. Are they at home today? If you don’t mind, I would like to say hello. She told me yesterday that they were stuck at work”
“My parents are away …… as they were yesterday. My sister is here, but she just informed me that she is staying at my childhood friend’s house next door today. I’m all by myself tonight. ……”

A loud sigh was heard …….

“Sakurai Kirito-kun. Towa has told me that you have been a gentleman and gentle since you were a child. You have grown up and are now a high school student. Can I trust you?”

Can she entrust her precious daughter to me? I am being questioned about my resolve to do so. That’s obvious, isn’t it?

“Of course. I have not the slightest intention of giving up everything for the sake of temporary lust.”

After what seems like an eternity of silence, her mother opens her mouth.

“…..I understand. I don’t have the means to bring her back anyway. I have no choice but to trust you.”
“B-By the way, Towa san didn’t come here with your approval right……”

“That’s right. …… I hope you don’t mind the honorifics anymore. When that girl came home from school, she got dressed, packed her bags and left right away. Haa …… She went to your house. I didn’t even have time to stop her.”
“I see. Did her father say anything?”

I think the father will be more worried than the mother.
It’s a bigger commitment, but I think we should talk about it nicely.

“Fufufu. Good or bad, her father is not here today for drinks. I hear he’s staying at a hotel today. So I’m stopping this conversation.”
“……I- I see.”

Today. That means he will be back tomorrow.
She intends to stay for “two days”

Then, inevitably, she will need to get the approval of both parents.

“Um, I don’t know if you know this, but Towa san is going to be here for two days.”
“Yeah. Well, from the amount of luggage she’s packed, I would have thought that would be about right.”
“Then I suppose her father will inevitably hear about it, so how do I get his approval?”

How do I get her father’s approval?

“Sakurai kun. I would like to meet you and talk with you. Come to our house tomorrow with Towa. Shall I talk with her father at that time?”

…… I see. That’s the best.
Any way I look at it, it’s an inevitable path if I’m going to marry her.

“I understand. What time should I come by tomorrow?”
“Well. Then around 12:00. I will treat you to lunch. Let’s eat together.”
“I understand. I’ll persuade Towa-san and we’ll head there together.”
“I’m going to hang up now. I’m relieved to see that Sakurai kun is growing up to be a neat and tidy boy. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good night.”
“Yes. I will not betray that trust. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

I said and hung up the phone with my mom and put her phone on the desk.

“…… Haaa. I’m so nervous.”
“Fufufu. Thank you for your hard work, Sakurai kun”
“…… Eh?!”

When I turned around at the sound of Kitajima-san’s voice coming from behind me, I found her standing there with a bath towel wrapped around her neck, having just finished showering.

Her cheeks were cherry-red from the bath, and her glossy semi-long black hair was damp and wet.
She was dressed in pajamas, not in uniform or plain clothes, and her feminine limbs, full of a sense of freedom, which I guess she had normally repressed, caught my gaze and did not let go.

“Umm …… makes me embarrassed when you look at me too much.”
“I-I’m sorry!”

At her words, I hurriedly cut my gaze.

“If it were another man, I would have nothing but dislike for him, but if it were Sakurai kun, I would welcome him. Besides, there was something that made me happy just now. On the phone with my mother, you called me by my name.”
“…… Ah.”

That’s right. I thought it would be confusing to talk to her mother calling her Kitajima-san, so I called her by her name.

“What did my mother say?”
“She was worried. The rest will be …… tomorrow. Me and Kitajima-san around noon. Come to her house with both of us. That’s what she said. She said she’s going to treat us to lunch. The rest of the time we’ll talk in front of your mother and your father”

When I said this, Kitajima-san smiled.

“Well. I’m glad that the opportunity to introduce Sakurai kun to them came so quickly.”
“Haha,…… I’m a little nervous now.”

I said and served her a cup of barley tea with fresh ice after her bath.

“Thank you.”

Kitajima-san then took a sip of his barley tea and said to me.

“Then, will you tell me what happened with Minamino-san?”
“Yes. Yes, I intend to.”

After I said that, I continued.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. I’ll talk to you when I get out. Can you wait a little while until then?”
“Yes. Roger”

I left her in the living room and headed for the bathroom.

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